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  1. John Norlien

    48 Chrysler New Yorker starting issue

    If my 54 Plymouth has been sitting for more than a week, I will loosen the wing nut on top the air cleaner and put about a tablespoon of gas in the depression in the ari cleaner and then go turn the key. Starts right up. I worry about what the oil is doing during that time.
  2. John Norlien

    clutch fork return spring

    I might also suggest sources like McMaster -Carr
  3. John Norlien

    Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    Where i am, there is a Friday night cruise night in North St Paul. Love to go and see who brought what. So I am there most Fridays with the 54 Plymouth.
  4. John Norlien

    New to the forum, Here's my dilemma

    I had a similar symptoms with my '54 that ended up being fuel pump.
  5. John Norlien

    My Scarebird Kit install and a few ? 1948 Dodge

    I am thinking of going front disk- make the car much more drive-able. What have others done for the master cylinder when you put in front disks?
  6. I bought a new pump for a Chrysler industrial engine probably 30 years ago for my 54 Plymouth and have had no more fuel pump problems since. Prior to that, I had low fuel pressure problems that i thought were vapor lock, etc. I had tried rebuilding my original pump and tried buying a rebuilt pump.
  7. John Norlien

    Spring startup

    I was told years ago to pull the plugs, put in a small squirt of oil and roll it over a few times with the plugs out first, then put them back in and put a SMALL amount of gas down the carb and start it up. This is how I have always done it. Easy to get at the plugs on a flathead anyway and doesn't hurt to have a good look at them.
  8. John Norlien

    Replacing Boots on U-Joints

    I ended up needing to replace the center pin. To get it correctly centered, I measured the center ball and the pin length, divided the difference by two and machined up a couple of blocks out of 1" square steel with a slip fit for the pin and the thickness as I calculated. Pressed it all together and when the end of the pin was flush with the blocks, it is centered.
  9. John Norlien

    Back to the 50's

    Minnesota State Fairgrounds St Paul, MN https://msrabacktothe50s.com/ One of the country's biggest car shows- some 12,000 vehicles. Need to see more MOPARs
  10. Who is coming to Back to the 50's in June? Should we stake out a spot?
  11. John Norlien

    My vapor lock story

    I had problems with what I thought was vapor lock on my '54 Savoy. Problems went away when I replaced my fuel pump with one intended for a Chrysler industrial engine.
  12. John Norlien

    53 HyDrive Gaskets

    I bought a seal kit from Northwest Transmission referenced above and the kit had all the parts needed. The reaction shaft seal for the torque converter is usually the problem on the Hy-Drive. If you get a 53-54 service manual, they have a reasonable Hy-Drive section. Other pieces to be aware of- the clutch and throwout bearing in the Hy-Drive set up are unique to that setup as far as I can tell. I see the service manual for sale at the Motorbook store online- I have no experience with them, but the cover looks the same as my original.
  13. John Norlien

    1948 Plymouth special deluxe clutch pedal won't return

    Where is a good source to buy a spring such as in Don's picture above?
  14. John Norlien

    MSRA Back to the 50's

    https://msrabacktothe50s.com/ Cars of all types from 64 and older on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds Last year had 11,950 vehicle participants. Hope to see you there! Bring Mopars!
  15. John Norlien

    John Norlien

    My son drove the Plymouth to his spring formal

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