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  1. I spent a few hours weeding our families grave sites. It wasn't much of a workout for my truck but it was a pretty good one for me. 6 Months ago today on friday February 17th which strangely enough was also the 15th "anniversary" of my Dads passing, I suffered what the Drs called a "massive saddle pulmonary embolism". I didnt know what happened, all I knew is I coughed hard and from that moment on I couldnt take two steps without having to fight to breathe. I thought I had strained something in my chest and that it would pass but on Monday it still wasnt any better so my wife made a appt (behind my back ) hahaha for me to see my Dr. the next day and thats when I found out what had happened and I was taken my ambulance to the hospital in Tucson where I was a guest of theirs for a week..Six Drs have told me that with as massive as it was I should have died the second it happened and that "I still had work to do here" and or "God wasn't done with me yet" .Man was I scared,no make that terrified. Now here it is 6 months to the day later and Im doing really really good. Actually within a week of "the event" as my Dr calls it I was doing and feeling pretty darned good. Well except for the Lovenox shots I had to give myself 2x a day in the belly for a few weeks but even that was no big deal I was and am just so happy to be alive. A week ago my Cardiologist told me that the damage to my heart and lungs that he had seen months ago was completely gone and that I was free to do as much as my body will allow, and to listen to what my body is telling me. Then he gave me the ok to stop taking the Coumadin YAYYYYYY ! The only effects I still experience is that some days I feel so tired , a bit dizzy at times and knackered from the get go that about all I can do is rest and lay down. The Dr said thats 100% normal and that is can take from 6 months to a year or two to go away. He said its because of the trauma that my heart and lungs went thru and now my body is spending and using a LOT of energy to heal. Most days I feel pretty darned good. After I got out of the hospital I promised myself that I wasnt going to let "the small stuff irritate me anymore" and that I wasnt going to put of doing things that Ive been wanting to do but always seemed to get pushed aside... like working on my truck. So about 5 1/2 months ago I started doing the bodywork on it one panel at a time. I am or was a bodyman by trade for over 30 yrs so getting past the notion that I had to get it all done at once has been a bit strange. All those years of working on commission and meeting dead lines was kind of a hard habit to break at first but its a lot more fun to take it slow and do one panel at a time. I dont want it to be a chore, I want to enjoy it Anyway I started off by doing little things like restoring a Model 36 heater that I want to install in my truck and also a few dash parts that I believe are for I believe are for a 52 that I cant use but were in really nice shape what with being from the Az desert and all . Just small stuff at first to keep busy. As of late I have done both front fenders, the roof panel, the hood assembly and replaced the left front stake pocket. Along with doing the bodywork I've been stripping each panel because there was a LOT of paint on it . Ive been taking lots of pictures as I go along so I can look back at how it was when its all done. Sorry for the overly long and babbling post. Its a really huge and kind of emotional day for me what with it being 6 months and now Im off all the meds and everything . So very thankful . By the way, about the not whole not let the small stuff irritate me part.... easier said than done. I still get POd at some really stupid insignificant things at times but Im still trying hahaha. Its a work in progress. Again please forgive me for the long winded post. John
  2. You did a great job. I know it was a lot of work but it was worth it, it looks fantastic !!!! John
  3. Wow it looks fantastic. Great job !!! John
  4. Im pretty sure the firing order is 153624. Its been a long time so Im going by memory. John
  5. I got bored and did a quick Google search and the name of the cheese shop . Their website and Facebook page as a few partial photos that have the Pilothouse in it but I couldn't save them and post them. Just as well, they really ..... cheesy pics anyway John
  6. I saw this earlier this week. Its not from a movie, its from a commercial but as soon as I saw it I had to get a pic of it. From what was being discussed in the commercial it appears the truck is located somewhere in Oregon. Nice looking truck, I wish they showed more of it . Again , sorry for the cruddy photo quality, I took it with my phone. John
  7. I saw this a while back on a episode of Classic Tractor Fever. I noticed it was on again so I took a pic . Please excuse the picture quality. I paused the show then took the pics with my phone. John
  8. I would take some pics of the weather stripping in my B1B for you to reference but it would be of no help to you because what is there isn't original nor is it in the same places as the OEM weatherstripping was. I think the person I bought my truck from got it at Ace Hardware. Im thankful for it though. It keeps and has kept the weather out and thats what counts. Its all going to be removed when I paint the truck . I will be buying and installing the right weatherstripping as well as new glass for it. John
  9. Someone here posted a real good video that shows where all the weatherstripping goes.For the life of me I cant remember who it was but its really good. John
  10. It looks like it could be some sort of governor part or component.Possibly a mechanical speed sensor of sorts . John
  11. Im glad that you mentioned the way your seat back attaches Merle. I remember that my Dad's B1B had the same seat back mounting arrangement as yours and I was curious if at some point someone had made their own mount on it before Dad got it but now I know it was made that way. My '49 uses the brackets and pins. Mine is a bit of a pain to access with my big fat hands. Dads was much easier. John
  12. I completely forgot about this until a minute ago but back in '89 or '90 I traded a bunch of basically junk to a guy I worked with for his 1972 Dodge 1/2 ton with a 318. The guy was beyond disgusted with it because it would idle but as soon as you cracked the throttle it would stumble baaad ! He just wanted it out of his sight and out from under it. I towed it home and tinkered with it and I noticed that when I would open the throttle lots of black smoke came out of the tail pipe. I took off the top of the carb peered inside and low and behold the main jet had actually backed out and was laying in the bottom of the bowl with the fiber gasket laying right there beside it. I screwed it back in and fired it up and it ran great. That night I thought and thought about it and finally decided to tell the guy about it and gave him the option to trade back because I actually felt a bit bad about the whole thing but he said he was so PO'd at it didn't want it back so I just kept it and drove it. These kind of problems can be so irritating but Ive found that a lot of the time the cause of the problem is so small and basic that its easily overlooked. I sure hope that you get it figured out soon so you can enjoy driving it. John
  13. Just a thought but there is a possibility that the condenser could be bad. Years ago I was having a similar issue with my '69 Charger R/T. The 440 that ran fine at idle but as soon as I tried to rev it it spit and cut out something fierce. I put another condenser in it and it ran like a top. I also had this happen a time or two with my vintage race bikes as well . If you have another condenser laying around possibly try swapping it and see if it helps. It's worth a try. John
  14. Those are some great looking Dodges. I cant remember the last time I saw a Town Wagon. It looks like it was a great day to be out enjoying a car show. thanks for sharing ! John