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  1. My 40 P10 Club Coupe
  2. it loaded AMY702
  3. Prayers and Positive Thoughts for George's Speedy Recovery.
  4. Is that a drysump oil system?
  5. I will be Looking for a Triple for the 265 Very Shortly along with a Cam for same.
  6. I Recently acquired a 1950 218 with a 3 speed manual trans, and a 265 Chrysler with an automatic transmission. my question is will these two flywheels interchange without machining or crankshaft swapping. i would like to use the 265 with the manual trans as i have an R10 overdrive.
  7. Tim Thanks for all the Info. I have a 1940 Club Coupe with a 201 c.i. engine with an Offenhouser twin carb aluminum intake and Fenton split exuast manifold. I recently aquired an R10 G1 overdrive but need to get the wiring, kickdown and relay for instalation. If You or George have a line on sources for these items Your help would be much appreciated.