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  1. Ad Messing Up Format

    I don't see any ad on the right side of my screen! ?? You might try control + to see if you can get rid of it.
  2. Woodgrain Thoughts

    Excellent thread on wood graining. Thanks to all those who provided the information. I'd suggest saving this or linking to the technical area.
  3. New to Plymouth Forum with questions

    Here's part of your answer: http://www.ply33.com/Misc/vin#serialNumbers Looks like Los Angeles production. Special DeLuxe P12 P12X Detroit 11,123,001 11,399,250 276,250 Evansville 20,105,101 20,147,921 42,821 Los Angeles 3,269,301 3,296,572 27,272 Windsor 9,616,761 9,624,457 7,697 Commercial Car PT125 Detroit 81,000,101 81,006,107 6,007 Los Angeles 9,210,101 9,210,700 600
  4. Chrysler Windsor -51 Build Thread.

    Nice job on the Chrysler! Got any updates for us?
  5. Actually when you take a hard look at it, this car needs just about everything.
  6. https://appleton.craigslist.org/cto/d/1940-chrysler-royal/6334430274.html Beauty is only skin deep! But, this is one of the best descriptions on an ad for selling a car that I've seen. He's not trying to hide anything. Would be a good project for someone who is able to do the work.
  7. 1931 Desoto Flathead Six

    39 Chev was my first thought too, but the tail lights don't look right for a Chevy.
  8. 1931 Desoto Flathead Six

    Yea, I noticed that too. If you go through some old threads you see a lot of unfinished projects with no updates. (I sent him a message, we'll see what happens)
  9. At least he's not asking a crazy price for it. https://fargo.craigslist.org/cto/d/1940-dodge-deluxe/6328320924.html
  10. EPiX's 1942 Plymouth Coupe Resto

    I think it's time for a 42 Plymouth update and progress report!
  11. 1931 Desoto Flathead Six

    It'd be nice to see some updates and pictures of this 31.
  12. 1940 Dodge D14 Build Thread

    Oh yea, think understand. By the way, I like the Dodge. Never saw the dash on one of these before. Wonder if the paint on the dash is original. Or, if it had woodgraining. Looks like the door trim has been re-painted at some time.
  13. 1940 Dodge D14 Build Thread

    Not sure I understand this comment. Why wouldn't all those upgrade mods make a difference?
  14. Took the dive. Hope I don't regret it.

    Just read through this post. I see no activity recently. Just wondering what you've done up to now on this engine?
  15. P-15 grille sheet metal shape

    Would be good to see a picture of what you're describing. Maybe you could put a hydraulic jack behind it and push the whole thing out straight as one complete unit?