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  1. Headed out to a car show today to benefit Project Jasmine which is a cancer foundation. I ended up with an award for #5 in the top 10. The three of us pictures all were together and all placed in the top 10. Also won two items in the raffle. Pretty good day. .
  2. Pulled the front bumper to fill the license plate and optional bumper guard holes as well as fix some pretty deep gouges from over the years. Not to mention it had been painted with a brush at one time. Oven cleaner does wonders for that kinda stuff! Also added a bit of weld to the top mounting holes so I could use some pretty carriage bolts. I still need to do some final smoothing and sanding, but think they came out pretty good. It will look good for the show today and then I can work on it some more later when I have more time. BTW... I pulled my original hood emblem off to polish it and broke a stud. I am gonna send it out for repair. Unless somebody has the missing "8" for my V8 emblem they would be willing to part with... Then I would leave my new emblem on there.
  3. Frank... Wow that is super cool! I ran into a guy delivering Drive magazine the other day in front of Napa. He asked if he could take photos of my truck. Little did I know they would be posted up somewhere.
  4. Now your on a roll! Looking great! Now just to get some paint or powder on those wheels!
  5. The fenders look like they might need a bit more work. But then again, the paint is 60 years old and that might be the best it gets. Only time will tell.
  6. The ones shown above are virtually flat lenses. Those look identical to the ones it took apart to make my bulls eye conversions as in the link posted above.
  7. The 54+ has the springs in the front and does not have a separate bracket. It bolts right to crossmembers. However, the springs are still installed like above. In the front, the gas tank sits on the crossmember and the springs are installed like above. In the rear, it hangs from the crossmember and is solid bolted and the nuts are welded into the crossmember.
  8. I know the pic is not of a Dodge... But at one time I was considering a 47 2 ton dump truck as a second project. The pic below was what I had envisioned as the end result. Kind of a big 2 ton pickup like the Kodiaks or F650's of today, just lower.
  9. Sorry... should of been more specific. I meant a stock 47 pickup bed and widen a set of fenders for the duals in the back. Never been a fan of flat beds.
  10. I like that stance. I would also find a stock bed and fenders. Widen the fenders out and made a cool dually pickup hotrod!
  11. The rear of the tank is solid mounted to the frame. The front is mounted with bolts and springs. I can't seem to find the picture of that right now unfortunately. I can look again when I get home.
  12. Another idea if adding a hiem joint... add another 1 to 1 1/2" of length to that lever. It will lift the shift handle when in 1st and 3rd. I've been known to hit it with my knee from time to time. edited... 1/2 to 1 was too short after looking at the old mod done to the shifter.
  13. I can't wait to see more of this build. I absolutely love this body style!
  14. I have a 54 and run 4 leaves in the rear. I started with the second one from the bottom and removed every other one. I am down about 4" or so and it's a smooth ride. In the front, I removed the second one from the bottom and run a dropped axle. The springs actually arch the opposite direction to stock by just a bit up front and are about flat in the rear. You can see all my work in my build thread if you like. Another similar thread Before folks complain, I carry a bike, ice chest and lawn chairs as a maximum load. If I need to haul, I have a 3500 with a Cummins.
  15. Btw... if I ever get around to painting my truck, that green you have will be my choice!