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  1. Abe Lugo

    Exciting 1933 Dodge project!

    Any updates on this cool build?
  2. Abe Lugo

    Posies springs front 33-34

    ordered new springs for my wife's Plymouth.
  3. Abe Lugo

    Another intro & early Plymouth build

    Thanks for the welcome. I forgot to mention my wife has a '59 Dodge Coronet that needs some loving too. I might do the regular maintenance to keep it going, it a driver not sure if we will take it to Woodley show just yet. She wants me to focus on the Plymouth.
  4. Hi, My Name is Abe, I found this forum though searching for info on early Plymouths also through the other forums. I know my project doesn't fall under the late 38's P series, but there is a lot of great info here that applies to Tube axle Plymouths. Here is the car Im working on, it really for my wife. My first full 30's build. Im learning a lot already. Please keep posting all the great info here it helps everyone. BTW, Im a Matchbox designer, I make little metal cars. I may get a Plymouth or Dodge in my line next year, we'll see. Here is the project car 1933 Plymouth PC Sedan. Ad said "needs work" I finally found some time to do so.. here is one of last Hot Wheels cars and a car I would drive any day of the week, anywhere.

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