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  1. it was not a trade🙂 It was a "you can have them" 😁 , but I do understand, rules are rules
  2. Only about 7 hours away from me. Have a truck to tow it. Temptations, temptations. Car, or wife? Car, or wife?
  3. Looks like "for sale" to me. Sign just fell down as the masking tape adhesive holding it up gave out from a week in the sun. Replace the cowl trim piece, and the plastic in the hood ornament, and it's ready to roll. It's a "driver", not a "show" car. Not everyday that you can find patina like that. Strap will keep that hood from flying up at 90mph.
  4. I would refrain from having any pressure testing done unless you are dealing with a shop that is familiar with these radiators. They could easily damage it. If you have an original set up in a '41 it should not be a pressurized system. Your 7lb cap is meaningless.
  5. Hole may be hiding behind some door seal/moulding.
  6. The set screw, and a little cover that may hide it. Some are slotted. Some take an allen wrench.
  7. Yup, I did not check all the offerings, but have seen them from time to time. I see Mikey pops up 1st on one link. I have a new cylinder on the shelf in the garage:) I also have a lock assembly (no cylinder) that I have had for 12-13 years sitting somewhere. Had it since my days of pillaging sourcing at the old junk yard. It came from a P15, but takes an odd cylinder. Possibly a Hurd. All I know is that it is different. The auto parts store one is not going to have the vintage MoPar key, but some can live with just a Pentastar key. Even an eBay one for $290 does not even have a nice old MoPar key.
  8. Can get at most any auto parts store. The 49 and up work just fine. They have the "start" , and accessory positions that would be unused in the 48 back, but work just fine. The cylinder positions would be the same as they are now. On. Off. Have put them in more than one older ignition switch body. I am talking just the tumbler (lock cylinder)here. Not the whole switch. Oh, you can also get one from the MoPar specialty guys. They will take it out of the original box, and double the price for you to get the "rare" part. Wait, I see the under $15 cylinder is offered on eBay for $95.
  9. Some have used Terrill Machine in Texas for a rebuild shop. I would compare prices.
  10. Did a bunch of that shifting 2nd to 3rd without the clutch with my D-24. Did it with some others in the past as well. Just have to get the engine speed right to not be embarrassed by grinding noises😉
  11. Towed my Dodge from Hornell. About 200 miles. Took the drive shaft loose at the rear. It was 4 bolts.
  12. Great idea for those wishing to keep that heat shield there for when they go to a show. Keeps that original look.
  13. 1 at each corner of the transmission. Be sure that the gasket between the transmission, and bell housing is in place when putting the transmission back in. Gear lube will leak from the hole in the transmission if not installed. My original gasket had no hole at that spot, so I did not cut a hole in my new gasket at that point.
  14. This may help, or not.
  15. _shel_ny


    1/2 -20 thread
  16. Right (right hand thread) side lug nuts are cheap/very common, easily sourced.
  17. One wire sender, and dash gauge replaced the 2 wire sender mid year production 1948 for Dodge cars.
  18. Internal bypass hole? Not used on your block. Never mind. Read too fast. Thought you were talking about the pump hole
  19. Would that slot on the side line up with the dip stick, or is it on the wrong side for that?
  20. I second the use of guide pins to assist with removal and installation. That, and a little platform for your floor jack if you do not have a transmission jack. Makes it a 1 person job. And don't leave out that gasket that prevents leaking from the open hole. Use your camera before, and as you proceed with the removal.
  21. and as no one has mentioned it as of yet, I will. DO NOT apply grease to the new bushing.
  22. 6,XXX,XXX Chrysler series vehicle from 1949 were from the Los Angeles plant 7,XXX,XXX Chrysler series vehicle from 1949 were from the Detroit plant EDIT: Talking Chrysler. Not Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto
  23. _shel_ny

    Air filter

    When I did mine I went to NAPA. They had a book that you could use to look up a filter by measurements. I was actually able to borrow the book for a couple of days as I bowled with the counter guy. No # for you, as my conversion was a D-24 EDIT: Gut that puppy. Mock up for measurements. Leave a lip when cutting, and filter will be unseen. See post 24 for image: http://p15-d24.com/topic/37745-oil-bath-filter-versus-paper-filter/?tab=comments#comment-392914
  24. There is a weep hole in the pump. when there is a problem with the diaphragm it will leak at the weep hole as well as allow fuel to pass beyond the cam lever into the crankcase. Edit: add photo
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