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  1. 59bisquik

    Vintage Glovebox Goodie

    I have had no luck fi doing the Culley Motors that it came from. So far, no info about the item besides speculation.
  2. 59bisquik

    Hood / top of the Radiator

    Quit teasing Desotodav!!!
  3. 59bisquik

    Hood / top of the Radiator

    Don't know if it mounts like the C series... but you could just open up the mounting holes and lower it a 1/4" or so.
  4. 59bisquik

    Big block mopar into C series

    It is a front sump pan to clear the axle. I had a 270 poly laying around and swapped pans with it. As for the mounts, yes the rear uses a stock V8 bell housing and bolts to the cross member on either side. As a note, the crossmember needs to be unbolted and moved to the forward position for the V8. This engine can use the front triangulated mount like the flat head, but I could not find the stock mount. You won't find too many stock V8 trucks out there to pick parts from. My block was one of the first years with ears on the side for mounts. I got a set of 60's LA mounts off Ebay and with a little work, they fit these ears. I then used late 60's Challenger engine mounts and some home made brackets to fit it all together. It sits low in the bay and I figured the height off of the fan in relationship to the radiator to make sure they were parallel. One thing worth noting is the radiator for the V8 mounts 3 inches forward of the L6. If you look at the pic, you will notice the core support is notched for it.
  5. 59bisquik

    Off topic hobbies

    Dumont is our normal hang out... but we will do Glamis occasionally and are heading up to St Anthony's in Idaho in a few weeks.
  6. 59bisquik

    Big block mopar into C series

    Not sure about the big block, but the tall deck hemi fits fairly good and 54 was the first year of V8, so there is room. The V8 mounts about 4" forward from the L6 and this clears the firewall and column shift of you still have it. Best be it to mock it up and see what you have.
  7. 59bisquik

    Off topic hobbies

    For us, its Sand Cars!
  8. 59bisquik

    Modern Thermostat Equivilent?

    What was left of it looked something like that. Now it runs a late 60's or 70's stock mopar thermostat. Cheap and easy!
  9. 59bisquik

    Modern Thermostat Equivilent?

    I just took my old thermostat down to Napa and they matched it up with a new style with the temp I requested.
  10. 59bisquik

    Air Wrenches

    I have Ingersoll Rand and Matco 1/2" impacts and have owned them for 20+ years with no issues. Well built and good value for the money. I have 3/8 and 1/2" air ratchets that are IR and Speedair and both work well also. I guess the only air tools I an not all that happy with are the Kobalts I purchased at Lowes. My die grinder is slowly dying and its the newest of all of my air tools. Will never purchase another Kobalt. When I am out camping now, I use a cordless DeWalt electric impact for changing paddle tires and leveling the trailer. Its cheap and I dont care if it falls in the sand or anything. When out on the trail in the rock crawler, I always kept my Matco impact on board for repairs and tires. It was powered with 140psi of CO2 and has never let me down even after being used with too much pressure and dropping it in the mud or on the rocks.
  11. 59bisquik

    measurement requested

    I think it was pretty tight before. The only flatty I have seen that had AC, mounted it directly beneath the alternator. It was tightly tucked under there. As for the radiator, you could also mount it on the other side of the core and gain a bit of space too. Kinda like adding the 25” engine to the bay.
  12. 59bisquik

    measurement requested

    Your other option is to get an aluminum V8 radiator. They mount about 3" further forward than the L6 unit.
  13. 59bisquik

    measurement requested

    Sorry, I cannot hook you up... I never measured that when I still had the old 6 in the truck. What exactly do you need the measurement for?
  14. 59bisquik

    '55 Dodge Pilothouse project

    Should say Job Rated on both front fenders. On the center section of the hood is says Dodge and has either the round Dodge emblem for a L6 or the V logo for the V8 truck. There is nothing on the movable hood sections.
  15. 59bisquik

    '55 Dodge Pilothouse project

    Here is the link for the Willys shackles. They are around $10 each instead of $40 for the Dodge units. They are about 1 1/2" shorter which will lower the rig just a bit. Omix-ada 1827012 Omix-ada 1827013 http://www.rockauto.com/m/mobilecatalog.php?carcode=1421064&parttype=7484 Now that I have moved my transmission crossmember to the forward V8 position, I am contemplating adding the shorter shackles to the front for even more drop. In the L6 position, the crossmember is directly above the shackle and the shorter one could not be used.

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