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  1. '48 Plymouth door sill ideas

    check falconvan posts
  2. Easiest Way To Cut Welding Cable

    harb--- freight has cable cutting pliers that work good for copper cable. I think I only paid $6.99 for 'em.
  3. hub cap logo

    this is a pic from ebay but is what came on a '46 -'48. The letters are different on '41 & '42. Hope this helps
  4. 1946 desoto business coupe deluxe

    The wheel steering is correct for that car. It is the DeLuxe model desoto. The Custom is the top model and has a different steering wheel,some other odds and ends ,and most noticeably trim around the side windows. The DeLuxe is the lower model but in my opinion does not make it worthless as s-11 DeSoto coupes aren't all over the place and especially in that condition. Just my 2 cents.

    not anal is my vote. The last thing you want to see is rust stains bleeding through a beautiful new headliner. That is, of course, if they had any rust on them. By the way , that car is looking great.
  6. P15 steering options

    Will do , Thanks
  7. P15 steering options

    No ride yet. Sorry. Stuffing from my seats was getting robbed by critters . Found where they took that stuff. It was in the muffler/ tailpipes. After a couple tries I did get it started and had smoldering fuzz balls come out . Wow what a smell. The next nicer day that I can get to it its going for a dash up the road and back .
  8. P15 steering options

    Itching for my test drive. I have another steering wheel repainted and ready to replace this one after I recheck things and make other adjustments. Threw the old seat back in too. Hopefully a report back on the steering box job real soon. I have my license plate and insurance. This Saturday is the plan .
  9. What front clip to use in my 48 coupe??

    Search plymouth Adams builds. I looked at a thread of his where he put a Dakota clip into a p15. If that's the route your thinking of going it's worth a read.
  10. 41 Plymouth door bottom seal

    I'm in the same situation with my 41 2dr sedan. It appeared to me when I got to cleaning up that area of the car that there was a rubber strip hanging down about 1" to 1 1/2" from between the door and the lower door panel. It sealed against the aluminum sill that retained the rubber floor mat. Rubber glue on seal was on the door front to rear from lower front corner, over the top to lower rear corner,but not any trace of that type along the bottom.
  11. New 1947 P-15 owner

    That car looks great. With or without the as found dirt
  12. New 1947 P-15 owner

    I see dual tailpipes
  13. Horn Button

    Thank you DonaldSmith. I tried to post the paper work and diagram that I found on my hornsaver kit but my home computer is down right now and it isn't working well for me with my phone.