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  1. Not quoting you...... thats what we used to call it....lol. I wouldn't want a hammer near that new powder coat myself.
  2. That "99 dollar C clamp" was a rivet setter look again at the surface he seats into the rivet. The part that seats in the head of the rivet fits right in there as does the other end is machined to spread the tail of the rivet properly. I worked with jet aircraft for over 20 years and have bucked, popped, and snapped 100s of thousands of rivets in my day.......that is a tool made for hollow rivets.
  3. What......of course your 58 fits on here mopar with mopar motor! I'm pretty sure when your car was brand new it could have been ordered with a 230 flathead. It fits as well on this forum as any purist stocker...welcome aboard you have 2 very nice cars and a cool dog....lol.
  4. No Mr. Cold Blue....lol.....Don will tell you the "Rest of the Story" when he logs back on.
  5. Be a Troubleshooter not a Parts changer........I heard that sage bit of advice from every Aircraft Maintenance Master Chief I worked for.
  6. There is no other buyer....either he has seller's remorse or he is trying to chisel more out of you.
  7. Why 2 posts on the same subject? C38 I believe is a 46 to early 49 chrysler Windsor/Royal with a 251 cubic inch motor.
  8. A lot of moolah went into that build........I'd be scared to drive it in traffic.
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