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  1. Fell in love with the speedo bezel that came on the 58. One of the folks posted one on here recently. Actually, I really like the whole 58 cluster too. The speedo should be he shortly and I can paint or chrome the bezel and put it on my best speedo.
  2. Wow! I love the bezel on the speedo compared to the earlier flat ones. I'm gonna have to go hunting for one of those. I like that late madel instrument cluster as a whole also!
  3. Thought I would post up a recent pic. Everything I have dont lately isnt visible since it's been under the hood!
  4. Hey bisquik just want to say hi hope all is good with u and urs


    1. 59bisquik


      Thanks! I was just thinking about you guys and wondering how you were doing. I haven't seen an update in quite a while. As for us, things are good, just super busy with car show season in full swing and sand dunes season opening in 8 weeks. Way too much to do!

      Anyway, I hope all is well with you guys and thanks again for the note!



  5. Got my overflow installed today. I loved the old Coke bottle, but I needed a more functional catch can. Still need to tighten all the push rods another half a turn or so to cut down on the noisy valve train, but she sure is fun to drive.
  6. Just out tinkering today. Removed the body plugs and installed the trim pieces below the headlights. I really like the look. I need to pull them back off and have them chromed now so they match everything else.
  7. Shocks look great. I am very curious about what you will think about them after a little ride time. With my spring-ectomy, I could use some better dampening than the Monroes.
  8. I purchased the 718-8235 studs from Jegs. 1/2-20 x 1 1/2" .615 knurl. Then grab a 39/64" drill bit.
  9. How about using an ebony stain on the wood so you can adjust how dark it gets and you could still the wood grain?
  10. I just purchased escutcheons from Peter at Dodge City Truck in Canada.
  11. I have been there when in Alliance, NE. Its pretty cool to see as roadside attractions go.
  12. The cylinder seems like the easy part. Coming from the offroad world, hydraulic cylinders for steering assist are fairly common. I think the hard part will be the control valve. Finding the right size tapered shaft for the pitman and a close enough thread on the end to mate up to the drag link.
  13. Those posted are for a Ford or GM vehicle. They are very similar. I will have to scan the page out of the manual for the factory setup. It is similar but I have never seen one. I am thinking this could work with a bit of fab.
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