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  1. 59bisquik

    1954 Fargo Clutch Linkage

    Sorry... mine was flipped over from putting it over in the corner. I looked through my pics and found this photo of my current setup. My arm is pretty far foreward and has plenty of room to engage the clutch. I am wondering what throw out bearing and carrier you have and if its installed right?
  2. 59bisquik

    1954 Fargo Clutch Linkage

    Your lever is on upside down... just checked my 230 and bell housing sitting in the garage.
  3. 59bisquik

    Lowering Your Truck By Removing Leafs

    Keep us updated and post plenty of pics. As for the ride, mine rode like a stiff old tractor. Now it’s a fairly smooth ride. I also got a little more smoothness and drop in ride height from the weight of the Hemi. Depending on how low you drop the front, as PT81 stated watch your steering arms. When you drop an axle like I did, you have to make sure the drag link stays level or you can get bump steer. So watch the closeness and angles. I had to bend on of my arms down 3” to get it all back to stock angles. I also did the spring shackle flip in the back at one time. I preferred the spring leaf reduction method better for the smoother ride. Another thing that will get you lower is spring shackles. Not sure if your older truck is like the B or C series. But a Willy’s shackle bolts right up and gives you another inch or so. They are a whopping $10 each from Rockauto Veraus $40 a piece for Dodge shackles. I did forget to mention that I have them in the back of my truck along with the missing leafs.
  4. 59bisquik

    Lowering Your Truck By Removing Leafs

    You can use a C clamp on either side of the bolt to keep the springs together and just cut the bolt head off. I would start by pulling the second from the bottom leaf and see how that works for you. If you need more, pull another. Just keep an eye on your bump stop clearance and oil pan clearance. Generally when removing leafs, you start at the second from the bottom and remove every other one until satisfied. I have new springs all around and here is what I did. I did a Sids 3" drop front axle (which I know you were not interested in), and then removed the second from the bottom spring. In the back I went from 7 leaves to 3 or 4 if memory serves. I have about 6" drop all around.
  5. 59bisquik


    How about a vintage soda cooler?
  6. I put mine as low as I could get it and also got one in black. I didn't want anyone to notice my one wire alt. You really have to stick your head under the hood to see it down there. You could put it on the other side by the fuel pump.
  7. Try to get that alternator down low and hidden.
  8. 59bisquik

    57 truck hemi

    The numbers off the front of the block would tell the story as the guys said. It could be a 315 or possibly a 325. However, being a truck motor it is gonna be around 7:1 compression and have small sodium filled valves. I just went through that with my 325 out of a truck. Car Chart DODGE: D44 - 1001 1953 Red Ram 241 2 140 D50A - 1001 1954 Red Ram 241 2 140 D50 (1, 2, 3) 1954 Red Ram 241 2 150 D553 - 1001 1955 Super Red Ram 270 2 or 4 183 or 193 D500 - 1001 1956 D500 315 4 260 KD500 - 1001 1957 D500 325 4 or 2-4 285 or 310 Truck Chart D8-D4,K8-D5,D8-D6 1957 Dodge Truck 315 N/A N/A S4,S5,S6 1957 Dodge Truck 315 N/A N/A K8-D7,D8-D8,C5,D6,C7 1957 Dodge Truck 331 N/A N/A P3,P4,S7,W5,T7,T8 1957 Dodge Truck 331 N/A N/A D8-D9,T9 1957 Dodge Truck 354 N/A N/A K8-D7,K8-D8,C7,T7,T8 1957 Dodge Truck 354 N/A N/A
  9. 59bisquik

    New OR Used Tires?

    I think of used tires when I deal with my trailer or motorhome. They might look brand new but could be 10 years old. Just think of where those used tires are coming from and off of. Spend the extra couple bucks and get the new ones.
  10. The inline has alot of potential but just needs some upgrades. How about a Ford 300 inline with a Chevy LS head, long tubes and a pile of 2bbls... Also, there is a member on this board that has a SBC head on a 4 cylinder dodge flathead. I imagine this same thing could be done for a 6 cylinder version.
  11. I dont remember the width of the stock rear end. With the offset I went with on mine running 225/60/17's, I has to roll the front and rear fender lips for clearance. I can just get my fingers between the wheel and fender in the back.
  12. 59bisquik

    Removal of rear springs

    The pin you are trying to get out is not threaded. It’s just held in but the cross bolt that is already removed in your picture. Might try some heat or an air hammer if it is that stuck.
  13. 59bisquik

    1955 C-3-C gas tank placement

    The back of the tank should mount to the bottom of the rear crossmember. It should stick up a little bit over the frame if I remember correctly. The bed cross rail sits on a 3/4" thick pad to space it off the frame and provide a bit of cushion. I will look at my pics to verify.

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