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    old cars,good music, and playing with the family.
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    Spending time with my wife and son, old cars, and trains

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  1. junkers72

    P15 steering options

    Hope nobody missed Hubler13f’s post
  2. junkers72

    P15 steering options

    I tried it on “just cause” but removed it for a repainted original. It's from my dad so it is from That time frame
  3. junkers72

    P15 steering options

    Full steering lock to lock, original plymouth pitman arm and tie rod arrangement, and bolted through original holes for original box . Note: I did not use rubber insulators. New steering box is bolted to adapter. Adapter has threaded holes for bolts through frame . I haven’t road tested it but am confident it will work as it should. Also the new steering box isn’t quite as tall so I had to use 2 joints in the steering shaft to avoid altering column angle from dash mount to floor exit. By the way I wonder what OP uglysteve come up with. Lol
  4. junkers72

    Axle switching

    I look at that as wheel mating surface.
  5. junkers72

    37 Plymouth Sedan Resto- New Member

    Oops , I was reading about another project where a Jeep was donating its drivetrain . Obviously not this one.. sorry
  6. junkers72

    37 Plymouth Sedan Resto- New Member

    Can’t you use power steering box from Your donor? just a thought. Either way you gotta make up a mount for it
  7. junkers72

    1940 P10 Speedo Rebuild

    It may be of a help to you to PM Reg Evans .
  8. junkers72

    It’s an addiction

    Great find . Can’t go wrong with that pair.
  9. junkers72

    Calling all 41 Plymouth owners

  10. junkers72

    Calling all 41 Plymouth owners

    I do have a spare cluster and could measure it up tomorrow for you. Will be later in the day.
  11. junkers72

    Fulton visor? No thanks!

    Very cool
  12. junkers72

    1946 Plymouth interior

    I took a closer look at the pic and believe its the original panel. My first look I thought it was a tarnished add on .
  13. junkers72

    1946 Plymouth interior

    JC Whittney Add on accessory or picked from an old pontiac an addded to spruce it up a little. Just my opinion.
  14. junkers72

    P15 steering options

    trying to get pics up 68253 is on the wheel adapter
  15. junkers72

    P15 steering options

    Yes I did. An adapter and wheel that I got from my dad worked. He had it on a 55 ford crown victoria. And it also spent time on a buddy’s 61 galaxie.

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