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  1. I drive mine as much as possible in the summer. It just traveled from here to Vegas and back for a big show. That's a 500 mile trip on the highway.
  2. Looking good... but too quiet. This coming from the guy with earplugs and Flowmaster 10's.
  3. LOL... I had to read this again. I thought Lizard Skin was gonna be some fancy seat upholstery. I was thinking that would take a ton of lizards to cover the seat alone and then look like fancy cowboy boots.
  4. I had the local hose shop make a stainless braided hose for the truck since that would handle the vibration and give me piece of mind since it was in the cab of the truck.
  5. Hotrod magazine posted up a video and the 55 is about 1:25 in. There are a ton of cool cars in there, even the Christine car! https://www.hotrod.com/articles/250-photos-viva-las-vegas-2019-rockabilly-weekend/?fbclid=IwAR3dZgsD0yrjw71fXFb3yz2XTiC_h26JoJPJJhZxYg1P_cuVdrYalneRCrc
  6. I will have to get my lifter noise fixed and then I will shoot a good video! I would agree about the flathead... It was very reliable and a solid motor. They made a great work horse and were fairly easy to get parts for. However, to make the performance I was looking for, it would of been a pretty radical flathead. This seemed like the best way to go and not to mention the retro cool factor!
  7. Its a day and night difference. It went from old farm truck to hot rod pretty quick. Its been alot of work to build and troubleshoot issues, but definitely worth it.
  8. A guy in a late C5 vette wanted to play a little at the light in town. Off the line and up to about 75 I had him by a good car length... after that, he took me easily. But the short distances, I am surprised how quick it is. Just need an overdrive and more gears!
  9. Just back from Viva. She made it and it looks like just one noisy lifter/valve to troubleshoot. Otherwise good to go! The current plan is to cut the tops off of my spare valve covers so I can run the engine and find the noisy lifter without making a huge mess.
  10. 12v is a nice upgrade for the 315. It allows you to run a modern 340 electronic distributor, they make high torque starters and alternators that are much easier to get. I am happy with the conversion. How about some pics or do you have a build thread?
  11. Unless you are really flexing the suspension like an off-road vehicle, don’t worry about it. Off-road rigs will let them fan out when articulating and need to be pounded back into place occasionally. On the street you should be just fine.
  12. Glad to hear she is running good! Pull the second from the bottom leaf spring up front and you should close up some of that gap. The back is just as easy... just takes a couple hours. I would start spraying PB Blaster or similar on the axle u-bolts now!
  13. Copycat lol! Those look nice on there. They will also help fill up the fender wells. I think they look kinda silly with the stock skinnies. I dont know what offset you went with, but I had to roll my fender lips to make them fit without rubbing.
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