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    I love music and history . Im a Civil War as well as Revolutionary War living historian / reenactor. Last but not least as one would expect I love working on my Pilothouse.
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    Im a retired bodyman and I love working on and restoring old cars truck and bikes
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  1. John. The part in question bolts to the bottom of the bellhousing not to the frame. It also serves as the attachment point for the clutch and brake pedal springs . Some trucks came with a simple piece of what looks basically like angle iron bracket that bolts to the bellhousing same as this and instead of having the part to extends up to the clutch fork shaft it simply had two holes side by side to accept the clutch and brake pedal springs. I'm not sure what years or models came with the bracket shown in the illustration. My B1B has one on it but I don't think it originally came with it.,I think it was added by the previous owner when he installed the 4 speed in place of the stock 3 speed. I have a feeling it came with the angle iron type. The B2B engine , trans and rolling chassis that I have for spares has the angle iron type bracket. John Rogers
  2. Man that sounds great, its like sweet lumpy music. John
  3. One thing looks or seems strange to me after reading the description is that the listing says the vehicle is yellow but if it is yellow the exterior must be very VERY faded because it does not appear very yellow in the photos. It could just be the photo though.The exterior looks more like a extremely weathered white to me. I see the original color of the car was white according to the interior and the engine compartment. Having said that I sure do wish I still had the 1968 Dart GT that I had in the mid 90's. The original 273 was long gone and had been replaced with a 360. I got it really cheap. I mean really really cheap because the the "engine" vibrated badly when it was being driven so they parked it. Being a 100% diehard Mopar nut I knew that the 360 is externally balanced as is the torque converter and flexplate the first thing I did was replace the 904 trans that was mated to the internally balanced 273 with a 727 w converter for a 360 that I had at home .Problem solved. John
  4. Don, Im really sorry I didn't respond sooner. I somehow missed your post after you made it. I hope that you are feeling better and that you make a fast and complete recovery. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. John
  5. Running boards are one of those parts that are hard to avoid using and about twice as hard to keep looking nice. I'd just use them and try not to worry about it. Its part of what makes a truck a truck. The good thing is , if it gets to the point where it really.... really bugs you, running boards are easy panels to remove. You can always take them off and give them a good going over and a fresh coat of paint.Put em back on and in no time your good to go. John
  6. I'd love to find a Roof Palomino mower.They look like a miniature Jeep. I don't see much possibility of finding one out here in AZ. Heck , Wheel Horse garden tractors are next to impossible to find out here. Luckily I have two of them. Dad left me his Wheel Horse 702 when he passed away in 2002 and I bought another 702 in New Jersey when I lived in Gettysburg. I included a picture of my Dad giving my son JJ a ride on his Wheel Horse when JJ was little.JJ is 33 now 😮 Dad was wonderful I sure do miss him.
  7. I love your truck. So very cool !!! John
  8. Holy cow what a great find. I don't blame you for wanting to keep it as is. What a beauty ! John
  9. Oh I didnt know that. Thank you for pointing this out. I see your point. E tanking these wouldn't be a good idea seeing as stainless steel etc produce toxic by products and I imagine the cad plating would be equally as nasty so e tanking would be a bad idea in this case. I know that John Sartain has used a molasses bath to strip rust on his running boards. I wonder if molasses might be a safe alternative?
  10. If you have a part that is frozen up , I have had really good luck freeing up frozen Wheel Horse tractor rear lift cables and "vintage" dirtbike rear brake cables etc. using my electrolysis tank. Another big plus is that the part will come out rust free and usually most if not all the paint that might be on it will be removed as well. You will need to clean / wire brush the part really well when it comes out and give it a good rinsing to get the old crud off . Once cleaned and rinsed the part will start to form rust almost immediately so you have to make sure to oil it or prime it.... something to protect it. E tanks work incredible for removing rust on parts that are rusty but in otherwise usable condition. I also have used it to remove rust from old cast iron skillets and dutch ovens that I have picked up at yard sales etc. They come out bright and clean. Just a thought. John
  11. Your solution reminded me of this clip from the Africa special . These guys crack me up. I have over 100 hrs saved on my DVR
  12. Those are great photos. Thanks so much for sharing them ! John
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