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  1. cerick305

    starter slipping

  2. cerick305

    starter slipping

    My '47 special deluxe starts strong, but then slips after holding down the starter for more than 2-3 seconds. I would need to do this 5-6 times for it to start. I just recently replaced the starter, but had this problem before hand.
  3. cerick305

    Starter for ‘47 Plymouth special deluxe

    Correct, I used a jumper from battery (negative) to terminal then striked jumper from battery (positive) to mounting holes on starter.
  4. cerick305

    Starter for ‘47 Plymouth special deluxe

    I purchased a used starter same model number as my old original on the word that it does work. Before I decide to put it in the car, I hooked it up to a my 6volt car battery. Positive for ground and negative on the starter screw terminal. Nothing happened, no turning, no vibrating, nothing. I am assuming this replacement starter is also no good. Am I missing something?
  5. cerick305

    Autolite part #

    I’m looking for a replacement starter for Autolite mz-4133 and not having any luck. Any suggestions?
  6. My starter quit working, took it out and basically there’s a short somewhere. Cleaned rhe brushes and rest, and still the same. Looking into a rebuild kit but moving more to a replacement because I don’t like skimping on starting and stopping.. Anyone have suggestions where to get either?
  7. cerick305

    6 volt battery 1947 Plymouth business coupe

    I will try charging it for a few days and trickle charging it and see if it helps. Thanks all for the input. Over the winter I don’t drive it at all, but did charge battery for several hours before starting it up in the spring.
  8. I’ve replaced my 6 volt battery in my 1947 Plymouth two years ago and it appears I now need to replace it again. I’ve only had the Plymouth for 4 years, is this common or should I be buying a special 6 volt battery? thanks, chad
  9. cerick305

    Dim headlights

    Yes at idle speed
  10. cerick305

    Dim headlights

    I am only getting 4-4.5 volts from generator. I test this with engine running and generator disconnected from battery. I assume generator should be at 6 volts when no load is on it......? Through votag drop test, I'm getting a pretty consistent small voltage drop through components up to the headlights. Makes me think nothing abnormal with the voltage loss.
  11. cerick305

    Dim headlights

    I will try that first, but also getting alot of heat from the main light switch
  12. cerick305

    Dim headlights

    From doing voltage drop test I think the problem my be in the main light switch. Plus when moving the switch around, items turn on and off on their own. But I don't think all the problem is in the switch, seems I am losing to much through the headlight beam switch also. I haven't taken it apart yet. Anyone know where I can get a new Main Light Switch for a P15 1947 special deluxe?
  13. cerick305

    Dim headlights

    I don't want to look into replacing with halogens since I'm trying to get my wattage down. I'm getting only 3.75 volts at my headlamps (I'm on 6 volt system). Seems like the ground is fine when I run a test wire from battery. May need to replace the negative wire to the lights. Thanks everyone for your help.
  14. cerick305

    Dim headlights

    In my 47 special deluxe Plymouth, the headlights are and always have been dim. Probably they are the correct brightness for this car but nowadays people on road are looking for brighter lights. I thought to replace the bulbs to see if new ones would be brights but then thought if there are any 6 volt leds available for headlights...? Lowering my total wattage will also help in making slightly brighter. Anyone know of any 6v leds?
  15. cerick305

    47 Plymouth Radiatior Fan Leak

    I purchased a new water pump from NAPA however the gasket that was included looked like a thin piece of cardboard. Little nervous about using it. Should I also apply some high temp gasket sealant? Don't want to put it all back together just to find it still leaks....

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