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    I love music and history . Im a Civil War as well as Revolutionary War living historian / reenactor. Last but not least as one would expect I love working on my Pilothouse.
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    Im a retired bodyman and I love working on and restoring old cars truck and bikes
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    Gear head since birth , Civil War artillery reenactor, history geek and musician

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  1. vinegar bath

    I never thought to use it but it makes perfect sense since it would neutralize the acid. I just rinsed it off then blew it dry with air. Then I immediately gave it a good spray all over with WD40 to protect it. Some guys would paint their aftermarket pipes but most just leave them bare metal because they look trick that way but they get nasty real fast and rust so I made sure to use the vinegar and WD40. If you could find a way to only submerge the blade and set screw portion I think it would work good. I have freed up some really stuck pieces with the E tank. I found the remains of a 1930 Buick Series 50 roadster in the desert out here a year or so ago. it has been out there for a good 60 years. I brought the door hinges that were laying on the ground home. They were stuck solid. I put them in the e tank for a day or so and they freed up great. Have you tried PB Blaster or Kroil on it and let it soak real good to see if it would break it free?
  2. vinegar bath

    Wow, they turned out fantastic Brent. I used to use vinegar and steel wool to clean the on the bare steel cone pipes on my MX bikes when I was still able to ride and race and it worked great. I built a couple of electrolysis tanks (1 gallon and 5 gallon) out of plastic pails and they do a great job too. The biggest parts that I put in the 5 gallon was the body from the Model 36 heater. I put a throttle cable for one of my Wheel Horse garden tractors that was frozen from rust in one for a few hrs and when it came out I rinsed it off and the cable was free. I blew it dry and oiled it up good and Ive been using it for years. John
  3. Thanks!

    I really like your truck. There is nothing better than spending time with your kids and or grandkids. Thats the good stuff !! If you can spend some of it working on a great project like your truck then thats all the better. Its a great way to bond and possibly sow some seeds of the love of old vehicles. Welcome to the forum. John
  4. 1000 post

    Im so sorry. My heart hurts for you and your family. John
  5. Hey All

    Welcome , wow that is a beautiful car ! John
  6. B1B Project / progress thread

    Merle responded to a post I made on Facebook and asked what size and thread the nut is so I checked and its 7/8-18 . I Googled it and low and behold I shouldn't have any trouble finding one. Most times I'm really good about it, however there are times when I make things wayyyyyyyyyyy harder on myself because I get it in my head a piece / fastener might be hard to find or purpose made for the application and this is one of those times. There is a huge Ace Hardware in Tucson on the east side that is incredible. I'm going to try there, they have a massive fastener section and other cool stuff . If I strike out there Im going to go to Copper State Nut and Bolt. They have just about everything one could image but they are a industrial type supplier and sometimes they balk at selling one or two items. Also GM uses a 7/8-18 jam nut on their 1 ton tie rod ends. John
  7. B1B Project / progress thread

    I made a trip to a couple of hardware stores and looked for a nut that would fit but I didnt have any luck. I dont know why it never occurred to be to make a post in the classifieds Wanted section. All I can say is that there are times Im just not too bright. Ugh !!! Anyway I made a post in the Wanted section. Hopefully someone will see it that has a extra that they might want to part with. John
  8. B1B Project / progress thread

    How is the rehabbing of your knee going. I hope that it is going smoothly.
  9. B1B Project / progress thread

    Thank you so much !
  10. B1B Project / progress thread

    Great idea,I will give it a try I never thought of that. I get the funniest looks when I go to the Ace hardware here in town. Usually they come to you and ask if they can help find anything. Now they know that I'm there wandering around looking for a random piece from who know what to complete something for my truck that I'm working on. Heck I'm related to a half dozen of the employees so it doesn't surprise them Now they just say I and ask me to bring the finished project in so they can see it .
  11. B1B Project / progress thread

    Thank you . I really enjoy working on projects like this.I agree, just part of living in the Sonoran desert. This was not a problem back in the days before they oxygenated the gas in Dads truck but we have to work with what he have. I can only imagine how hot it gets under the hood when its well over 110 especially right after it gets parked and is just siting there with no air coming in. I meant to put a thermometer under the hood this past summer to find out but I never got around to it. Well there always next summer Im using my recovery time to do as much of the little stuff as I can. I'll tell ya, it sure makes me smile to tinker with my truck. As I start feeling better I can do more of the bigger things.
  12. B1B Project / progress thread

    I was given this heater with the truck and it had been sitting outside for about a year or so and one day I looked at it and it finally dawned on me how cool it looked so I brought it in my shop started working on it. I was concerned that there would be something wrong with the core but it was fine. Whew !!! Its strange that the trim on mine is made of SS and yours is brass. I would imagine that it was made the Model 36 for several years so they probably just decided to switch at some point for one reason or another. I thought about using a cable operated valve but I decided to use a manual one. I found a original manual valve in one of the boxes of parts that I got but it was in pretty poor shape and rather crusty so I decided to buy one at NAPA. Were you able to get your oil pressure valve removed yet?
  13. B1B Project / progress thread

    Last post,the screen is starting to get to me . The heater was missing the defroster manifold and I looked and looked on Ebay but didnt see one by itself so I decided to make one. After I finished it I decided to add a door like the ones I had seen pics of this is what I came up with. John
  14. B1B Project / progress thread

    Here is what it looks like now. I haven't installed it yet because it was and still is missing one of the 2 large nuts that are needed to mount it. I have one but Im still searching for another one so I can install it. I see that John Sartain has one in his truck too which turned out fantastic. John