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    Master Cylinder Woes

    the napa part is just fine as far as I can tell used one about 2 years ago does fine in order to really hone it well i think both ends should be off so you can go all the way from either direction but the smallest imperfection can cause problems- I hav e had 2 brake failures both due to bad master cyls- and both resulted in serious damage _ now try not to take any chances especially with the brakes!!!!! y
  2. Lou Earle

    Master Cylinder Woes

    Just re-did mine while on the car. 1drain the cyl as best you can- turkey baster works. 2remove the brake lines-outside one first - cover the ends with something- I use alum. foil. 3 remove the nut that the brake lines attach to. 4 pull out spring. 5 unlock the plunger-run the locking bolt all the way up the threaded part or the eye bolt . 6 now run the plunger all the way down and it will come off the eye bolt remove the the plunger rod by pulling it out and down. 7 now using 1/4 inch socket remove the nuts(7/16) holding the rubber boot in place. then push the plunger inside the master to the far end and remove. Now you are ready to to hone the cyl. However, what this really sounds like to me is the fact that the master has a rust spot in it deep enough to let fluid pass thru. I that be the case honing is necessary but I bet it will not get the depression out- I have honed 4 with NO success- all failed. I haggled with Napa and got a new one last week for 210 bucks. I am actually going to take an old one to a machinist here and see if they can sleeve it will keep the board posted on how that works out cost wise and if feasible LOu
  3. Lou Earle

    60 Desoto engine- Adatives

    Ok Looks like the 60 382 engine has no hardened seats. Now anyone have suggestions as to what addatives to use in the gas to forestall a valve job? Lou
  4. Lou Earle

    60 Desoto engine- Adatives

    Quote: From another forum: "The main thing to remember is that this bad stuff *cannot* happen If the valve never reaches the crucial temperature. Whether the valve reaches the crucial temperature depends mainly on how the car is driven and used (Towing, drag racing or pedal-on-the-floor hauling WILL heat the valves--driving down the highway at a constant 70 won't, and neither will hopping from traffic light to traffic light in the city or running down to the local grocery for a carton of ice cream.) Other factors in the margin of safety include the size of the exhaust valve, its material, and the efficiency of valve seat cooling in that particular engine design." I am sorry but my practical experience sayys othewise. My 49 caddy engine was drven normally - never over 65 and sure enough after abvout 5,000 miles of driving the valve seats were seriously receeded- I personally saw the effects on that engine and on a anotyher engine- the caddy was mine I can speak with experience from that- the other heads I do not know only told it was buick engine of the 50's that had same mess. I wish the above were true but my experience says othewise. Cost me 1500 ten years ago to get that mess resolved. I wish the quote were true Lou
  5. Lou Earle

    60 Desoto valve seats-Hardened?

    60 Desoto valve seats-Hardened?? I know flathead seats were hardened but Do not know about the 60's stuff. If not hardened what addative? Quart of oil to 20 gallons?? I had friend that did that to his chevy van- Damned thig ran forever- kept mosquitos down to. Lou
  6. Lou Earle

    OT-50 Chrysler fender

    Hve a friend in Eastman Ga . He has a 50 chrysler 4 door with a crumpled driver side front fender. Anyone have any suggestions where he might get one? Also he could use a manifold-exhaust for a straight 8 if y0ou just hapen to have one laying around. Thanks in advance Lou ps Tim Get the carb adjusting measuring tool out - I will be bringing my 48 I got from Bobbie- needs carbs adjusting-something to do anyway. Lou
  7. Lou Earle

    engine color

    "Would like to know what color is standard for a 41 Dodge engine and transmission " After a few days at home - rust and occasionally silver
  8. Lou Earle

    What is correct name for spark plug wire bracket?

    try spark plug wire bracket!!!!! SOUNDS GOOD TO ME!! JUST COULD NOT RESIST. LOU
  9. you pic indicats cas#85 38 53. My interchange book says any plymouth dodge chrysleer desoto trans will interchange -40 thru 48 I probably hve one laying around if you cannot find one up there Lou
  10. Lou Earle

    Vintage P-15 seat covers

    what car - 2 door 4 door? I have soem
  11. Could not help myself- the price was very right - complete restorod ps/pb/ac/tilt/prseat the whole 9 yards and in nearly perfect condition You know the type- almost 2 perfect to be a daily driver. Has a camaro clip 350 chevy engine and trans and camaro rear. Drives like a drean cruises at 75 no sweat. First time I ever bought one completely done. Will be selling my 5o fastback and 48 coupe- anyone interested? very good cars-let me know Lou
  12. Lou Earle

    Ot One More Time

    You know we are here for our common interest in mopars of earlier vintage. Off Topic humor is sometimes fine . But I think we need to keep our politics to ourselves and refrain from injecting policy issues into this forum. I personally know about 3 folks who left here because of non Plymouth issues were being discussed or commented upon. We all have our personal political or social views and I feel they should be expressed elsewhere. This is the second time I have mentioned this. I left another board because when this started it degenerated rapidly into social and political discussions and I did not come there for that. Please let us use discretion and refrain from social commentaries Lou
  13. Lou Earle

    4 Barrel intake??

    Been looking over things about carbs lately and just curious- Has anyone ever fitted the 230 or 218 with a 4 barrel? I have a 4 brl manifold for a pinto 4 cyl for a 53 Ford v/8 but I have not heard or seen anything about a 4 brl for our cars- wonder why?? seems to be 4 barl would be good . Lou
  14. Lou Earle

    Question on 16in to 15in wheels

    got 205/75/16 on my coupe- diamondback in myrtle beach- www expensive but great- tubeless will work fine on 15 or 16 inch rims
  15. Lou Earle

    Brakes: What the?...here we go again!

    I was having similar trouble on one front drum. Then I went and re read the major brake adjustment in the manual- BE SURE BEFORE YOU START ADJUSTING THEAT THE BOLT-ADJUSTER THAT HOLDS THE SHOE ON- THAT THE ARROW POINTS AWAY FROM THE SHOE IT ATTACHÉS-THEN SA RT THE ADJUSTING. I re did the shoes starting with arrow pointing away - adjusted the brakes using the amco tool got them right then turned the Minor adjuster all the way down then the drum slipped right on. Then adjusted minor adjuster to just scrubbing backed of a hair and all seEms fine
  16. Lou Earle

    Occupation's OT

    Attorney in Private practice since 73- 35 years- still doing it- now specialize in Bankruptcy - last 25 years Lou
  17. Lou Earle

    Another New Memeber

    Once again "if you are sure it is a fuel problem check the ignition" Wendell Mimms ma he RIP Be sure that your battery is installed positive to ground and neg to ignition And that your coil is wire- ignition to neg side and distributor to pos side,. Also a bad coil or condenser can cause these problems Good luck Lou
  18. Lou Earle

    updating questions?

    I re read some of your old posts. If your 54 uses a standard trans coupled to engine by the converter method then it would seem that all you need is an overdrive trans with a longer input shaft- cal George Asche 814 354 2621 If anyone has done it he has. I know he has made overdrives for the dodges with fluid drive trans. If you can get a trans to fit me and Tim can help you get it in- like the way I volunteered you Tim? Lou
  19. Lou Earle

    updating questions?

    If I were doing what you are doing- automatic to manual I would go slowly 1- is your Hy drive one of those 10 quart engine and trans deals?? if so better check about how to stop oil from passing to the trans and be able to block it off. 2 are the flywheels of the hydrive and standard shift the same? 3 do you now have a clutch pedal?? will it work on a dry clutch. 4 overdrive - will drive shaft from a hydrive need altering? there is an awful lot of work to make that conversion If you are going to do it why not convert to a 5 speed S10 - floor shift- no need to have Donner car etc. If you are determined to do it then I have a 53 with probably everything you need except the transmission- and adapter. My 53 station wagon has everything but the trans. and I have an overdrive trans I will sell but do not know how good it is - George asche is the man for overdrive I have 2 from him. Again this is a major undertaking be sure your willing to spend a lot of time under car not in car driving. I have done a lot of work on cars and I would not under take it unless I had a Donner car and a lot of time and a huge amount of patience . Lou
  20. Got a 51 0r 52 business coupe in a trade as such - OK car but the engine- got it going runs smoothly but the number I have never seen L6D3*53I5* That is it Anyone got any idea what it is?? Lou
  21. Lou Earle

    Looks like the end...

    ... sure.and they all say that these cars driving regular will need a valve job more often. That could be right or that could be to the fact they want to fix my car get take my money. Not If they say that I am sure they know nothing about plymouth flatheads!!! These engines have from the factory hardened valve seats so they do not need valve seat inserts as say ford flatheads do. It really sounds to me like someone is taking u for a sucker. Please try all the suggestions here they will not disable yoru car but u might find the actual problem. I know of no mechanic who would put a head back on with a burned valve left in - find another mechanic!!!
  22. Lou Earle

    48 dodge and plym seats- free

    I am removing the seats from 2 cars 48 dodge and plym both 4 doors. The cars are parts cars but the seats are pretty good can be easily re done- Anyone want them? Free fro the taking. Let me know Lou
  23. Lou Earle

    48 dodge and plym seats- free

    if it is a 49 that is or looks like the 48 it will work but if it is the later 49 no. Tim Adams might have one from a 50 Lou
  24. Lou Earle

    Looks like the end...

    You know, I have been around flatheads a long time and rarely have I seen an engine that all of a sudden needs a valve job . It takes years of wear or some drastic event to cause valve problems. I also do not understand how you can diagnose a valve problem without removing the head and visually inspect the engine and especially the valves and seating area. You mentioned you had a valve job done some time ago, I wonder if the valves have somehow closed up because someone forgot to tighten the locks. I had a pinto engine that locked up - thought it needed valves but when re set valve train voom off she went. I think a little more info to us might help- how did this develop? what symptoms- fouled plugs? soot? bl;AC smoke out rear? onset rapid or slow how long after other valve job. Give us More info and YOU check the clearances of the valves- Also remember Tim's view"better to hear the valves than replace them early and often." It sure sounds to me like bad adjustment. I had one friend who swore the valves were bad on v8 for flathead- they were not just bad timing- has your timing slipped? Also wrong firing order can fool you check the wires also- plugs not firing can give symptoms of bad valves as can bad condenser points plugs etc. And for Gods sake do not take the advice of anyone who has not really worked on the cars. I suggest u only listen to someone who has been there done that. I cannot tell you how many times Ii have had someone come to me about a flathead saying their mechanic , neighbor, wife , grandchild, or some other wizard said bla bla bla. And upon questioning find out that their total experience is 1 installing a Chevy 350 crate in a car- with a kit and instructions and 2 Staying at A magic motel the night before they gave my friends their expert diagnosis. Let us help but give us mere info based on your process of elimination - many of us have the experience but You must be our eyes and ears. Lou
  25. Lou Earle

    its a Turket Shoot (OT)

    second try 1649- no sherry- will leave that test to others

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