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  1. Frame interchange for pilot house

    I have a frame from a 51 or 52 3/4 ton if you are interested. Where are you located?
  2. Dual horns

    Are the dual horns a rare option? My truck has them and I always thought it was how they all were
  3. A place for the spare

    Not sure if it's factory or not, but mines on the driver's side. I am leaning towards not factory, pretty sure I have parts of and under bed mount still under the bed! Unless they did both back then. I like them mounted on the side, especially with a nice hubcap!
  4. New Project 1950 B-2-C Original

    What's your plans for the original 3/4 ton brake drums?
  5. Mine had 15" wheels and it is a 3/4 ton
  6. Universal Joints on a 48

    Thank you! Please let us know!
  7. Here is the tire on my '48, not sure if it is factory or not but I like it!
  8. Defroster duct?

    48 dodge truck with optional heater, cannot find 1.5" heater ductwork from heater outlet to defroster. Where have you guys gotten it?! Thank you.
  9. I would be interested in the Trany

    Please send me a contact number so I can get in touch with you.


    Thanks David

    1. 1949B-1-C


      724-333-7971 call anytime 

  10. Thanks! I will post pics of the spare tire carrier when I have it out next. And yes, she does get parked inside these days! I think 60+ years outside was enough!
  11. Good afternoon all, I have had my truck for about a year and a half and have decided to post some pictures! Started out as a barn find farm truck from Kansas that was brought to Ohio a few years back. That owner did nothing with it until I purchased it as it was when it came from Kansas. Did all of the usual work such as brake overhaul, cooling system, fuel system ETC to get her going. Been driving it consistently for about a year, and it runs and drives great! It's a 1948 B1C, 4 speed. As original as it can get. I love the original patina and it gets looks everywhere it goes. I am pretty much done with the big work, now just fine tuning some stuff. I know my user name says '49, but it was until after I discovered it was actually a '48! Feel free to ask questions and enjoy!
  12. 1951 dodge 1-1/2 ton u-joint

    Hey just trying to help someone out, I know this is old but I came across an NOS u joint 1238416. I was told it was for a 3/4 ton but it's obviously not. I did advertise it but I know it was brought up here so I figured I would let everyone know.
  13. Rear axle end play

    Hello! I just replaced my rear inner axle seals and outer bearings. Everything reinstalled and went back together fine however I was just wondering if there is or should be a small amount of end play? After doing a little bit of driving I noticed a small amount of and play developed just wondering if this is normal. It is the same on both sides thank you for any help