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    I love music and history . Im a Civil War as well as Revolutionary War living historian / reenactor. Last but not least as one would expect I love working on my Pilothouse.
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    Im a retired bodyman and I love working on and restoring old cars truck and bikes
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    Benson, AZ
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    Gear head since birth , Civil War artillery reenactor, history geek and musician

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  1. Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    My B1B is pretty much my daily driver all year long unless I have to go to Tucson or farther on the Interstate. The '49 is dead nuts reliable but gas mileage would kill me so I take my '94 Mazda truck. I pretty much always stay local so I drive my '49. Getting behind the wheel and riving it never fails to put a huge smile on my face. John
  2. 1955 C1B Build Thread

    That looks and sounds fantastic. What a cool build , great job ! John
  3. Another mandatory evac, another long night ahead...

    Im so glad that things turned out good and that there was no flooding. I cant even imagine having evac orders all the time. I got a warning to be prepared to evac a few weeks ago for a wildfire in the Dragoon Mtns. because some idiot decided to burn weeds with 25 mph winds in a grassy field. Luckily for us it was miles away so it didnt affect us here in town but I felt bad for the folks that did have to evac for the 2nd time in 7 months because of wildfires. Luckily this time around no one lost their life or homes. I feel so bad for yall in CA. You suffer thru so many wildfires then the mudslides that result from them, terrible !!! John
  4. Newly cleaned and painted engine

    Wow, that looks great !
  5. Bolts for floorboards

    I think your referring to Acme thread bolts. I've been looking for a few myself to replace some that are missing but I have not found a source yet.I cant remember who it was, but a member here posted a photo of some hardware that he had just purchased and there were 3 bright and shiny new Acme thread bolts among them. If I remember right he said he got it from a Ace Hardware. Even though I had already checked, after I saw his post I checked all the local Ace stores again with no luck. John
  6. Spare tire carrier interchange question

    Thanks for posting the measurements and photos of your carriers, that will help me a lot. The owner of the carrier that I was looking at and I were talking about what he wanted for it yesterday and I got lucky...... believe it or not he wanted to trade it for a old 34" glass pack muffler that I have. I was actually going to throw it away a few weeks ago but I forgot to. I'm glad that I did now . I'm going to bring it to him this morning and do the swap. Thank you I really appreciate it. John
  7. 48 B1B

    You got yourself a sweet truck there. Congratulations ! John
  8. new guy's 1947 WD-21

    What a cool find, congratulations ! John
  9. Howdy all, I have a question. I have a chance to pick up a really nice spare tire carrier off of a '57 D100. I know it is a bit of a different design as the one that came on my B1B but is the overall length and bolt hole locations the same to I can use it on my '49 ? The one I'm looking looks just like the one pictured. The photo is not the actual one I am looking at, it is a photo I saved a while back from a Ebay auction for reference purposes Thanks, John
  10. Pretty nice 1952 find.

    That is a really great truck. I love how original it is, it looks awesome. John
  11. Photo’s of my Truck

    That is one sweet truck !
  12. Lower bed side panel parts

    Is this the piece your referring to? This is on my B1B located behind the rear fender. John
  13. vinegar bath

    Thats awesome. I gotta try that, I have a lot of little pieces / parts that could use plating . That will be a fun project for me to tinker with
  14. Tie Down Hooks - Thoughts?

    Depending on the weight of the load to be secured and the condition of floor of the bed one could utilize a flush mount arrangement or some sort. With strategic placement of the loop or hook in relation to the cross members and or bed mounting bolts and possibly some reinforcement on the underside as well this would work really well. I used something very similar to this when I raced motocross to tie down my bikes into the back of my truck. Possibly something similar to this could be used . John
  15. Cold cold, John Keats.

    I sincerely feel for all of you, thats so cold !! We have been 75 with a low of 44. Man am I ever glad I live in Arizona . John