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  1. The fecking hat is still there...........
  2. I was referring to using used tappets.........Like as in build it, and they will come........
  3. If you change the cam tappets must
  4. This but I would put a 48 DeSoto front clip and rear lites on it.
  5. In most ind engines the cam is set to run at a certain rpm....say 1200 rpm to run a genny, or a water pump, etc. they are not set up to rev up and down like a car or truck. I suggest a cam and tappet swap and build it they way you need it to perform. probably has a gov and one of those upside down tractor intakes also?
  6. I've posted this one before.....excellent coachwork.
  7. Thought I had seen all the D-24 variations.........
  8. You want real peace of mind........? Buy all new slave cylinders and have them sleeved too.
  9. Post a picture Greg.......Don't you have the base dash without all that extra chrome, etc.? I think the plain dash looks very sharp next to well optioned one.
  10. Base ferritic stainless steel is usually magnetic. Iron based Austenitic stainless doesn't contain enough ferrites to hold a magnet. Brass based
  11. It means your charging system is not working properly.
  12. Club Coupe Business coupe Both are S-11s 1946 through early 1949.
  13. Thank you Merle.
  14. I haven't seen a "P" head since the Warshaw wars..........Before you ask the head is neither rare nor special except to one person.