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    I am 22, proud owner of a 1948 P15 Club Coupe, basically stock
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  1. BlueSkye48

    Window Sweepers

    I just used Staples from a hand staple gun, they were the same width as the original staples, and easy enough to bend once through the holes, while not pulling out easily. were a slightly different gauge but are working fine for the last 3 months or so.
  2. BlueSkye48

    More problems with starting.

    doing the voltage drop basically solved my starting problems so make sure you do that as soon as you can
  3. BlueSkye48

    Build Card For My Old Dodge

    I google searched it, since Fiat acquired chrysler I believe the site has changed Fiat Chrylser Automobiles Historical Services 12501 Chrysler Freeway CIMS 410-11-21 Detroit, MI 48288 USA http://www.fcanorthamerica.com/company/Heritage/Pages/Build-Records.aspx the link should take you straight to the order instructions page Nice to see from someone Close By in the Northwest!!!
  4. BlueSkye48

    Is this a 36 Plymouth 2 Dr. Sedan trunk lid

    I would peg it as a dodge lid, and I would expect it to fit but just have different emblem holes, but I'm no expert so don't hold me to it
  5. BlueSkye48

    ANSWERED Starting problems

    so I worked it out, the battery i had gotten in march had failed, they replaced it and I put it in, all problems solved! it is nice to have all the new parts though
  6. BlueSkye48

    Official Drive Your Flathead Mopar To Work Thread

    Finally got the old girl running! Went straight to work after Also saw this nice Dodge pickup the other day in the same lot!!
  7. BlueSkye48

    fuel sending unit 1948 plymouth coupe

    the one I got matching this description was a 2 wirethe picture at the top is one of the 5 or so that they carry, but not the mopar one
  8. BlueSkye48

    Official Drive Your Flathead Mopar To Work Thread

    once i sort out the electricals I'll gladly post one from work
  9. BlueSkye48

    ANSWERED Starting problems

    I found it does turn by hand and by jump pack the starter whizzes up nicely I will try to check my grounds, (only one i know is battery to block, should there be others?) and have my battery tested
  10. BlueSkye48

    Magazine Ads

  11. BlueSkye48

    ANSWERED Starting problems

    These are what I have $100 @ Andy Bernbaums $20 at O'Reilly's Original
  12. BlueSkye48

    fuel sending unit 1948 plymouth coupe

    I got the 73-10 ohm from them when I got a new tank, seemingly works great (bottom listing) http://www.tanksinc.com/index.cfm/page/ptype=product/product_id=276/mode=prod/prd276.htm
  13. BlueSkye48

    Painting of my car

    as long as its art my girlfriend doesn't seem to mind my various LeMans posters and classic racing photos here and there. But she also has me hang up Captain america wall art and WWII signal corp posters my grandpa made... hopefully she feels the same
  14. BlueSkye48

    ANSWERED Starting problems

    I tried this, seems to have a good positive ground to the block, full power to the battery terminal on the solenoid obviously (6.1v), and nothing on the starter side, even when hitting the starter button turning the key does drop the battery to about 3.8 v but i assume that to be normal... I will have to try this, but im pretty sure the engine is fine... I tried jumping it post to post last time, and the connections kind of just popped/sparked, that was with old cable and yeah, both new ones looked exactly like that, but are new, NOT NOS or anything still could only bolt down one side also hoping to get a hold of my friend, who got my taillights working, he does a fair bit of electrical.
  15. BlueSkye48

    ANSWERED Starting problems

    i had the battery tested, and it also holds a good 6.2, it replaced a bad one in january should be 0 from andy bernbaum

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