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  1. The 54 Plymouth had the same spline count as my 55. However, the Plymouth axles are shorter than the truck. I have read about people swapping out the spider gears with success. Mine was a 4.10 to 3.73 swap.
  2. I swapped a 54 Plymouth center into my 55 Dodge axle with no issues. Make sure it has the same number of mounting bolts. You do need to verify both axles have the same spline count too.
  3. 59bisquik

    Wood for bed floor oak or pine

    3/4" thick pine boards
  4. 59bisquik

    Leveling a b2b

    Start with the second one from the bottom and see what you think.
  5. 59bisquik

    Wood for bed floor oak or pine

    I used pine planks and stained them with ebony stain. They look really nice, but are more for show. The wood is very soft and dents/gouges easily. A harder wood might be a better choice.
  6. 59bisquik

    Leveling a b2b

    The willys shackle was $10 when I last got them from Rock Auto. The Dodge shackles were about $40 from the regular vendors.
  7. 59bisquik

    Leveling a b2b

    It depends on the condition of the springs and how much they are sagging already, so there isnt a solid rule of x leaf equals 1" for example. I started with removing the second from the bottom and then every other one until I was satisfied. I have 4 leafs in the back versus the stock 7. I also swapped the stock shackle for the shorter Willys shackle. I sit about 5" down in the back. Up front I did a 3" drop axle and 1 leaf removed. for around 6" of drop.
  8. Good job on the bumper. I have never seen one without the drop center in it. I worked on mine for hours on the press. Its better that it was when I got it, but still not factory. They used to pull logs with it.
  9. 59bisquik

    "Ol Blue" Build

    I delivered mine by hand...
  10. 59bisquik

    Did you vote today????

    I went and did my duty... however hopeless in Kalifornia.
  11. 59bisquik

    "Ol Blue" Build

    Gas tank renu did my tank. It was in pretty bad shape and ended up around $600. It would of looked alot nicer if they took the dents out while doing all the other work . But it doesnt leak anymore.
  12. 59bisquik

    New member new project

    Thats what my wife does with every project of mine! We wont discuss the hemi build cost budget versus actual cost.
  13. Exhaust looks good! I used 10 series Flowmasters on mine and it sure talks to you when your on the loud pedal.
  14. 59bisquik

    Let's see your other rides

    Here is one my other toys, Funco Hustler II. Subaru 2.5 turbo and Mendeola 2D.
  15. 59bisquik

    New to Forum

    I am planning on using a disc brake Explorer 8.8 rear axle. It will require spacers, but is stronger than the D35 and has a good aftermarket. Not to mention they are inexpensive in the wrecking yards.

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