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  1. Has anyone ever bought the rare parts new drag link part # 25594 for 48-53’s? I searched and could find any feedback in them. I though I had a good used one on a chassis I have but It seems to be about the same as what I have. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Just wanted to follow up with my tank install. Instead of enlarging the hole in the floor for the fuel filler neck I ordered a 2 1/4” x 2” straight filler neck adapter (part # FN-2.25) for the tank, a 2 1/4” x 60° fuel hose (part # NE-60L) and a 3/8” x 5/16” inverted flare adapter (part # BF56) all from tanks inc. Using those parts and trimming the hose to fit allowed me to not have to cut the floor and everything bolted in perfect. I cannot say enough about the product from tanks Inc. the fuel tank sending unit and hose/adapters were perfect everything works and looks great. Just wanted to share as I thought this may help someone out in the future thank you
  3. B1B ujoints - some feedback

    Has Anybody else had this issue? Have you tried a right angle grease fitting coupler? Anybody else have any feedback on these u joints
  4. Thanks Merle! Looks like this swap should go pretty easy for me!
  5. Just removed the tank from my B1C tonight. I do not have that same rear bracket, it was different. It just mounts to the side of the frame, basically an L bracket for the rear to bolt to. Is that because my truck is a 116” wheel base and does not utilize a crossmember for mounting?If so it looks very easy to swap in a 39/47 tank. Any body have any input, because I for sure don’t have that same rear bracket! Thanks
  6. Frame interchange for pilot house

    I have a frame from a 51 or 52 3/4 ton if you are interested. Where are you located?
  7. Dual horns

    Are the dual horns a rare option? My truck has them and I always thought it was how they all were
  8. A place for the spare

    Not sure if it's factory or not, but mines on the driver's side. I am leaning towards not factory, pretty sure I have parts of and under bed mount still under the bed! Unless they did both back then. I like them mounted on the side, especially with a nice hubcap!
  9. New Project 1950 B-2-C Original

    What's your plans for the original 3/4 ton brake drums?
  10. Mine had 15" wheels and it is a 3/4 ton
  11. Universal Joints on a 48

    Thank you! Please let us know!
  12. Here is the tire on my '48, not sure if it is factory or not but I like it!
  13. Defroster duct?

    48 dodge truck with optional heater, cannot find 1.5" heater ductwork from heater outlet to defroster. Where have you guys gotten it?! Thank you.