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  1. Amp Gauge question "Long Story"

    Thanks, just answered!!!
  2. Amp Gauge question "Long Story"

    These sure looks like my gauge.... http://www.ebay.com/itm/NOS-MOPAR-1951-1952-Plymouth-Ammeter-Gauge/311062465960?_trksid=p2060778.c100276.m3476&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20140725133649%26meid%3D98fbec10a6994386b9f356d342601e4a%26pid%3D100276%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D4%26sd%3D331064311999 http://www.ebay.com/itm/1951-1952-Plymouth-Amp-Gauge-1473845-/201319053291?hash=item2edf8cf7eb&vxp=mtr http://www.ebay.com/itm/1951-1952-Plymouth-NOS-MOPAR-Ammeter-Amp-Gauge-/331064311999?hash=item4d14f880bf&vxp=mtr
  3. Amp Gauge question "Long Story"

    I will check them out for sure. I didn't know anyone sold new ones, still learning these older cars. I tried to turn the nut, and the whole inside spun. I think it is tired. I am going to open that whole harness up tomorrow, and honestly run all new wiring though that area. I might as well.
  4. Amp Gauge question "Long Story"

    Okay, I couldn't wait till tomorrow, I would have never slept tonight. I just went up and cut the wire. Put the handheld meter between the +side of the cable, then to the battery. It dropped down to millimeters. It just said, "ML" on the meter instead of volts. Sorry for being dumb to this, I am still learning electric. Okay, then I touched the wire back to the amp gauge "like factory hook up", and it was jumping from ML's, up to Volts! Clear up to 3.5 volts of draw, then going up and down. "No ignition turned on". No wonder my battery was dying.... However, since it was jumping up and down so quickly, I started moving the wire around that I snipped off at the beginning if where it goes through harness going through the kick panel. And it skyrocketed to 4 volts? I am guessing, besides frying the amp gauge, and melting to it, the wire is bare inside the harness? Please correct me if I am wrong. Okay, I gotcha. I want to do it right, no by passing then!
  5. Amp Gauge question "Long Story"

    Will do DJ194950, I will snip the wire off of it tomorrow, since it won't unbolt from the connection to the amp gauge. I will report back for sure, and see if there is still a draw on the system. My buddy was under the hood with the meter, and when I reached under the dash, "before pulling it all apart", and bumped that wire, he yelled, "what did you do, the drain stopped". So I am sure it is it. But I will double check. I was hoping to by pass the gauge somehow, unless I can find a good used one.
  6. Amp Gauge question "Long Story"

    No big deal! It was a long story to read... I want to try and bypass the gauge if possible? Or I guess get another one if someone sales them?I am guessing thats my problem, with the testing I have done.
  7. Amp Gauge question "Long Story"

    I didn't start the car with no battery? I had it disconnected to check for a draw on the system, with a hand held meter. I had the +side disconnected and put my meter from the battery, to the cable, and seen the draw on the system.
  8. On my 52 Cambridge, when I bought the car. The last guy that my buddy got the car from had a 12 volt battery hooked up, "Not positive ground", like it is supposed to be, just to start it up. People do stupid things! Well, when I got the car from my buddy, he did tell me he noticed when he bought the car, the guy started it, and smoke came out of the dash, where the amp gauge was. Now Theres a surprise! Okay, so now I have the car. I put a Brand new 6 volt Optima in it, and also wired the ignition switch "correctly", he had it wrong. When I got the car running the other day, "The battery was not in the car all this time", I had it on a battery tender on my workbench. I ran the motor, sounded nice and smooth, the Amp gauge was charging, just slightly to the positive side, and all the gauges worked properly. I was happy! Well, I let the car sit for about a half hour, and then it barely started, but finally did, and ran rough when reving it up, like an electrical misfire. And the amp gauge was charging extremely high! AH OW! I checked the battery, and it was about dead. Brand new Battery! Okay, I put it back on charge, and put it back in the car. I didn't connect the + side of the cable and put my meter in between it the battery and cable. There was a 5 volt draw on the system with the car off. Okay, theres my problem!!!! I reached up under the dash, and while looking, I could see that melted wire. When I moved it around, the "handheld" meter went to zero. Found my draw/short in the system. I pulled the dash...."photo below"....I see a melted wire on the amp gauge, although it was working fine?? I tried to remove the nut to run a new wire, but it is melted to it. Ugh! Is there a way of by passing the gauge? Is this not advised? Is there a place to get a new one? Any input is always appreciated!
  9. Oil Filter Housing Unit

    I really like that idea a lot!! I don't know exactly how I would hook it up, or where too. Sorry for being dumb to that part. I would like to use a spin on if possible. Is there a specific one they have for by-passing filtering use? I am getting confused.
  10. Oil Filter Housing Unit

    That is great thank you. I should have taken a photo today. I did notice to pipe style plugs at the bottom of the engine, and wondered about them. I was hoping to leave my oil sender alone if possible. That photo helps a lot. i wished I could figure out how these filter the dirt out. I am used to the way they work on SBC....etc. My engine is in the car. Hopefully stays that way...haha That is great, thank you for posting that!
  11. Oil Filter Housing Unit

    Would this okay? I know I would need a T fitting to keep my oil pressure gauge working? http://www.ebay.com/itm/FLATHEAD-FORD-MERC-OIL-FILTER-CANISTER-1932-1953-Includes-new-element-/251933108361?hash=item3aa8622889&vxp=mtr
  12. Oil Filter Housing Unit

    I do want one for sure. I know it went without one its whole life, but it bothers me. Do you have a link to the one you bought? I want to keep my oil pressure gauge hooked up, so I would guess a T fitting? WOW, that looks cool honestly! I looked all over the internet and could not find anything for my car for a oil filter unit. I must be stupid or something. I was looking on the passenger side of the motor on mine yesterday, while I was putting the carb back on. I thought the oil pump was towards the back of my engine on that side towards the back externally. I don't know what that is then. Any links would be greatly appreciated! I am going to drop my pan, "looks like it will come right down", without removing anything. And clean it up inside, and pull the sidecovers too, and clean the motor inside.
  13. Oil Filter Housing Unit

    My 52 Cambridge with the 218, well...someone opted out, and didn't get the factory oil filter set up. I have nothing. I think someone makes after aftermarket ones maybe??? The whole set up? Also, I did see "somewhere", that they make one that bolts to the oil pump instead? I forgot to bookmark it, and cannot find it now. I think I have an external oil pump, and seems like that would be a good place to put one. If anyone knows anything about this one, and if it is for my car, please chime in.
  14. What weight do I run?

    Thanks! I was looking under it again today, I was finishing up some wire wheel work and painting the underneath. I seen the oil pan gasket online. I need to find those side gaskets. For the lifter area. Yes, I have over tightened enough pan gaskets. I always get paranoid,, well then ya know. Leak!! I usually use that Indian Head gasket adhesive to hold them in place. I have no info on the motor. I just have a film clip of it running, no smoke, and no tapping, very smooth. I had someone offer me a oil filter set up from a tractor for 40 bucks. Looks just like the one they take. I need to buy that, and put it on. I found NON detergent straight 30W Wolfs Head at Napa. I will use that for a while. Then slowly migrate over to Detergent later. i don't like flushing the motor, since my buddy did it years ago, and had an "incident". It wasn't a good outcome! Thank you, I truly enjoy working on this car. I have done many cars for 30 years, mostly old Beetles. This is a VERY well constructed car. I was laying underneath it for a while, they sure built cars different "back in the day", much simpler and well constructed.
  15. What weight do I run?

    Thats true. I don't need things getting clogged up. The oil pan looks like it will come right down. Theres only one arm that goes across under it, but still seems to clear it probably. It made it 63 years so far without a filter. But I still would like to out one on. Yeah, I moved quick years ago. But at present time, I am not bad, but my knees are starting to feel wear! Thank you for serving!