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  1. Pizza oven truck conversion for the barbecue .......what do you say Tim?
  2. Funny how someone could order a top of the line sedan and still check off the clock delete option ....... personally I would have wanted every option available if I was to buy that model.
  3. Frank Elder

    Bob Drown

    Cooper was his brand new necktie was quite a special picture also .....lol.
  4. Frank Elder

    Bob Drown

    Whenever I see a covered bridge I will think about Bob.
  5. Frank Elder

    Need Ideas for Converting Coins into Paper Money

    About three years ago my company went to debit cards instead of direct deposit or paychecks, So i really don’t handle cash anymore ......I pay for everything on my debit card and never receive change from the cash register so I don’t really have that problem anymore.
  6. Frank Elder

    Jaguar front clip

    Nice car, it’s not very often that we get to see the De Soto version of the P-15, good luck in your endeavors.
  7. Frank Elder

    Pullin' the 218

    It looks like you still have the front motor mountTo remove from in front of the engine off the top of the cross brace Can’t pull the engine with that in the way
  8. Frank Elder

    Wider Stock-Looking Wheels 46 Special Deluxe

    1980s dodge diplomat police package wheels are a fit but that is about as wide as you would want to go in those narrow rear wheel wells .
  9. Frank Elder

    1939 all electric Dodge truck

    You shoudn't have assumed that this is my truck Don, it is simply a video I found on you tube.............As to all your rapid fire question that are supposed to awe and amaze me with your knowledge maybe you should contact the owner to get your answers. I will leave it up to you to guess the 2 words that I am making with my mouth at this moment.
  10. Frank Elder

    1939 all electric Dodge truck

  11. Frank Elder

    I'm done, too.

    Because 13 year old girls love drama, where as a real man will just say to hell with these guys and go about his business........
  12. Frank Elder

    Found out today what I am NOT doing with my 50 Dodge

    That garage owner has barrett jackson syndrome..........your car will never be a high dollar car worth a kings ransom. When I see guys trying to flip these old chryslers for more than 20,000 I cringe. there are many well finished ones of the same era out there for 12,000 and less.....some even have new tires and shiny paint....lol. If my dodge was a pristine low milage original it wouldn't fetch more than 10 or 12 tops because these cars haven't caught on with the in crowd yet and real mopar guys are too cheap and smart to pay 45 for a 10 thousand dollar car. If your pain is too severe sell this one and buy a finished one....there is no shame in admitting your wrenching days are limited. You will find a nice car and save 150,000 in the process. Good luck !
  13. Frank Elder

    Exploring my Meadowbrook

    That is a simple freeze plug............wait until you have to change one between the block and bellhousing......lol.

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