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  1. Lou Earle

    My 46 mint coupe for sale

    Yes thats is her
  2. Lou Earle

    My 46 mint coupe for sale

    Have a great 46 coupe 4 sale on e bay- anyone interested contact me direct for more info and price thanks Lou
  3. Lou Earle

    Vacuum Canister

    On a 53 ford I have someone made a cannister out of pvc pipe 1 1/2 inches in diameter and about 3 feet long and attached it to the hood. The drilled a hole for a check valve from a power brake booster inserted it and it leaked. I just put rtv sealant around it and the smaller fitting where the wiper tube is connected. It now works great. I have also read that to big a cannister in not very efficient because the draw needed to create vacuum in the cannister is so large it causes the wipers to go slow- that is what others have said. The 3 ft by 1 1/2 inches seems to work fine Lou
  4. Lou Earle

    transmission locks in 1 or 2nd

    I think you might have hit it thefirst tiem I had loosened the drivers side motor mount attempting to reduce vibration -probably overdid it will let youall know Lou
  5. Lou Earle

    transmission locks in 1 or 2nd

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Have overdrive trans when driving in standard mode soemtimes it locks up either in first or 2nd when I put clutdh in still will not shift but slow down and then it will shift. Suggestions? Lou
  6. Lou Earle

    transmission locks in 1 or 2nd

    Have overdrive trans when driving in standard mode soemtimes it locks up either in first or 2nd when I put clutdh in still will not shift but slow down and then it will shift. Suggestions? Lou
  7. Lou Earle

    6 to 12 volt

    Personally, if I am going to use a car frequently I will convert. By the time you buy the 00 cables you should be using, the larger 6 v battery your already into 150 bucks. Then after you have let your car sit for 2 or 3 weeks and go to start it you usually grind and grind thinking your out of fuel in the carb- but not so you charge it up overnight and then amazingly it fires right up- at lest that is what happens to me. Then it dawned on me -" If you think it is a fuel problem check your ignition system" -Wendell Mims 1935- 2004- I am convince that 90 percent of the hard starting is ignition related. On the old 6 volt systems all must be very near perfect to have her fire after sitting. I have an A model 34 plym 50plym and 48 taxi all converted and no problem starting Have varying degrees of trouble starting with the remainder. That 12 volt shot to the coil from a ford type starter solenoid really is fantastic in getting them to fire Just my thoughts Lou
  8. Lou Earle

    head gaskets-interchange?

    Was looking on napa for head gasket- found that a 48 gasket is 38 bucks and the 54 gasket it 46. I thought they were interchangeable am I wrong? lou
  9. Lou Earle

    Driveshaft- new

    thaxn a lto splle chick works graet!!!
  10. Lou Earle

    12 volt overdrive parts

    Ijust changed to 12 volt on the taxi with overdriveso have little or no experience. I will probably runit until it fails- if ever Lou
  11. Lou Earle

    Driveshaft- new

    Well Ga. tool and machine in Macon Ga made up a new diveshaft with"modern" universal joints and a slip yoke and output shaft forthe 48 taxi. It really made big difference in eliminating vibration. Thanks to Tim and others for the parts list. Ga tool used it to get the parts from spicer. Total cost for parts( Ga tool gave me abouut a 30 percemnt discount) was $325 plus tax. That also includes 80 bucks for labor. Not bad at all in my view. Installed it an about 2 hours- very tedious getting the bolts and nuts on. In light that replacent or rebuld kits are rather scarce and expensive I think this is the best route. Thanks again to all who provided info. Also someone please let me know where I can get spell check mine got wiped out somehow Lou
  12. Lou Earle

    12 volt overdrive parts

    I also changed my overdrive relay to a bosh type after converting my taxi to 12 volt. George Asche tells me that the 6 volt solenoid will work on 12 volts.He has a friend who has been running the solenoid on 12 fro about 20 years with no problem However Tim Adams adn another fella who is framilar with these ovedrives says it will eventualy fail because they run afoul of OHMS law. So have conflicting reports Lou
  13. Lou Earle

    Fuel tank repair. Myself?

    I also have used the jb weld/screw trick the only problem is it so far has only held 20 +years- will probaly fail any day! Lou ps also jb is an excellent leak patch on aluminum boats
  14. Lou Earle

    50 plymouth toe board /gas pedal install???

    yes that is it. What is the secret- reverse order will not work- used a diegrinder to remove the old rusted one Lou
  15. Had to take out the toe board on the 50 plymouth station wagon. got the gas pedal and the lever to the throttle linkage installed on the toe board. Now the question is how do you install it- any suggestions most welcome Lou

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