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  1. _shel_ny


    Did a bunch of that shifting 2nd to 3rd without the clutch with my D-24. Did it with some others in the past as well. Just have to get the engine speed right to not be embarrassed by grinding noises😉
  2. _shel_ny

    Thoughts on Flat-towing?

    Towed my Dodge from Hornell. About 200 miles. Took the drive shaft loose at the rear. It was 4 bolts.
  3. _shel_ny

    Fuel pump block off plate

    Great idea for those wishing to keep that heat shield there for when they go to a show. Keeps that original look.
  4. _shel_ny

    plymouth three speed removal

    1 at each corner of the transmission. Be sure that the gasket between the transmission, and bell housing is in place when putting the transmission back in. Gear lube will leak from the hole in the transmission if not installed. My original gasket had no hole at that spot, so I did not cut a hole in my new gasket at that point.
  5. _shel_ny

    Speedometer cable

    This may help, or not.
  6. _shel_ny


    1/2 -20 thread
  7. _shel_ny

    54 dodge royal front brake drum

    Right (right hand thread) side lug nuts are cheap/very common, easily sourced.
  8. _shel_ny

    fuel tank sending unit

    One wire sender, and dash gauge replaced the 2 wire sender mid year production 1948 for Dodge cars.
  9. _shel_ny

    Water pump -Water jacket

    Internal bypass hole? Not used on your block. Never mind. Read too fast. Thought you were talking about the pump hole
  10. _shel_ny

    Oil Pans Types

    Would that slot on the side line up with the dip stick, or is it on the wrong side for that?
  11. _shel_ny

    Reverse linkage on 48 P15 Special Deluxe

    D-24 Plymouth should be much the same.
  12. _shel_ny

    Dropping transmission - any pointers?

    I second the use of guide pins to assist with removal and installation. That, and a little platform for your floor jack if you do not have a transmission jack. Makes it a 1 person job. And don't leave out that gasket that prevents leaking from the open hole. Use your camera before, and as you proceed with the removal.
  13. _shel_ny

    Pilot bushing insight needed please!

    and as no one has mentioned it as of yet, I will. DO NOT apply grease to the new bushing.
  14. _shel_ny

    Where did they come from?

    6,XXX,XXX Chrysler series vehicle from 1949 were from the Los Angeles plant 7,XXX,XXX Chrysler series vehicle from 1949 were from the Detroit plant EDIT: Talking Chrysler. Not Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto
  15. _shel_ny

    Air filter

    When I did mine I went to NAPA. They had a book that you could use to look up a filter by measurements. I was actually able to borrow the book for a couple of days as I bowled with the counter guy. No # for you, as my conversion was a D-24 EDIT: Gut that puppy. Mock up for measurements. Leave a lip when cutting, and filter will be unseen. See post 24 for image: http://p15-d24.com/topic/37745-oil-bath-filter-versus-paper-filter/?tab=comments#comment-392914
  16. _shel_ny

    Fuel Pump

    There is a weep hole in the pump. when there is a problem with the diaphragm it will leak at the weep hole as well as allow fuel to pass beyond the cam lever into the crankcase. Edit: add photo
  17. _shel_ny

    Not starting

    pack some ice around the coil, or take a plug wire off to check for spark.
  18. _shel_ny

    Bad Reproduction Fender Stone Guards on Ebay

    He did a P-15. Did he also do a Dodge????
  19. _shel_ny

    Bad Reproduction Fender Stone Guards on Ebay

    There is no secret here. A link to the seller is in the first post. The individuals name is not needed. The business name was also in post #17
  20. _shel_ny

    Bad Reproduction Fender Stone Guards on Ebay

    Go to the "resolution center" at the bottom of any eBay page. Open a return case for item not as described. Oopsie. Did not read all. You already did the correct thing.
  21. _shel_ny


    Just raise the distributor up enough to rotate the rotor and shaft 180 degree. Doesn't take much
  22. _shel_ny

    Engine oil gage rubber hose

    It has been posted in the past that a brake hose will fit. search for posts by norms coupe Brake hoses carry a warning about "oil" getting on the hoses. Not sure how much oil gets in contact with the hose via this application as it is a pressure thing, nor do I know how many years it would take to be a problem.
  23. _shel_ny

    Boiling fuel

    Lower it. That spec is for 1940 fuel formulation.
  24. _shel_ny

    where are the timing marks on the timing chain set?

    Calling the dot "small" may be giving it "extra credit" 😜
  25. _shel_ny

    676337 head

    Bump at front for bypass.

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