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  1. I am wanting to upgrade all original suspension and put a rack and pinion on it without cutting my original frame. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks for looking!
  2. Project Alter-K-Tion II (1950 Plymouth Special Deluxe)

    Where can I get more information on these brackets. What dI'd you go with for rack and pinion
  3. My 47 project.

    Can I use a 1975 charger frame under my 47 plymouth special deluxe
  4. My 47 project.

    Plymouthy I am wanting to use my original frame and don't know if the suspension will hold the weight of the big block, or if I have to go with something else. And I want power steering. I am just wanting a cruiser not a racer. Hopefully this helps a little more. I'm learning as I go, sorry for confusion.
  5. My 47 project.

    Thank you
  6. My 47 project.

    This is my first post. I am new to the whole restoration process, and I'm going to be putting a big block in it and not sure what to use for the front suspension. I was going to use an s10 frame but heard mixed stories about that so am sorta confused now on what to use because obviously I would rather use all mopar stuff. Any help and knowledge would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you for your time.