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  1. 1955 C1B Build Thread

    Yup, Taylor 8MM wires. Its not that the wires will not fit, but the ceramic ends are really tall and stick up far enough that the covers will not fit. Its too late for Viva, but is there another option that fits under the covers? I didnt see a whole lot out there.
  2. Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    Nope, it was originally a school district vehicle in California when new and then spent many years hauling logs in Oregon before I got it. It was pretty rough originally and it has taken alot of time to get where she is now. 2 years to complete the progress in the pic below. Add another year of going to shows and building a new V8 for it. I think its come a long ways in 3 years! Believe it or not, I got the paint to come back with Mothers Metal Polish and a wash cloth! It was pretty shiny under all the grime!
  3. Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    I drove mine about once a week before I tore it down for the V8 swap. I even drive it roughly 250 miles each way to Vegas once a year on the old 218. However, she should be back on the road within a month and I will probably drive her a bit more with the new engine/tranny.
  4. We will see... I am trying to get her finished. As I mentioned in the post on my build thread, "Just because it came with an optional V8, does not mean that a V8 will bolt in easily". I am running into that on all the little details! I still have no idea what I will do about exhaust. Its looking like I wont have enough room on the driver side to get over the axle and between all the linkages and it will be sketchy to get two down the passenger side. But I will post up on the Clements thread if I can get it figured out by then.
  5. Have it polished and top it off with some acorn nuts. It will definitely be a conversation piece!
  6. "On the Road Again" with Phoenix

    The rooftop tents like the one shown above are awesome and generally have a nice mattress in them too! Those are very popular with the offroad crowd. Another option would be a small travel trailer if the insurance allows. We used to have a 1961 Deville travel trailer. It was super light, would match the old truck and beat the hell out of a tent any day! We might purchase another one some day to pull behind the truck or my 54 Ford Coupe.
  7. 1955 C1B Build Thread

    Worked on the clutch linkage tonight. The V8 clutch linkage mounts about 6” forward of the flathead linkage. Big thanks to 4msfamly for all the photos. Still need to lengthen the pedal to bell crank linkage about 6” and find a home for the return spring. Also had to clock the starter so the linkage clears by a hair. Thought that keeps popping into my head... just because a V8 was an option, doesn’t mean the V8 will just drop in!
  8. Looks good! Now get her all polished up and put on the engine instead of hanging it in the garage.
  9. 1955 C1B Build Thread

    GRRRRR! Two issues came up today while working on the truck. 1) My clutch linkage and bell cranks are wrong for the V8. Fortunately 4msfamly has been great with photos of his stock V8 truck. 2) While working on cleaning up wiring and hoses etc, my Taylor wires do not fit under the covers that bolt to the valve covers! That really makes me angry. I want it as clean as possible and visible spark plug wires just aren't gonna cut it.
  10. 1955 C1B Build Thread

    Still need to tidy up the wiring and such, but she passed break in. I havent slept in two weeks thinking about the cam going flat etc. 29279593_344839886011831_502962110838341632_n.mp4
  11. Glove Box Door ?

    Mounts like this... 55... Are you missing this spring? Mine shuts nicely and never flips open even with the awesome power of my worn out tug 218 lol.
  12. 218 engine upgrade questions

    https://www.summitracing.com/search/product-line/pertronix-ignitor-solid-state-ignition-systems/year/1942/make/dodge/engine-size/3-8l-230 check the pertronix website for exact fit. The generally ask for 2 letters marked on the side of the distributor for model verification.
  13. Splitting exhaust manifold

    Here is mine... For a truck this worked good for clearance. I did have to run an electric fuel pump though.
  14. 218 engine upgrade questions

    Either split your exhaust manifold or purchase a set of headers for it. Dual exhaust sounds really nice and would compliment your intake. Milling the head would wake it up a little bit as well as having a cam regrind. Pertronix upgrade is also an easy upgrade that is worth your time.
  15. 1955 C1B Build Thread

    Got the bell housing back today. New collar machined to center the tranny and new holes tapped. My guy milled a step into the bore so the ring only goes in from the back. Its a tight fit, but that was the extra safety that it couldnt fall forward or be pushed through while installing the tranny for example. Will see how it fits in the truck this weekend.