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  1. Not that this is a big help but I used 12 volt fan motor from a 1969 imperial rear window defogger . The motor fit exactly as the original. Removed the squirrel cage type fan from the Imperial fan motor and put original fan from my 41 Plymouth fan motor on. I believe NAPA parts catalog offers something very similar in 12 volt also.
  2. Check eBay item 323445138166
  3. My vote = buy it anyway. You know you want to
  4. I believe 1987-1996 is considered 1st generation Dodge Dakota as Mr Adams was referring “early Dakota “ would work better with the ‘51 frame
  5. ??? Have you been overtaken by spellcheck??? I’m not sure I have ever heard that terminology. I’m not being a wise guy. Just wanna help if I could.
  6. Heat ducts that go between the kick panels and door pillars, gauge cluster trim panel, and a front engine mount (insulator)
  7. Those brackets and sway bar links look great Andy. Thanks for sharing
  8. 3 bolt grant for 1955-1962 full size Ford adapter works.
  9. It uses the same pitman arm.
  10. Hello, I have a 1941 Plymouth with Yale keys. Ignition switch lock, door lock, and trunk lock cylinders were replaced by previous owner 30+ years ago due to lost keys . Door and ignition use same key , trunk is different and all have Yale on them.
  11. Congratulations and happy motoring.
  12. As for my door weatherstrip I glued new onto the door from front bottom corner up and over to the rear bottom corner. Couldn’t match anything up for the deteriorated a pillar draft seal that was fastened with 3 small screws but don’t think that matters too much. My car is a 41 plymouth p11 2 dr sedan factory no wing window sedan. ( el cheapo model )
  13. As far as I know the original lower door seal was a strip of flat rubber that sandwiched between the door and door panel and hung down . was a sweep type that would have sealed against the original aluminum sill . Do you have your original aluminum sills ? If not I can post pics of mine tomorrow night . I am away til then.
  14. eBay item # 183549072830 Seller has 99.9 feedback. I have affiliation with this seller or part I am just passing on the info. P.S. : I searched “Desoto ignition switch “ They interchange
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