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  1. Lurker coming out

    Pictures of your crappy interior please.........so we can oooh and aaaah when you make it beautiful!
  2. 50 Coronet project

    Same with the wiper motor.
  3. Just posted on a Facebook page

    Right away Mike Warshaw was the first poster asking for the guys number...............I just laughed when I saw that....he will probably repost it for 1.5 mil.....lol.
  4. 50 Coronet project

    You will fry the radio if you have one....wipers are they electric or vacuum?
  5. 50 Coronet project

    I will now pipe in with my standard reply......remove your cluster and other various items from the back of the dash, scuff the interior of the dash with scotch brite pad, tack clean, and paint with the brightest gloss white you can find. Reinstall said items. This will ensure the next time you are on your head under the dash that everything will be clearly illuminated by your lite of choice......you will congratulate yourself later on having such a brilliant idea.....lol.
  6. You are being fussy....lol....everything on your car is basic, these cars are as simple as the day they were built....sometimes a pile of brick is just a pile of bricks.
  7. 1947 Chrysler Windsor garage find finished

    As a Naval aviation enlisted man AMH1, Our saying was eff it, fly it......lol. Since you are walking and talking I'm guessing you never lost a Jesus nut.......Does your fluid drive coupling work properly? If so leave it alone, it requires no maintenance, think of it as a constant speed drive for a emergency genny....pretty much bullet proof.....resist the temptation...it doesn't need a 7/14 day.
  8. Views From The Old Dodge

    If you have the Dodge passenger cars parts list book it is listed as rear window wiper package[sedans]. page 34 part no. 988 047 Vacuum motor.
  9. Views From The Old Dodge

    yes it was an option on 46-48 dodge, desoto, and chrysler sedans.
  10. Dim headlights

    Can this system be adapted to use for the turn signals and brake lite?
  11. New 6 Volt Dash Fan?

    Better than this quote...." I'm a 6 volt guy wearing an 8 volt band aid"........lol.
  12. D24 Styling

    On the front from the hoods down to the the grille looks like 3 different engineers tried to make a transition and failed...lumpy and not smooth other than that one little spot I find the D-24 to be quite appealing.
  13. Hoodies and tees

    Thank you for your interest as he is a one man operation it might take a little bit before the first design debuts.
  14. Hoodies and tees

    This is not a for sale ad or am I involved other than introducing you to a young man's work, one day soon Chris will join the forum and hawk his wares in the proper for sale section. I have already gotten the ok from a Mod for him to do this. He wants to see If anybody is interested in 1947 to 1957 dodge truck hooded sweat shirts and Tee shirts, he makes a quality product and stands behind his work, I told him that the main interest here are 48 thru 55 pilot house job rated but also people are interested in prewar and 47s......and 57s. His main body of work so far spans from sweptsides 61-71 and 72-79 tin grilles also a little red truck shirt. Here is a sample he has not made any of our trucks yet but will do test runs to see if there is interest.....thanks for listening and looking.
  15. New Tachometer

    I've been shifting by ear since I was old enough to push in the clutch pedal without slipping below the dash.....lol. A tach is not needed or wanted in my cars......your wants or needs may vary from mine....
  16. Door Arm Rest

    Town sedan has normal doors for the rear seat and are longer than suicide doors thus you have to put the arm rest on the door. suicide sedan
  17. Dump truck with gooses neck

    This is what you need........lol.
  18. Kodiak goat hunt

  19. Help picking a motor for my 1940 chrysler

    You have a very nice start to your adventure, 2 door sedans are pretty neat cars.....mostly you see 4 door sedans and coupes on here so your car is indeed a breath of fresh air on here....welcome to the forum.
  20. recognize these mopar wheels?

    Aftermarket rims with Chrysler center caps?
  21. OPINIONS: Sound barriers (Dynamat)

    Peel an seal....home depot.
  22. soyboard substitute?

    Most clipboards are made of masonite.
  23. Pay Pal question

    I could have six of each for my car and still not be happy..........probably have 20 dizzys, same of carbs, 4 complete sets of exterior trim......4 motors and trans. The list is long...my wife says they are my shoes and purses...lol! You know the scene in Angel and a Badman where The Duke is restless and thrashing before they take the bullet out? The farmer puts his empty pistol in his hand and he calms down......thats me after I find another part I "think" I need. You ought to have seen me during my windshield wiper arm binge.....lol. Now I gotta go, I see a complete set of tail lite/brake lite glass for sale.....I'm down to 3 sets.
  24. Oops - report post button

    If it happens again there is an option of typing in why you are reporting said post.......simply type I hit the report button by mistake, that should do it.
  25. Van oddity