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  1. Wiper pivot escutcheon part numbers ?

    Hi John - Thanks I checked their website out - cool stuff they have, but not much for this situation. Thanks for recommending DCM.
  2. Wiper pivot escutcheon part numbers ?

    Took these into the paint shop and they appear to fit fine. I am still puzzled about these part casting numbers. Guess they don’t mean much...
  3. Steering column seal

    I am not able to see the pictures. If this is the floor to column seal they are available in the after market.
  4. Wiper pivot escutcheon part numbers ?

    Hi Ed and Harold - thanks for taking the time to search for the numbers. I guess its a test and see if it fits deal now, since none of these match up. Seems weird they’d have different numbers for these. Maybe its a vendor number deal, different numbers depending on who made the part. The 51 I took these from is a 4 door and my car is a 52 bus coupe. I kind of doubt there is a different shape to the cowl area where these fit, unless I am out of synch with my thoughts about this. Time to take these to the paint shop where the car is and test fit them.
  5. Wiper pivot escutcheon part numbers ?

    Hey Ed - if you can look up both numbers in your 51 book , that’d be great - Like I said I am only confident about the part # for the 52. Both year bodies are the same as you may know, so if the 51 part number turns out to be good, I have my answer !
  6. Wiper pivot escutcheon part numbers ?

    No One has a parts number catalog or can tell me where to look ?
  7. Hopefully someone can look this up or tell me where I can see this kind of stuff. I visited some relatives in New Mexico a few weeks ago and found a junkyard that had a 51 plymouth. It still had the chrome escutcheons for the wiper pivots so I grabbed them knowing mine have seriously bad cracks in the castings. I had sent the originals to be plated but the plater told me they were too far gone to be repaired/chromed. The part number on the original escutcheons is for my 52 Plymouth is 1488661, the ones I found in the boneyard from the 51 plymouth are 1383545. The plater still has the originals so I am not able to compare them directly. Does anyone have a part number book that can decipher these numbers ? Maybe the part numbers changed in 52 and the 51 although a different part number is the same as the 52 ? I am suspect of these 51 parts because there was no rubber gasket under the 51 pivots and the body. Maybe somebody swapped in something different that worked, but was not oem.
  8. Fuel Sending Unit help

    What about the wiring from the sender to the gauge ?
  9. Fuel Sending Unit help

    Did you try reversing the leads on the gauge ? If you have a multi meter check the wiring for continuity from the tank to the gauge - might be grounded or something like that. You can also test the sender with an ohm meter to see what the resistance is depending on the arm position...
  10. '51 218 Rebuild suggestions

    Tim - in what way ? the crank throw determines the stroke not the rod nor the piston.
  11. '51 218 Rebuild suggestions

    Something to remember about “strokers”. The only thing that controls the stroke is the crank throw. Longer rods just move the piston up closer to the deck, the stroke does not change. I’m not saying its bad to move the piston up just that if you use 218 rods (which are longer than 230’s) and a 230 crank the piston travel is the same as a 230 and you gain no increase in displacement. You do potentially gain compression ratio. 218 and 230 pistons are the same and can interchange ....
  12. Clutch replacements

    I dug around and put a 10 inch in my car. I had a lot of trouble finding the 10 inch disc. The clutch cover was the easy part. Just remember unless these are completely destroyed they (both disc and cover) can be rebuilt. I think the 10 discs were tossed out over the years and have become rarer to find over the years as a result.
  13. Shock absorbers

    If you have saggy rear springs - I’d replace them. These overload springs are as you know a band aid and as others said here - will over stress the shock mountings on the rear. But its your car/truck do what you feel best.
  14. Body mount tabs

    Try plymouth doctor he makes some for different years and positions on the frame, but not all.
  15. Houston we have a problem

    This bearing is the same one used by chrysler into the muscle car era and beyond. If it had a manual and v8 it probably had the same pilot. Later they adapted a roller bearing retrofit for the older cars which was actually oe on newer vehicles.