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  1. Dartgame

    6vdc fan motor to 12vdc

    If you have a two speed switch on the fan - use only the low speed, it runs about half the rate of full using 12V, which would be high on 6V.
  2. Dartgame

    Carburetor float bowl emptying out overnight

    Might be a sticky float valve...fuel pump is more likely a pin hole leak.. Be sure to check your oil. You may find its got a bunch of gas in it.
  3. Dartgame

    What is the limiting factor on mopar flathead rpm?

    These motors are long stroke already - shortest rod piston combo is going to be more durable...oddly enough 230’s use shorter rods than 218’s because the pistons on both are the same the cranks are different stroke.. Eventually I will be building a modded 230, but for now the 218 runs really well.
  4. Dartgame

    Clutch disc aligning arbor

    Bought mine on -ebay 10 spline 1 inch x 3/4 inch input (iirc) 5$ plastic, worked great !
  5. Dartgame

    Wider Stock-Looking Wheels 46 Special Deluxe

    I put a set of 80’s police rims on my 52. No clearance issues at all. But then again mine is a 52 and yours is a 46, so do check if you go that way.
  6. Dartgame

    50 Plymouth - New noise,, ?

    An engine stethoscope can help with stuff like this too. Touch the probe end on a generator bearing area etc and listen...glad you found it !
  7. Dartgame

    48 Chrysler New Yorker starting issue

    I do like John above, except I take a couple ounces of gas and pour it carefully down the vent tube to get gas into the float bowl. I only have to do this when the car sits for a week or so. My Darts have the same issue, dump some gas in the float bowl and voila ! Instant start. The problem is the gasoline today is so volatile and has ethanol in it, it evaporates in no time. Even worse is winter gas - it has butane in it, yes butane. Before storing for the winter I use stable in the gas tank, and I spray penetrating oil into the carb and if possible down the top into the accelerator pump. A lot of accelerator pumps use leather instead of neoprene and will dry out, light oil will help them live until ready for use again.
  8. Dartgame

    New here. Seized '53 Dodge flathead 6 motor

    Get a long piece of hardwood like oak that can slip in all the way down to bottom of the stuck piston. Strike with a large hammer to drive it out - especially easy if the crank is out. To get the cam out, turn the cam to lift the valves to max height. At max lift, slip some hard wood shims under the vavle - head seat, move on to the next and so on until all are being held open. Next screw down the valve lifter adjusters to their minimum. Remove cam, with engine upside down.
  9. Dartgame

    230 main bearings....For Torque Converter????

    Interesting. I would think there is little to no difference. For muscle era mopar v8’s there is no difference.
  10. Dartgame

    Fuel Mixture Screw doesn't change the idle.

    When you rebuilt the carb did you check the float ? If the float has holes in it, then it will sink and make the mixture impossibly rich and completely insensitive to idle mixture screw adjustment. If not the float, then try spraying some carb cleaner around the throttle shaft while running and see if the engine speed changes or smooths out, if it does then the throttle shaft is loose and needs to have bushings installed on the carb base. I’d carefully check the assembly of the carb as well, make sure any check valves (steel balls) and rubber o rings are present. There is an o ring that sits under the step up piston - I missed it and have rebuilt many carbs over the years....my car ran, but idle was less than sensitive to mixture changes at idle. After i found the missing o ring, and installed it, voila smooth idle and sensitive mixture screw.
  11. Dartgame

    Dual Carbs on 218

    I have not installed mine yet, too much other stuff to do right now, but you could do the slant six electronic distributor swap. Do a search it should show up from a member named thrashing cows (I think). What you would need is a slant six distributor that you mix and match parts with a flat head dist. You end up with a pointless electronic mopar distributor and can use a standard mopar ignition box. I have not installed mine, but plan on using a GM HEI module and a Ford style coil = lots of spark energy .
  12. Dartgame

    A place that will chrome plastic.

    Try Mr. G’s in Texas. They used to do plastic chrome.
  13. Dartgame

    Exploring my Meadowbrook

    I’d start by doing a compression test. Check each cylinder, and record the results. Then go back and repeat and add a teaspoon of oil in each cylinder and record results. All should be about the same in a healthy motor. A sick motor will show variance in psi for more than 20-30 + psi. Healthy motor should have compression of around 100 psi. If the pressure increases with the oil - the piston rings are worn out = bore block and new oversize pistons. If the oil changes nothing then the valves are worn and need a valve job. Assuming the motor is high mileage I’d imagine both need to be done, a complete overhaul.
  14. Dartgame

    51 plymouth pinion seal

    You might need a speedy sleeve to repair the yoke. Look for a deep wear groove. The old leather seals we really tough on sealing surfaces and would wear a nice groove in them...
  15. Dartgame

    Need help , Engine misses / stumbles

    Advance springs are important items. Common speed trick is to decrease the spring tension on the weights for a faster timing curve. I talked with George Asche about using lighter advance springs in a flat head dizzy, and he did not think it was something that helps the performance of these engines. I might try it someday once my car is streetable. Maybe next year.

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