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  1. Thanks! I just had to hassle you a bit. Mine is definitely a 10 footer with quite a bit of character. However, you will see no dolls or car hop window trays with plastic food.
  2. Old enough to paint it yellow and run those wheels?!
  3. 59bisquik

    what are the rules cruise in/ car shows

    Its more of a 10 footer... there are lots of scratches and dings or as I call them character....
  4. 59bisquik

    Pedal return Springs

    I will agree with 4mula... head down to Napa or the hardware store and match it up. It might take a bit of trial and error to get the right tension, but springs are fairly inexpensive.
  5. 59bisquik

    side panel fixing on truck bed

    Yup... it goes through the metal bed rail, the wood and to the 3 support rails. The other bolts on the bed rail just go through the wood and have a washer.
  6. 59bisquik

    what are the rules cruise in/ car shows

    I go to lots of shows and have never gotten that type of treatment. However, I normally avoid the high dollar shows where most of the cars are bought and trailered in.
  7. 59bisquik

    Removal of rear springs

    I dont remember if there is an access hole behind it in the frame. However, the pin is threaded and I used a slide hammer to remove mine.
  8. Look in the phone book for a local powder coater. They will have a couple dozen shades of yellow (just like a paint shop). The powder coat holds up a long time and will look much better than rattle can.
  9. 59bisquik

    side panel fixing on truck bed

    On the rear crossmember, it has a step in it so the boards sit flush. Same with the front. In the pic, the front panel has been cut down since it was rusted out. Now it has a new replacement.
  10. 59bisquik

    side panel fixing on truck bed

    The bed sides bolt to the wood. The wood bolts to the cross bars with carriage bolts that also attach it to the frame.
  11. 59bisquik

    Hyd hitch brake

    It was sketchy at best. Your rear brakes activated a master cylinder on the tongue. Then that master cylinder operated the trailer brakes. My uncle owned it since new and never tried them. He only used the handle on the trailer MC to use parking brakes.
  12. 59bisquik

    Hyd hitch brake

    I had a 1961 Deville trailer. It had a master cylinder mounted on the tongue with a lever to actuate as a parking brake. It also had a hose with a quick disconnect to hook to your vehicles brake system. It was pretty vintage stuff. Considering it was a whopping 12ft, I just ran it without brakes.
  13. 59bisquik

    Hemi using oil

    Thanks! I will pull the cam and have it redone. It has pitting on one lobe. As for the lifters, mine looks like the Rhodes or any of the others with the narrow groove. Talking with Johnson, they have another lifter with that same wide groove. I can also check the part number you just listed. I think that would help.
  14. 59bisquik

    Hemi using oil

    So I finally got it pulled. Motivation to take it back apart was hard to find. The cam will need to come back out because one of the lobes has a pit on it. However, my question is what is the best way to check where the oil groove on the lifter is compared to the port in the block? I am guessing that the lifter oil groove should line up with the oil port while it is on base circle where it spends a good amount of time during the cam rotation. My theory is that with a reground cam, the base circle could be smaller and the lifter isnt getting enough oil. Maybe only when it passes the port for a split second. Other question, what is the oil port at the top the lifter bore for?
  15. 59bisquik

    Parking Brake Return Spring

    Not a great photo, but here is the stock C1 parking brake setup. The spring that is hanging when hooked up goes to the same crossmember the fuel tank is mounted to. There is about a 8" piece of wire that connects the spring to the crossmember.

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