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  1. I have 3:54 third member in the stock rearend housing of my B1B and the speedo is 10 mph slower than actual speed. Not a huge deal but Id like to get it showing the right speed. Ive given a lot of thought to finding the proper speedometer drive gears for this gearing. Im pretty sure that one would have to change the speedometer drive gears as a set, the gear in the housing that threads into the trans and the ring shaped gear that fits over the output shaft of the transmission. Ive been searching for some sort of listing that would show which speedo drive gear set would correspond with the each gearing that was available back then, but as of yet I have not had any luck. My parts book shows a part# but no mention of the differential gear ratios and or different gears for each ratio. Ive been trying to get a in touch with the previous owner who swapped out the third member back in the early 80's to find out what year and model the vehicle was that he got the third member out of both for me a another member here however he has been out of state for a few months In the mean time Im just doing lots of looking to find the answer. With how incredibly cramped the area is where the drive gear is located in the trans I fear a adapter might not fit. I can barely get my hand on the speedometer cable end there. John
  2. Thats a great looking truck. I hope that you are able to locate it. John
  3. What a scary experience that must have been. Things can sneak up on your so fast. Im glad that your alright now. John
  4. Im glad that it was something so simple. I can imagine how excruciatingly painful and annoying an ordeal it was diagnosing it. Now you can get back to enjoying driving it John
  5. It looks like it might be a insulating washer of some sort. On the other hand it kind of looks like one of those yucky coconut flavored Lifesavers.Having said that, Im not wearing my spectacles John
  6. Holy cow I hope the hail didn't cause any damage. Its strange to think how your having hail and we have been a bit over 100 in my neck of the "woods" here in SE Arizona. We have been having a terrible time with wildfires here in Cochise County this past month or so.There are 5 happening right now. Right now the Lizard/Dragoon wildfire is going on.It was caused by a lightning strike. Actually it is two wildfires that merged the night before last. This is what it was like a few miles east of my place last night. Over 10,500 acres. I could see the flames stretching across the horizon from my yard. From one extreme to the other. John
  7. Wow, you do Incredible work. Well done !! John
  8. Im so sorry, I just couldnt help myself. I have this weird condition which causes me to think of Monty Python sketches and or quotes at random times John
  9. Howdy John, What a awesome score. Even though you work on vehicles for a living I think your going to enjoy working on your '53. Pilothouses are bulletproof, simple,and just plain fun to work on. Keep the updates and pictures coming. John
  10. Yup, its .020 John
  11. My B1B came with and still has 6.50 x 16's on it. Actually I just put a new set of 6.50 x 16s on it the end of summer last year. Believe it or not, the tires that were on it when I got it had been on it since 1984. Badly cracked from the sun and hard as a rock. You might say they were just a bit toasty . John
  12. Congratulations !!!! John
  13. We always called the front end clip a "dog house". Whoda thunk it .... Pilothouse coupe John
  14. Wait, that's not desert patina? Awwww heck, if the lock jaw doesn't get you, the rattle snakes that more than likely call it home just might . Come to think of it, I better double check to see that my tetanus shot is up to date. John
  15. In my neck of the "woods" errrrrrrr desert out here in SE Arizona there are not any woods to find things in per se but I did stumble on this a while back a few miles from house. I dont know how many times I walked within 10 to 20 yards of this on my way out to some old 1880's ranch bunk house ruins and never noticed it as there is a fir bit of mesquite and creosote hiding it. Its a 1930 Buick Series 50 Coupe or whats left of one. There are no footpaths or anything out there. The old dirt road that led out to that area is long gone. Its only visable on Google Earth. The poor car has been there a loooooooong time. On a side note . Over the years while looking around at the site of the ranch bunk house ruins I found a silver 1884 10 Centavos in beautiful condition as well as many old mother of pearl and bone buttons. I also found a extremely old Chinese coin that is much much older than the Silver Mexican 10 centavos in addition to a broken pocket knife, straight razor, a intact old cork type beer bottle (Its rare to find one in one piece) and a live S&W 38 short round that was dated to 1883 all in the same place . From what I understand, over the years the ranch hands had Chinese cooks etc at the bunkhouse. That coupled with the fact that this is about 9 miles from Tombstone which had a lot of Chinese folks and businesses might explain the Chinese coin I found. My friend found several coins just like it in the same spot back in the early 60's. John