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  1. 1953 Chrysler Brakes Rebuild Thread

    For the lines get some copper nickel - sold at all parts stores. Never rusts easy to bend and easy to flare.
  2. Ignition lock question 48 Dodge ?

    Take it to a lock smith ?
  3. Carter BB DTE2

    I asked George Asche about that - he says the jet is larger and the emulsification tube has larger holes in it on a truck version.
  4. Another place for floorpans

    We’re using ply doctors stuff for some of the pieces to fix the 52. Wayne is a nice guy and his stuff is quality. He also sells some used stuff as well. Been to his shop and met him face to face. He can be a little hard to reach at times on the phone, but polite messaging and persistence pays off. I had ordered parts from him and later found missing items a year later (stupid on my part for not checking sooner). Wayne took me on my word and sent the missing items.
  5. 318/360 in a 55 or 56

    Sorrry this is not a direct answer for you. I seem to recall the bell housing pattern is the same from the poly v8 motor and the late model 318. The difference I recall though is the crank distances from the back of the block. what you might consider is using a so called wide block 318 in your ride should be a bolt in deal....problem with the wide blocks is hot rod parts, 4 bbl intakes are rare and expensive...cams etc not real plentiful and while folks know what cams to use, choices are limited. If you want to drop in a late model 318 and matching trans It’s probably not real hard. Take a look at butches cool stuff (listed above). Another site to look at would be quality engineered components, and maybe try forward look.net. Forward look specializes in 55-60 mopars.
  6. Rear end swap

    Agreed - I actually prefer something a bit more around the 3.23 range. My favorite for 1:1 final drive ratio cars w v8s....that’s what i put in both darts one auto the other 4 spd.
  7. Rear end swap

    Regarding the diplomat - Is a 2.94 ratio in a 4000 lb car aggressive? I hardly think so. Car drives nicely, honks pretty good at midrange rpm, gets close to 20 mpg on the highway, and handles well with the police spec sway bars and springs.
  8. Rear end swap

    Yup - very aware of the differences in swapping gears in an 8 1/4 vs 8 3/4 axle. What would be new for me is doing the 8 1/4 gear change. I’ve built engines, transmissions and rear axles myself over the years so I have no real concerns, main thing would be getting the long reach side adjuster tool for the 8 1/4. So if I added ~ 1/8” x 2 for the drums then the WMS is 60.25 - which matches big block mopar’s info. So it must then be a B body axle. My sons 87 diplomat had one of those ultra highway gears - believe it was 2.24 or something like that. Insane. We put a 2.94 cop axle in it.
  9. 52 plymouth under hood color scheme ?

    Thanks guys - I’ll be getting the car back from the shop in a few weeks. When I get it back I am going to pull all the trim, glass etc, and then send it back to the paint shop to get the work done..If I pull the motor we will paint the entire firewall body color, if not then probably just to the pinch weld...Really helps to have input from you folks, much appreciated ! Good to know the undercoating on the underside of the hood wont need to be replaced. This car while rust free, has a ton of undercoating which has had a direct effect on its overall condition of course...
  10. Rear end swap

    I picked up an 8 1/4 from a 70 satellite yesterday for free ! Has a 2.76 ratio in it - no surprises though these were used in lopo mileage cars 318 2 bbl etc.. If I end up using it - I will stuff a 3.55 gear in it. My brother has a 79 truck 8 1/4 w 3.55’s in it he is not using....can’t beat free stuff. I measured the 8 1/4 WMS to be 60 inches w/o drums. This is different than what my mopar chassis book states. Seems odd the info in those books is usually quite accurate. Maybe its not a true B body axle, was not in the car when I picked it up. I measured the WMS on the 52 - its 61.5 inches. Will have to see if perches are close...8 1/4 should be 44 inches according to mopar chassis have not measured yet...but any change I do is contingent on how I like the 3.91 that is in the car - once the overdrive is functional.
  11. I will be painting my 52 plymouth soon, and am curious about the under hood panel colors. My issue is that the car is the original color which is black so everything under hood - inner fenders firewall etc are black. I intend to change the body color from black thus my question. I had seen that most cars appear to have the firewall painted body color, and the rest of the panels are black ? Should the under side of the hood itself be black or body color ? Mine is coated in heavy undercoating which I intend to strip off. Was it standard to undercoat the bottom of the hood on these cars ?
  12. For accessory freaks: Windshield Washer Kit

    Many of the low line dart and valiants used a foot operated pump ....
  13. For accessory freaks: Windshield Washer Kit

    Something you might consider is an electric washer from a mopar. These are simple to operate. One wire connection and a ground and a couple nozzles +hose. Put a push button switch under the dash. One from a dart or b body mounts more or less on a flat surface and the pump hangs below it off the washer tank....
  14. New to the group

    If it were me and you want more performance than a straight six - I'd drop a mopar small block in it with an auto trans. I prefer keeping the drivetrain all one make - but that's me. Lots of 318's and 360's in most bone yards or find a good running example from a private individual. Folks in the car hobby usually have a good runner or builder core engines laying around.

    Hi Fargo- what vehicle is your axle from ? 1988 _____. ? It sounds like you used the wedge shims to corrrect the angle ? For the limited slip - are you using a donor carrier or another axle assembly ?