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  1. Rear shock relocation

    I bought early Jeep perches new for 1 3/4” wide springs . My car didn’t require modifications for rear shocks. Just a thought for you. Available all over the net.
  2. 1941 Headlight trim ring, what years fit???

    FYI: ebay item 162899912143
  3. I Can’t Help Falling In love...1951 Dodge

    You know you need this car. Just do it
  4. 1941 Headlight trim ring, what years fit???

    It definitely is a 1941 model year only but appears to be the same on Chrysler , DeSoto,Dodge, and Plymouth. I do not have a parts interchange catalog to prove it though.
  5. 1941 Headlight trim ring, what years fit???

    there is a pair of 41 dodge headlight/ park lights on ebay right now. On the pics it appears the pieces you need interchange with the 41 dodge. ebay item 253327175669. A little pricey if thats all you could use of them but just sharing the info so you could see them.
  6. 1941 Headlight trim ring, what years fit???

    That ring , I believe, is stainless and hides the adjuster screws as well as fills the gap. .Has a tab on top that tucks under the parking light housing and 1 screw under headlight that goes into diecast headlight housing
  7. steering gear for 1948 ply

    patterson, I would have to dig up some more pics. I don’t know if it would help you with your engine choice anyway. I went this route because my original steering box was shot . Running a 3/4 DD shaft and 2 joints.
  8. steering gear for 1948 ply

    modified original steering column.
  9. steering gear for 1948 ply

    homemade flat plate adapter fastened to 525 box and an additional spacer needed to fill impression for original isolator/steering gear.
  10. steering gear for 1948 ply

    283 chevy and yes I needed to use spacers so I chose those ones with the set screws for a little extra security.
  11. steering gear for 1948 ply

  12. steering gear for 1948 ply

    I mounted a gm 525 manual steering box onto my 41 plymouth with stock suspension. 41 plymouth pitman arm fit right on. I don’t know how that would work for your poly install. Also 41 frame is a little different at the box location than a 48. Not much but enough that a template of my adapter wouldn’t be a direct fit on yours.
  13. '48 Plymouth door sill ideas

    check falconvan posts
  14. Easiest Way To Cut Welding Cable

    harb--- freight has cable cutting pliers that work good for copper cable. I think I only paid $6.99 for 'em.
  15. hub cap logo

    this is a pic from ebay but is what came on a '46 -'48. The letters are different on '41 & '42. Hope this helps