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  1. Just finished ceramic coating my triple 2 for my 265 with 32/36 Spanish Weber progressive 2 barrels from Red line
  2. 40Club

    Transmission parts

  3. 40Club

    Water pump for my 39 Plymouth

    did You find a radiator?
  4. 40Club

    265 Dampner

    Thank Guys for the Help
  5. 40Club

    265 Dampner

    Thanks Walt
  6. 40Club

    265 Dampner

    49D-24BusCpe Walt where did You get Your Dampner from?
  7. 40Club

    Age Demographics Please Take The Poll...

    64 bought my 40 Plymouth when I was 60, currently re-motoring it with a Built "53" 265. Hoping to at least Double the factory Horsepower of 84 with This Build.
  8. 40Club

    265 Engine Color opinions

    In the process of building a 265 now block will be Black with Aluminum Silver highlights and head with Red lettering on Spitfire and Black Lightning bolts. chrome nut covers ceramic Silver intake/exhaust with triple Weber 32/36 progressive Carbs from Redline
  9. 40Club

    265 Dampner

    can anyone tell me if the Dampner on a 265 is needed? I'm remotoring my 40 Plymouth with a 265 an space is at a premium.
  10. 40Club


  11. 40Club

    1947 Chrysler Windsor garage find finished

  12. 40Club

    spitfire engine specs

    C53 denotes 1953 Chrysler 264.5 Spitfire engine
  13. 40Club

    Coupes you like

    My 40 P10 Club Coupe
  14. 40Club


  15. 40Club

    brought it home today

    it loaded AMY702

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