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  1. Studs for rear drums?

    I got the 718-8235 studs from Jegs. 1/2''-20 x 1-1/2" .615'' Knurl. Then grab a 39/64" drill bit. Also as stated above, grind the rivets first and separate the two pieces. Much easier to service brakes when the drums just slide off.
  2. The Engine is out

    Sorry Tanda... Didn't mean to hijack. I wanted to give an example of breaking up the colors.
  3. Power Steering Idea

    But then I think we are talking about two different things also. The 54+ is a different setup than the earlier units. In my case. Next to the firewall or next to the box both look promising.
  4. The Engine is out

    I like the silver too... But sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming. In my opinion, needs some aluminum, chrome or black etc to break it up.
  5. engine swap upgrade

    The Desoto is as expensive to fix up as many of the other Hemi's. Hot Hemi Heads offers headers, some finned aluminum stuff, modern distributors etc. It's not the cheapest route but would be unique and cool.
  6. Power Steering Idea

    I was thinking a good place to mount the electric assist would be right next to the firewall in the engine compartment or right next to the box itself.
  7. engine swap upgrade

    When I hear Brand X, I automatically think SBC or equivalent and am automatically not interested. However, in agreeing with Los Control, I think in the nostalgia cool category there would be some other cool vintage engines that would make a great upgrade from the L6 and look fantastic doing it. Obviously a Hemi from Dodge, Chrysler or Desoto would be my first choice. But how about a Buick Nailhead or early Cadillac dressed out finned aluminum goodies? Maybe a J2 Olds Rocket or Thunderbird V8 complete with factory supercharger ?
  8. Forced Induction Turbo/Super Charger Thread

    I run a 2.5l Suby in my sand rail with a stock TD04 turbocharger. It spools quick and builds 12 psi of boost between 2500 and 3000 if I remember my dyno sheet correctly. Might be a good candidate and they are cheap and easy to find on eBay since everybody wants the bigger VF43. Also has a built in waste gate, and with a cheap control valve you can back that 12psi down to a more manageable pressure. Back when I had a 2.0, I ran a VF11 turbo before upgrading to the TD04. It was a bit small for that engine just as a heads up.
  9. 1955 C1B Build Thread

    It only takes ridiculous amounts of time, emptying a bank account and possibly robbing one to make it happen...
  10. Engine Cutting Out At High Speed

    I will have to check the carb out. As for the distributor, it has a Pertronix kit in it.
  11. engine swap upgrade

    In my opinion, it would be a cool period upgrade and would be worth more to me. Matter of fact, I am doing almost the same thing. But as all of the previous guys have posted, it depends on your vision and other buyers if you planned on selling it. Many want it bone stock. Many want it period correct with parts available in those days (vintage engine/tranny swaps) which was the original hot rodding. Lastly and least valuable in MY opinion is modern engines and frames.
  12. Engine Cutting Out At High Speed

    Forgot to mention, I did pull the gas cap at the first stop. Not a whole lot of pressure there. It did it as soon as she got back on the road again. I have not done any troubleshooting yet. I got her home and then went to the show as a spectator.
  13. 1955 C1B Build Thread

    Stopped by the machine shop today and picked up my manifold. My machinist made me a nice 4bbl adapter for a modern 4bbl carb and also milled the manifold to the larger bores to match. What a difference! ONce I got home, i tossed it on to mock it up and see how the new carb and filter looked too.
  14. Headed down to a car show this morning and the truck started to really cut out and jerk. It was on a slight downhill grade with a light load on the engine and cool weather. I was doing about 65mph so over 2500rpms. The truck started cutting out rapidly and losing power, like stuttering. It continued till I was down to about 45 and I pulled off. Letting off the gas and getting back on etc did nothing to help. As soon as I pulled over, she idled fine and would start right up if shut down. I checked the ignition wires and coil wires with no defects found. I pulled back onto the highway again and zipped through 1st and 2nd as fast as she would go, but as soon as I started pulling 3rd, it started again and I pulled off. It ran fine at lower speeds and go me to a gas station where I got a flatbed ride home. She was full of fuel with a new fuel tank/filter and rebuilt carb also. Any ideas? If its something easy, I would like to fix it. If it get to costing a bit of money like a new Pertronix unit or electric fuel pump etc, I am just gonna leave it broke for now.