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  1. Dim headlights

    Yes at idle speed
  2. Dim headlights

    I am only getting 4-4.5 volts from generator. I test this with engine running and generator disconnected from battery. I assume generator should be at 6 volts when no load is on it......? Through votag drop test, I'm getting a pretty consistent small voltage drop through components up to the headlights. Makes me think nothing abnormal with the voltage loss.
  3. Dim headlights

    I will try that first, but also getting alot of heat from the main light switch
  4. Dim headlights

    From doing voltage drop test I think the problem my be in the main light switch. Plus when moving the switch around, items turn on and off on their own. But I don't think all the problem is in the switch, seems I am losing to much through the headlight beam switch also. I haven't taken it apart yet. Anyone know where I can get a new Main Light Switch for a P15 1947 special deluxe?
  5. Dim headlights

    I don't want to look into replacing with halogens since I'm trying to get my wattage down. I'm getting only 3.75 volts at my headlamps (I'm on 6 volt system). Seems like the ground is fine when I run a test wire from battery. May need to replace the negative wire to the lights. Thanks everyone for your help.
  6. Dim headlights

    In my 47 special deluxe Plymouth, the headlights are and always have been dim. Probably they are the correct brightness for this car but nowadays people on road are looking for brighter lights. I thought to replace the bulbs to see if new ones would be brights but then thought if there are any 6 volt leds available for headlights...? Lowering my total wattage will also help in making slightly brighter. Anyone know of any 6v leds?
  7. 47 Plymouth Radiatior Fan Leak

    I purchased a new water pump from NAPA however the gasket that was included looked like a thin piece of cardboard. Little nervous about using it. Should I also apply some high temp gasket sealant? Don't want to put it all back together just to find it still leaks....
  8. 47 Plymouth Radiatior Fan Leak

    Was it for a 1947 special deluxe? Would you have the part number?
  9. 47 Plymouth Radiatior Fan Leak

    A few days ago I grease the fitting on the radiator fan on my 1947 Plymouth Deluxe. Today I noticed a steady dribble of coolant coming from inside the fan housing. What is the fix, do I have to pull the entire radiator out? Not sure why this would happen only after greasing. Thanks, Chad
  10. I am also looking for an oil filter on p15 1947 plymouth special deluxe. The Fram C134PL link is from amazon and not sure if it is the correct one for my vehicle. Thanks, Chad
  11. P15 brake pedal pressure

    Currently cap is sealed without a breath hole. But seems to brake fine. Not sure f it needs to be changed.
  12. P15 brake pedal pressure

    Ok, I replaced the master cylinder and rebled the lines. All is working great. Thanks all for your help. However, one more question. I noticed with old master cylinder and new cylinder the metal plug (cap) on top doesn't appear to be sealed. When I was bleeding the cylinder on new one, I held upside down and small fluid leaked out. This is the case for new one and old one. So when I was completed, I put a couple layers of Teflon tap on cap to seal it off. My mind of thinking says it needs to be completely air tight. Then why wouldn't the cap have some sort of gasket?
  13. faulty reading fuel gauge

    I have a similar problem, when completely full I get a reading of 3/4 full. When completely empty, I get a reading of 1/4 full.
  14. P15 brake pedal pressure

    Would it be difficult to switch to double circuit?
  15. P15 brake pedal pressure

    With it all apart and when I manually press the piston into the master cylinder, slight amount of residual brake fluid is on the outer (atmosphere) side of the piston. I think the piston gasket isn't holding as well as it should be. At what point to I replace just the gasket with kit I purchased or replace the entire master cylinder? I haven't priced out master cylinders but I'd hate to put it all back together and find out the master cylinder had scratches or something that was allowing fluid to pass piston ...