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  1. 1955 C1B Build Thread

    Just got my hood ornament back from repair and chrome. I can wait to get it back on.
  2. Chrysler Industrial Transplants

    I am dropping in a 325 Hemi as soon as I finish the build up. Should be a front style mount and bolt right in. I have some pics in my build thread. As for the fan, it was just ridiculously loud while cruising. I don’t have any cooling issues, so the temp didn’t change when pulling it off.
  3. Chrysler Industrial Transplants

    The truck runs really good and is smooth through the RPM’s for power. I generally run her around 3200 rpms @ 70 mph. I can hold that from here to Vegas with no issues and pull all the grades. She easily sprints to redline if I wish. I have never had a chance to drive the original 230, so I can’t really compare. The 218 does have dual exhaust, a Pertronix ignition and the 4 blade fan off the 230. The 7 blade tug fan was a bit much for the highway. It also has the 218 heavy industrial flywheel. Very soon she will be retired and the Hemi going in.
  4. Chrysler Industrial Transplants

    Mine has a 218 Industrial in it from a airport tug. We used all the manifolds and distributor off the stock 230 and swapped her in. She runs pretty good!
  5. Differential ratio

    The best bet is to clean the top of the differential. Normally on the top right at the flange to the housing, it should be stamped. Most likely it’s a 4.10.
  6. Dodge 265 headmilling

    My 55 started out at 7.25 and shaving off .050 would give me around 7.7. After measuring the head, it appeared to be stock and I was going to shave off .060 to get a little closer to 8.0. However, while your at it, I would add dual exhaust and carbs to get the most out of it. Cam would help too, but requires teardown. Besides adding a Pertronix unit, those are all the easy bolt ons.
  7. Rear End Question

    I have a 55 and it had the stock 4.10 rear gears. I found a set of 3.73's in a 54 Plymouth to swap in. I currently cruise 70mph on the highway @ 3200rpms. Most of the posts on here I have seen show the 1/2 ton trucks with the 4.10 gears as standard. You could find a 54+ passenger car for 3.73's. Swap out the rear for a modern axle with any ratio you wish (Dana 35 or Ford 8.8). Or you could add an overdrive tranny such as the T5.
  8. The Lowered Stance Picture and Build Thread

    duplicate...please delete
  9. The Lowered Stance Picture and Build Thread

    Since the original post stated lowered cars and trucks, I thought I would add my truck. The question comes up on how to lower them quite a bit. Up front, Nostalgia Sid dropped the front axle 3". Also new front springs with the second from the bottom leaf removed. Out back, new 7 leaf springs from McVeigh spring. Starting at second from the bottom, removed every other leaf and left a total of four. Also used the Willy's shackles instead of the Dodge for a bit more drop.
  10. Let's see your other rides

    Here are my other two toys Chenowth Explorer with 2.5 Subaru turbo. 1986 Bronco II
  11. 1955 C1B Build Thread

    Making progress! 325 inches of vintage hemi! New pistons sure look nice. I really like the Clay Smith double roller timing set with 9 way keyway. Running at 2 degrees advanced for a bit more torque. Original engine deck measured .013 difference from corner to corner and the pistons were .090 down in the bore with a calculated 7.0:1. New pistons are .005 down in the bore and will be 9.5:1.
  12. Leave it or paint

    Work on the mechanical parts of the truck to make it comfortable and reliable. By the time you get everything else done, you will have plenty of time to decide what to do with the paint. I am leaving paint and bodywork till last. By then, I will have all the bugs worked out and everything set up the way I like it.
  13. 1955 C1B Build Thread

    Got most of the parts back from the machine shop. Clay Smith 264 cam is in and freshly balanced crank is set in. Next is torque the caps and build up the rods and pistons!
  14. Is 4th gear 1:1 ratio?

    As far as I know, the 4th is a 1:1 ratio. Gotta remember these trucks were never designed to go the highway speeds of today. Probably not too many cars and trucks traveling at 70+ back in the 50’s. With shorter tires and 3.73’s, I calculate about 3200 for 70mph in mine. I drive the freeways of SoCal all the time and hold her at that speed with no issues.
  15. Nice meeting you guys today! Here is my old setup... it could probably work a bit better with some tweaking.