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  1. My curious nature has finally gotten the best of me and I can no longer restrain myself............Why do you post all these cudas and barracudas on a 30's to 50's car site? Are you a computer, do you get paid to post these ads? You don't seem to any interest in the cars and trucks that are featured here...... I like a mopar muscle car as much as the next guy but they really are not relevant to this site. Thank you, Frank Elder
  2. Frank Elder

    Mr. Shanks

  3. Frank Elder

    Got a lot of money......?

    The Chrysler Building is going up for sale.....
  4. Frank Elder

    Chrysler/Plymouth Flat head Rebuild

    I quit watching after 7 minutes when he said you have to replace the valve seats in the engine with hardened seats so it will run on unleaded fuel..........
  5. Frank Elder

    Got a lot of money......?

    And they have 880 million invested in it...........and they don't even own 100 percent.
  6. Frank Elder

    Got a lot of money......?

    It’s been fully erect for a long time......lol.
  7. Frank Elder

    Vintage kitchen stove

    we had an all gas stove that looked very similar, when you flipped the burner cover up to cook there were simple recipes for good meals printed on the bottom from the factory.
  8. Frank Elder

    Me and the B-1-D

    Having a little fun......
  9. Frank Elder

    Me and the B-1-D

    Check out my new screensaver.
  10. Frank Elder

    TV in a COLD garage?

    i do not, but all modern tvs....LED or LCDS have liquid compressed between 2 sheets of material ? and they recommend not below 50 f or above 104 f. https://www.samsung.com/us/support/answer/ANS00041636/
  11. Frank Elder

    What causes a wall outlet in your house......

    Also factor in Dissimilar Metal Corrosion or Galvanic Corrosion where 2 different metals are in contact with each other and the weaker or less noble metal gets eaten away by the other metal. Causing separation or deep pitting in the wire. I think what we have really learned with aluminum wiring it simply can't take the heat that copper can....
  12. Frank Elder

    Mr. Shanks

    Ocean find, no rust...... not sure what year it is I also found this Cuda clone it looks good but it is a fake.
  13. Frank Elder

    Me and the B-1-D

    You lucky Dawg.........of course that truck can't stay in Minnesota without a grain door in the tailgate. So send it down to Omaha and I'll take care of it for you....lol.
  14. Frank Elder

    A 1948 Plymouth Defeats Winter

    Google boys.......gotta use that google.....lol, I had to turn off my adblocker so be prepared to wade through to get the scoop.....hope it links. https://www.kare11.com/article/news/local/land-of-10000-stories/woman-reconnects-with-first-car-44-years-later/451962281
  15. Frank Elder

    1953 Dodge - What have I got into

    This picture alone tells you that there may be frame damage or tweaking, the passenger side frame horn is twisted and the driver's side frame horn took a pretty hard hit........I wonder what the bumper looked like.
  16. Frank Elder

    1953 Dodge - What have I got into

    If I build a car it has to have a running engine....I agree wholeheartedly.....I just do it at a different stage than you guys do. Every build I've ever done has been frame up.....after the body and drivetrain has been removed the frame is taken down to basics. No suspension, brake components, or fuel system are left on it so there really is no point in rebuilding a motor that may have to sit for a year or so[ Joe Flanagan's motor sat so long it froze on him.] as the frame gets blasted, repaired, painted........suspension rebuilt and reinstalled, brake system replaced and installed, etc. Then I turn my attention to the drivetrain, it's not the right way or the wrong way of doing it...it is simply my way. Good luck with your build Pete, I hope your engine is in good shape.
  17. Frank Elder

    1953 Dodge - What have I got into

    To me there is no point in doing the engine until everything in the brake system is as perfect as you can get it.......to each their own.
  18. Frank Elder

    1953 Dodge - What have I got into

    Now is the time to replace the entire brake system.......you will never regret it. hard lines soft lines new wheel cylinders master cylinder....all of it. the new slave cylinders should be sent out to be sleeved so they don't pit and leak. Whoa before go....lol.
  19. Frank Elder

    Me and the B-1-D

    That is my dream truck........I am happy for you and pretty jealous at the same time....lol...
  20. your engine is out of a 1949 plymouth car.
  21. Frank Elder

    Correct Fasteners for Radiator Support 47 Plymouth

    It must be a "headache" to worry about all the fasteners on your car being correct from the factory......I applaud you for your effort to make it so, but you do realize that Chrysler was notorious for using whatever was at hand when a worker would run out of the "right" parts. Personally, and I speak only for myself when I say I wouldn't care if all 18 bolts, nuts, and washers were wrong.......as long as they do the job correctly. ☺️Good luck.
  22. Frank Elder

    Dodge b3 1/2 ton

    Grain door for feeding livestock.
  23. Frank Elder

    Mr. Shanks

    27 ads for barracudas at the moment......but he has posted 73 in all.
  24. Even funnier......no title but he will consider trades with titles....lol. That front end is only a mile too wide for the street.....mudbogger?

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