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  1. Tie Rod Ends

    You are correct. My error. Senior moment
  2. Tie Rod Ends

  3. Head Removal

    And get a good grip when you lift. About 35 pounds.

    Either you add oil there, or try to get it in the dip stick tube
  5. p15 wiper switch linkage

  6. p15 wiper switch linkage

    U may not have the plastic insulators.
  7. p15 wiper switch linkage

  8. rings/smoke

    if this indicates a 60 over piston it is yours for the cost of shipping. Have more than one. rings missing from some.
  9. lowest known P18 engine number

    Engine numbers were P18-1001 thru P18-509050 reference --Standard Catalog of American Cars 1946-1975----
  10. 1st and 3rd Grinding

    Is this a new problem with the same car that I sent you the transmission for several years ago? What lube is in the transmission?
  11. Bernbaum, thumbs up

    May have been Chris on the phone. With the response that you got, it likely was not Andy.
  12. The specific clearance for heel, and toe on your '42 are in your owners manual/shop manual. They are not in the AMMCO instructions.
  13. I have quickly became a Stromberg fan

    EDIT: error
  14. Vintage picture thread

    That's not going to buff out.
  15. Spitfire motor

    So where is the oil going if it is not leaking, or burning Is your neighbor stopping by to get oil for his vehicle ??