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  1. Dartgame


    Not sure about the wheel tire combo. I am using dodge 1980’s cop rims 15x7 with 215 70’s they fit great and no interferences.
  2. Dartgame

    New to the forum, Here's my dilemma

    I agree w Jeffsunzeri - figure out why it dies first. It maybe fuel or ignition. Fuel tank is actually pretty easy to check. Pull the 3” rubber plug out of the trunk floor and remove the sender. You can then examine inside the tank w/o removing it. And by the way the car is beautiful - I hope mine ends up as nice, at least that’s the plan !
  3. Dartgame

    What’s a good upholstery cleaner restorer

    Dr Doctor is right, armor all can make vinyl surfaces slick. Use some in a non critical place and see how it behaves. You might want to look at other similar products on the market. Griot’s garage makes leather conditioners which might work too.
  4. Dartgame

    What’s a good upholstery cleaner restorer

    I assume these are fabric and not vinyl ? I would try a cleaning machine like the little green machine, made by one of the big vacuum cleaner companies. It combines water based cleaner and a vacuum, kind of like a rug cleaner. That would help the cleaning side. Maybe some moisture will help flexibility a little, but probably will have to reupholster at some point....fortunately you probably don’t have foam inside the seats, which will break down over time. If Vinyl, you can try armor all to help soften after cleaning with a vinyl cleaner.
  5. Dartgame

    Will worn shackle bushings cause clutch chatter?

    Something to think about too is the type of T.O.bearing used. They are not all the same. An angular contact bearing is what you want. In studies between different types of bearings angular contact bearings outlast other designs by a ton in applying and releasing the clutch plate.
  6. Dartgame

    47 Plymouth won't shift into 3rd gear

    Scary stuff with the wiring. Good call - by the way if you switch to 12 v your new wiring is good to go. You may want to install a battery cut off connection these are cheap insurance 5$. I have one on all my old cars and make the disconnect when sitting for long periods of time. Reduces electrical problems, and the battery stays pretty fresh too. If the linkages don’t work out, you may want to disconnect them from the trans and move the 2-3 lever to see if its internal. If so, its probably the synchro.
  7. Dartgame

    Paint detailing on chrome ?

    Hey thanks for all the replies ! I just started the reassembly of the car after having it painted. Lots of chrome, stainless, glass, weather strip to install. So along with this comes buffing stainless, detailing various parts, cleaning hardware, replacing wear items, etc. I chose to pick some low hanging fruit and installed the tail lights to begin the process. Progress will be slow since I am still working and travel a lot - work on the car is mainly weekends.
  8. Dartgame

    Paint detailing on chrome ?

    For my car and I’m sure others as well, there are certain parts of the chrome that have recesses (style lines etc) that get red paint. I looked around on the web and saw very little about this. I saw mostly references to sanding and then painting. Not something I want to do on my freshly chromed emblems etc. I am thinking to go get some bright red Rustoleum and an artist brush. Clean any wax off the parts, thin the paint as needed, and go to town. sound right ?
  9. Hey that’s great info. I will save their website and contact them when I get going on the hinge pillar seals.
  10. How rubber ages has a lot to do with the conditions its exposed to and the rubber formulation. The vertical seals on my car were not too bad, but the curved vent window seals were brittle and done. Same for the door gaskets. Trunk gasket is darn near perfect. I will have the fun prospect of figuring out how to make the door hinge gaskets. You may know that these perform two functions. Seals the fender and the front edge of the door...I made some according to info I found on the now defunct old plymouths website. I installed them at the paint shop and later the paint shop took them off because they were too thick to allow good panel alignment. Ugh. Back to square one. I will be starting the trim window raubber gasket installation soon, and will post as progress is made..
  11. It sounds like your mounting biscuits are shot. I used the old fashioned gojo gel hand cleaner that comes in a tub. I think it’s basically diesel fuel or kerosene gelled with surfactant. So the softening effect is from the diesel or what ever solvent mixture is in the stuff. I apply it work it in by hand and let it set for a few days and wipe off. Mine were not too bad to begin with but my car was garage kept and stored in a mild climate most of its life.
  12. Well, my inquiry back in February was a little early. I did use the waterless hand cleaner and that seems okay to soften the rubber somewhat. I have not installed these as I ran into problems with the curved vent window gasket. The gaskets I got from Andy B’s don’t function well. The upper pivot was misplaced and the sealing lips did not engage the glass properly for a good seal. So, i returned them and got some from Steele. The Steele rubber seals fit the pivot points, but the seal puckered very badly in the sharp radius turn. I complained to them and they asked for my old seals to examine and possibly replicate, as they are different design, but serve the same function. That was in April. I finally heard back from Steele last week that they do not intend to copy my old seals. They sent them back to me last week and a new set of their vent window seals. I spoke with Eddie Lail at Steele and he made some recommendations about modifying their seal to make it work. I just got the car back from the paint shop. Looks great except for the added bonus shop dust. I plan to start tackling these kinds of issues in the coming weeks and months. Will keep you posted as I progress through this mess.
  13. Dartgame

    Vent wing pivot stud repair

    I agree with desoto Dave - check ebay for replacements. I’ve seen these, not sure if for your car though.
  14. Dartgame

    shining up the plymouth for back to the 50s

    Hey Ed - I like the exterior mirrors on your car - any idea where they came from or where to buy them ? Car looks great BTW !
  15. Dartgame

    Had to take my radiator to the shop

    I took mine to a local shop that’s been there for many years to be repaired or recored- they claimed they could not fix it, and then told me a recore would be $700 Ouch !!!!! I bought an AL radiator instead for 165 delivered via ebay. Works fine. Copper/brass radiators are a small fortune anymore - at least in Chicago area.

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