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  1. 251 intake

    Anyone have a dual intake for 251 Chrysler they would like to part with or a single that I can have made into a dual? thanks Lee
  2. Mirror

    I asked about the horns. He wants 50 plus shipping if anyone wants them. Lee
  3. Unbelievable ??

    Well where is it? I'd go for it if it ain't too fer and the price is right.
  4. Savoy

    Thanks guys I'll pass along your info. Lee
  5. Savoy

    Can anyone give me an estimate of the value of a 1961 Savoy 4 door sedan, miles on Odometer are 42,000 but has a rebuilt engine so probably 142000. Only body damage I see is a rust bubble on right rear corner where brake light panel is connected to fender. There are no other blemishes on the car and it has it's original interior in excellent shape. I didn't check the engine but believe it is a slant 6 with 3 speed manual tranny. This car belongs to a little old lady, seriously, and her husband recently passed on. She wants to know about what to ask for it so she can put it up for sale. Thanks Lee
  6. refurbing headlight mount

    What about replacement screws or springs any source recommended? Lee
  7. Check out the price of gas

    My father ran a Gulf station when I was a young'in and I had to work in it. Gas regular was 19.9 cents a gallon and the pump had the three little balls that ran around and around. Of course if you couldn't afford regular they had a thing they called Gulftane. It didn't have lead in it. Now we use this stuff like regular grade and they charge us more for not putting in the lead. Like the other gentleman said it is all a scam. I went with a truck driver to pick up a load for my dad once at the river depot. All grades and all kinds came out of the same barge. I saw three different brand trucks all pulled up to the same fill station. So much for one being better than another. Price here in Mount Carmel, Tn this morning on the way to work is $3.45 for 87 octane. If Obama had allowed the pipe line in from Canada I bet the price per barrel would have really taken a nose dive but it's all about greed and who can make the most for the least.
  8. Some things not quite right here

    also stated no rust but the right front appears to be a very poor bondo patch or something. Car doesn't look bad but no tell'n what your gettin on this one. Buyer beware.
  9. spare tire carrier bolts

    Ya me too put me down for a couple. Now all I have to do is find the bar that bolts to them. Lee
  10. new man with an ol dodge.

    Welcome, glad to see you found what you wanted. I live just up the road from you in Mt. Carmel and have a 48 and my doors are bad too. Found a couple but they are really not that good and still looking for real good ones and front fenders to match. Lee
  11. ebay auto

    Well bummer. Drove all the way there and back 14 hrs on the road thru rain and snow and didn't get a car. It was a basket case. Looked like hardware cloth on most panels not visable in the add. Specifically asked the owner about doors, ya solid. Well his idea of solid and mine are no where close. There wasn't one panel on the car that was solid and the leaking windshield had ruined the dash. Lot of chrome that was suppose to be there wasn't, bad deal all around. Old addage if it sounds too good usually is applies hands down here. I knew we were in trouble when I pulled into the yard and the house was surrounded by junk and house was made of plywood. Only thing that wasn't shot were the rear tail light lenses and how they escaped the hammer is a mystery. Back to the drawing board, still looking for a 2 door project that won't break the bank.
  12. ebay auto

    Just bought a 46-48 2 door plymouth off ebay. Go to pick it up tomorrow. Had to make the plunge, wife says I'm nuts. Ain't got the truck finished and now you go and buy a car. Ya-ya but it was only $600 couldn't pass it up. May be fun loading it as it is in Lignum, Va. and I think they are getting snow now. Car is suppose to be complete but you know how that is. I'll take some pics and see if I can get them posted when I get back. 6 hour drive one way so it'll be a long day tomorrow. Wish me luck. Lee
  13. Brakes

    Or you might look at the opposite side, one locking up may be doing the work of both, here again leaking wheel cyclinder juicing the brake pads and not grabbing. Just a thought.
  14. Sad day today

    Cheerwine, now those were the days. Can't get it every where you know. Have to drive over to Salisbury one of these days and see if the plant is still there.