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  1. John Rogers

    The FIRE truck.

    I love your truck. So very cool !!! John
  2. John Rogers

    Patina for sure

    Holy cow what a great find. I don't blame you for wanting to keep it as is. What a beauty ! John
  3. Oh I didnt know that. Thank you for pointing this out. I see your point. E tanking these wouldn't be a good idea seeing as stainless steel etc produce toxic by products and I imagine the cad plating would be equally as nasty so e tanking would be a bad idea in this case. I know that John Sartain has used a molasses bath to strip rust on his running boards. I wonder if molasses might be a safe alternative?
  4. If you have a part that is frozen up , I have had really good luck freeing up frozen Wheel Horse tractor rear lift cables and "vintage" dirtbike rear brake cables etc. using my electrolysis tank. Another big plus is that the part will come out rust free and usually most if not all the paint that might be on it will be removed as well. You will need to clean / wire brush the part really well when it comes out and give it a good rinsing to get the old crud off . Once cleaned and rinsed the part will start to form rust almost immediately so you have to make sure to oil it or prime it.... something to protect it. E tanks work incredible for removing rust on parts that are rusty but in otherwise usable condition. I also have used it to remove rust from old cast iron skillets and dutch ovens that I have picked up at yard sales etc. They come out bright and clean. Just a thought. John
  5. Your solution reminded me of this clip from the Africa special . These guys crack me up. I have over 100 hrs saved on my DVR
  6. John Rogers

    Old photos

    Those are great photos. Thanks so much for sharing them ! John
  7. John Rogers

    Happy Thanksgiving to all...

    Happy Thanksgiving Plymouthy and everyone else.I hope yall enjoy your family, friends and the feast. Each day is a reason to be thankful and today is a day we can be thankful together while chowing down on a great meal and lots of pie.... and even grits of your so inclined Margo and I are going to be celebrating Thanksgiving on Sunday . Margo is the overnight assistant manager and like so many who work in retail she will be coming home from work anytime now get a few hrs sleep then back to work for "Black Friday " or "blitz" as it is called by Walmart employees. Im roasting a Turkey for her to take to work for the associates to munch on. I must say it was a rather strange turkey as it had two necks in it. Thats the last time I buy a Chernobyl brand turkey I'll tell ya ! John
  8. John Rogers

    Got a non vehicle hobby? Like knitting?

    I'm a Civil War artillery reenactor. I used to portray do cavalry until I broke my back. No more riding horses. You can't see me very well in the second picture thru the muzzle flash, just my butternut trousers and checkered shirt. Im the one in the checkered shirt firing the mountain howitzer. In case anyone is wondering ,yes there was a Civil War battle that happened in Arizona or what was back then known as the New Mexico Territory . The Battle of Picacho Pass. It was the western most battle of the Civil war and it happened about midway between Tucson and Phoenix a little east of what is now I -10 . PS, yes its hot wearing a pair of wool trousers and dark blue wool sack coat in the summer
  9. John Rogers

    512 cid C series on Dakota chassis- build thread

    I remember there was also a little one held on with a set screw for the dimmer switch. John
  10. John Rogers

    True to its nickname.....Doggie Dish.

    The spaghetti probably would have heated up sooner if we had been driving a Pinto. John
  11. John Rogers

    True to its nickname.....Doggie Dish.

    Seeing Mack the Fingers post reminds me of a very fond memory of my Mom Dad and I from when I was about 10. We lived in Tucson and we took a little day trip into the desert not far from where I live now to look for "Desert Roses" . Dad brought come Chef Boyardee spaghetti with us to eat for lunch. Well he forgot to bring something to heat it on . So he too the hubcap off our car it was a Vega so no loss there and built a first under it . Then he set the opened can on top of it and let it heat up. After a few minutes I look at the can and the heat had made the contents of the can rise up in a tall spaghetti column like a push pop almost to the point of collapsing onto the hubcap and ground. I brought it to my Dads attention and he hurriedly poked a the wedge shaped end of the still new/ unused tire iron lug wrench into it to shove it back into the can all the time laughing . Dad was a hoot. One night when Mom was at my Aunts house next door Dad decided to make his own corn nuts. He drained and salted a can of hominys and put them on a flat cookie sheet type thing and put them into the toaster oven to roast and get crunchy. Long story short.... after a while all of the sudden they started to explode like firecrackers just as Mom walked in the front door. Dad wasnt allowed to use the kitchen for a while after that. I sure do miss them both. John
  12. John Rogers

    Did you vote today????

    My wife and my votes were cast a tad over 2 weeks ago. Mailed them in
  13. John Rogers

    What happens when a hound dog eats cabbage

    Must have needed that extra ruff...age
  14. John Rogers

    Indian Plodge

    Yup, over the years we had no less than 4 chrome shops to chose from in Tucson. Some of them stopped by the bodyshop that I worked in each morning back in the 80's and early 90's to pick up bumpers to be straightened and rechromed. Now there is only one that I know of. I know a very little of it might have to do with the lack of chrome bumpers on todays vehicles and the chrome bumpers on those that have them is throw away after even a minor collision but as Plymouthy said the chrome industry has just about been regulated out of existence here in the US. If you want chrome work done now , its big $$$$$ !
  15. Your right, it shouldn't be runny and transparent. Primers have a lot of solids in them. Was the can of primer well mixed? If the can sat on the shelf at the paint supply shop for even a few weeks the solids can and will separate and settle into sort of thick clump/layer the bottom. Primers that are high build have more solids than others and it doesn't have to sit on a shelf very long for them to start to separate and settle. All the auto paint shops that I have dealt with over the years have always put everything on the shaker before it goes out the door but you never know if it got missed. If the contents are not well mixed it will be runny. I use a direct to metal urethane 2K primer on some of the things that I work on that separates so much if it sits that it gets very solid in the bottom and no amount of mixing with a stick will get it mixed properly so I have to put it on a shaker for 5 or 10 minutes and that mixes it up just fine. Another thing that can cause problems like this is using the wrong mixing ratio. I would check to make sure that the primer was thoroughly mixed and that there are no solids built up on the bottom of the can and I'd also double check the primer / activator mixing ratio that was used. I hope this helps. John
  16. John Rogers

    Truck stuff for the Man Cave etc....

    I'll definitely be keeping a watch out for them. This Mojave and I found me a few weeks ago. I was on the boulder and heard a rattle. I looked down and saw it just looking up at me. We stood and looked at each other for a few minutes then he gave me another short rattle and went on his way. 10 minutes earlier I was standing in that exact spot. That tall grass hides lots of stuff. The interesting thing is that Mojaves are known to be real aggressive but this one was really cool.It never coiled up and got nasty, it stayed stretched out and non threatening like in the picture. It was just giving me a warning to give it space...As I went back to my truck a short while later I was real careful to take a route out in the open where I could see the ground thru the tall grass .
  17. John Rogers

    Truck stuff for the Man Cave etc....

    That is sooo cool !!
  18. John Rogers

    Truck stuff for the Man Cave etc....

    Thank you for the suggestion. I could do that or even E tank it but I don't want to remove all the rust per se. I just want to leave enough to keep its character but still be able to make out the detail and all. I'm thinking about using a stiff nylon brush and give it a good scrubbing under the garden hose. Maybe it will remove enough to get it looking like I want then I can hang it up and enjoy it This sign originally looked like this. I can still see traces of the white and black on mine. Im going to go back to the wash where I found it when its not 100+ out and dig around to see if I can find any of the missing "cats eyes".
  19. John Rogers

    Truck stuff for the Man Cave etc....

    I found this in a wash earlier this summer not far from my home on Hwy 80. I love stuff like this and the only time I ever see things like this is at antique shops and other peoples walls. I was so thrilled to see this sticking out of the bank of the wash I was walking in. I carefully flattened / unrolled out the lower edge but thats all. Now I need to figure out how the remove the excess scale / crud and lightly clean it so as to leave the patina. The sign is in great shape and the metal is very sound. It took a lot to carefully straighten out the rolled lower edge without causing too much damage, its very strong metal. Its only surface rust and its kind of hard to tell from the pictures but the detail on the lettering and such is very good.The four small square holes surrounding the 80 is what held the reflector to the back side of the sign . Once I figure out a good way to remove the excess build up without destroying the patina it should look really cool. Im going to hang it on the wall inside my shop.
  20. John Rogers


    You need to inspect as best you can the inside (back side) of the panel to see the extent of the rust when determining how much to remove. Rust on the inside of a panel will accumulate on the inside of the panel extending past even where it might look like good on the outside so you might need to go a inch or two farther to remove it all. Depending on the panel, rust most of the time starts on the inside and eat its way out . The objective is to cut the panel back far just enough as as to leave you a clean rust free panel inside and out . John
  21. John Rogers

    Original ignition key found

    It sounds like something my Uncle Jay would have done. He always used to hide a extra key somewhere in the engine compartment. In later years (the 80's) he would attach one to inside of the lid of the windshield washer reservoir with a string or twist tie . I forgot all about that until I saw this thread then it all came back. He was one heck of a mechanic. He learned it working on aircraft during WW2 when he was in the Army. I sure do miss him John
  22. It looks great John ! John
  23. John Rogers

    Old gas station mockup

    Here is a couple pictures of the gas station / fruit stand that my GGrandfather opened in New York after he arrived on the boat from Positano Italy and became a American citizen. Our last name was / is Ruggiero but he used Rogers which is the Americanized version of Ruggiero on the business because at the time folks didnt take too kindly to the Italian and Irish. The whole rest of my family still goes by Ruggiero all except for my Grandpa who used Rogers but it was never officially changed.

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