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  1. B3B suspension frightful experience

    I can simplify this for you.......tell your son in law to quit driving like slalom racer........lol.
  2. 265 Engine Color opinions

    LST? Large slow target.......lol. The motion is less on the fantail, but still enough to make you puke.
  3. Front Suspension

    I was worried that you lost your......"fasteners".......lol.....I'jj go join Donald now, sigh.
  4. town sedan ??

    1941 Imperial Crown Town Sedan
  5. town sedan ??

  6. Swap 1950 Chrysler 6 to a 340

    Is your upper control arm cracked?
  7. Any tricks to remove

    That's a hoot! The heat shield for the fuel pump is attached to one of the hottest parts of the engine....an exhaust manifold bolt....lol.
  8. 265 oil filter

    Their number is in the link.
  9. 265 oil filter

    Full flow converted to modern......looks messy....I have no more information on this. http://motormission.com/4-3-liter-265-cubic-inch-dodge-chrysler-plymouth-inline-six-cylinder-flathead-engine-rebuilt-rebuild/#iLightbox[gallery-2]/1
  10. town sedan ??

    I see once again i know nothing......Esmey says are your socks still wet from that little sprinkle....lol.
  11. town sedan ??

    Black steering wheel and control knobs, B pillar is exposed instead of hidden, I think there are no options because it comes standard with all the bells and whistles....lol.
  12. town sedan ??

  13. town sedan ??

    I've seen one too and it was an Imperial.