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  1. May have been Chris on the phone. With the response that you got, it likely was not Andy.
  2. The specific clearance for heel, and toe on your '42 are in your owners manual/shop manual. They are not in the AMMCO instructions.
  3. EDIT: error
  4. That's not going to buff out.
  5. So where is the oil going if it is not leaking, or burning Is your neighbor stopping by to get oil for his vehicle ??
  6. My D24 had studs and nuts. The lefty nuts problem on the back left was solved for me when I put 235/75's on the back that were already mounted on wheels with too much backset. Had to put a spacer to bring them out a bit. Spacer threads were righty.
  7. As your bolts are as previously noted already 1/2-20 thread, a 7/16" stud to replace them does not make any sense to me. Little chance that they would hold. My point on yearly is that I would not expect to pull a wheel more than once a year. Maybe less. I would not consider "not pulling the wheels " neglect. I do not see bolts without an alignment pin to be a big enough problem to go through the process of installing studs as there is no real reason to be pulling the wheels with any frequency.. Now if I had a bad bolt hole or two that might be a turning point on my thinking.
  8. Front disc conversion eliminates 1/2 the problem. Right side drum to replace left drum on the rear takes care of the left hand thread problem. Take tire off once a year not much problem
  9. Check Rock Auto. You may find a good price on a pump there. Don't forget to use the 5% discount if you go with Rock auto
  10. If you have room download and save these to find a part # http://www.amsnos.com/Help/MMPDTPRE54.pdf http://www.amsnos.com/Help/MMPCPRE54.pdf
  11. that site has been kicking around here on the forum since early 2010, but good to get it referenced again to help out. I believe at one time it was mentioned that they seem to duplicate the now defunct lightningjar
  12. That's what the "before" camera pics are for Suffer from that as well.
  13. From the left side, and as it exits.