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    Senior Member, have way too much spare time on my hands
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    Benson, Arizona
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    I love music and history . Im a Civil War as well as Revolutionary War living historian / reenactor. Last but not least as one would expect I love working on my Pilothouse.
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    1949 Dodge truck

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    Im a retired bodyman and I love working on and restoring old cars truck and bikes
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    Retired slightly beat up and slow moving bodyman :)


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    Benson, AZ
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    Gear head since birth , Civil War artillery reenactor, history geek and musician

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  1. John Rogers

    Old gas station mockup

    Here is a couple pictures of the gas station / fruit stand that my GGrandfather opened in New York after he arrived on the boat from Positano Italy and became a American citizen. Our last name was / is Ruggiero but he used Rogers which is the Americanized version of Ruggiero on the business because at the time folks didnt take too kindly to the Italian and Irish. The whole rest of my family still goes by Ruggiero all except for my Grandpa who used Rogers but it was never officially changed.
  2. John Rogers

    A few pictures of my 51 B3B project

    What an awesome looking truck. Great job ! John
  3. John Rogers

    Door Lock

    Someone along the line evidently tried to remove the lock in mine and managed to booger up the slot in the set screw just bad enough where even a good hollow ground screwdriver wouldn't bite. I ended up having to drill it out so I could remove it and replace the lock with a new one. Whoever it was ended up drilling 5/16" hole down thru the center so the door could be locked and unlocked with a screw driver. I lucked out and found a new lock on Ebay for $20.00 still in the box Score !!!! John
  4. John Rogers

    Put My Dog Down Today...Been A Rough Day

    Im so very sorry. I agree, theres no such thing as just a dog or cat. They are loved, trusted and devoted members of the family and its terribly heartbreaking when they cross the Rainbow Bridge. My heart hurts for you. Im so sorry. John
  5. John Rogers

    What paint to use on wheel rims?

    Luckily I am a bodyman by trade so I worked a swap with a friend who has a car dealership and bodyshop. I helped him out of a huge bind by doing a little bodywork for him. In exchange I got to mix up a quart of red urethane single stage and I got the activator and reducer too. Anyone who buys automotive paint knows that anything that is red or has a lot of red in it is extremely expensive. If I would have had to buy the paint and everything outright it might have been far cheaper to powder coat the 5 wheels. As it worked out it only cost me 2 hours of my labor if that. I live in a small town so I have a lot of chances to barter for stuff . Win /Win for me John
  6. John Rogers

    What paint to use on wheel rims?

    My posts are not working very well
  7. John Rogers

    What paint to use on wheel rims?

    Sorry for some reason the photo didnt turn out on this post.
  8. John Rogers

    What paint to use on wheel rims?

    I used Nason Urethane single stage on my wheels. Powder coating is more durable but it wasn't an option for me. If you prep the wheels well and apply the paint correctly the finish is both extremely durable and glossy. Sorry, yup they are red but only because I am painting my truck like my Dads was and the wheels on Dads '49 truck were red. John
  9. John Rogers

    Some new kids on the block.

    How cool is that ! John
  10. John Rogers

    New to me 1947 WD-21

    What a great looking truck. The engine sounds real good too, congratulations on a great find. John
  11. John Rogers

    Off topic hobbies

    In addition to my addiction to old vehicles especially my B1B, I am also a Civil War reenactor / living historian. I started reenacting about 20 yrs ago doing cavalry . I broke my back racing MX . After that I couldn't ride my horse anymore to I decided to change branches of service and my friends and I started the 1st Texas light artillery / 3rd US Co A. In addition to reenactments we also participate in presentations and demonstrations at schools as well as memorial salutes and such. In addition to the events we have here in AZ, I have participated as a 8th Illinois Federal cavalry trooper at the 140th Gettysburg event as well as the battle of Kellys Ford in Virginia. Our battery consists of a 1841 6lbr, 1841 Mountain Howitzer, Tredagar Mountain rifle,1862 Gatling gun, and 3 breech loading Williams guns. In case yall are wondering about Civil War reenactments in Arizona. The western most battle of the Civil War was the battle/skirmish of Picacho Pass happened on April 15, 1862. It happened near the Picacho Butterfield Stage remount station about 50 miles NW of Tucson along what is now I-10. There were also a few that happened in New Mexico as well. I am the one firing the field pieces in both pics. Some of you might recognize the building in the first pic located at Old Tucson movie studios It is the ranch house from the High Chaparral. The Old Tucson event is not a reenactment. Old Tucson has us come out and do a event or two each year for the folks. Im the one firing the field piece in both photos
  12. John Rogers

    missing on couple cylinders

    I would check to see if the spark plug wires are arcing / shorting on something or even on eachother. Start it in the dark and take a peek, if they are arcing your see it plain as day. John
  13. John Rogers

    Intake/exhaust manifold removel

    Yup that hidden one in the middle underneath the manifold can be a real booger if you dont know its there. John
  14. John Rogers

    Photos in the classified

    I agree 100% !
  15. John Rogers

    Photos in the classified

    I'm just happy and very appreciative that we have this fantastic forum and along with it the opportunity to have a classifieds section to buy and sell from. We all get to enjoy this forum and all its features at no cost. I am a member of a couple of reenacting forums where sellers are required to donate a small portion of their sale to help with the costs and effort of running and maintaining the forum. Ads don't need photos, if a person is interested in something its no hardship at all to ask the seller for some photos to be sent by email or what have you. This is a really great forum with awesome people, I just wish I lived closer so I could participate in the get togethers and such.. Administrators and moderators thanks for all you do, I'm sure it is a lot of work John

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