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  1. I've bought many cars that came with extra parts, they don't always fit or even belong to the car....I think that is what you have.
  2. Heretic !
  3. Also a 331 L6 and a 331 Hemi ?
  4. Is that the motor with 12 ports instead of 9 ?
  5. As an artist it was just "Neat" to look at........not everything has to have a practical application for me to enjoy it, I mean that a set of wrenches really appeal to me......but, so does this picture even though I have no use for it.
  7. You have the Lucite Lady, she looks nice with the sun hitting her.......I'm jealous.
  8. Very nice.
  9. Thats ok.....I'm just in it for the
  10. Maybe a glazed flywheel that needs resurfaced?
  11. Here is a 12V tag for the voltage regulator.