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  1. Don Bunn Book Pictures

  2. Sad day, fine Lady.

    Couple more this week R. Lee Ermey 74 HarryAnderson 63 Co-Founder of Burger King David Edgerton 90
  3. Sad day, fine Lady.

    Barbara Bush 92
  4. Electrical issues

    I bought a 49 plymouth 2 door sedan back in 93 for 500 because it wouldn't start, the poor guy had replaced everything he could buy for it and still no luck, no trouble shooting mind you just throwing of money. Asked him for a glass of ice water and when he was gone popped the gas cap and the rotten smell of dead gas wafted outside. Residue in the filter bowl was gummy from a visual and a quick check of the needle it was crusted and dried out. So a deal was struck and I had my buddy tow it home. First my Dad and I removed the old carb and soaked it in cleaner, adjusted the float, and soaked the accel pump in oil overnite. While he rebuilt the carb the next dayI ran a new line to the fuel pump and connected it to a 2.5 gas can spot tied to the front bumper....lol. we cleaned the pump to carb line and installed the new needle, added a coupla quarts of earl and 2 dead batteries later we fired her up........lots and lots of billowing smoke then it cleared and ran for 16 more years of faithful service, we were lucky.
  5. Electrical issues

    grounding straps and star washers to ensure a good bite on the frame and body.
  6. Electrical issues

    do your cables look like this 12V ? or 6V 12V won't send the right amount of juice to the battery they need to to be real large diameter.
  7. Electrical issues

    Your car is 6V positive ground, you need good grounds or it will not function properly....if you are hooked up negative ground it will not read properly or charge correctly. An Altimeter measures how far an airplane is in the air, an ammeter measures the use of electricity.
  8. Rack and pinion steering for 46 Plymouth

    The 6 weighs more than the 350.
  9. The Few, The Proud.........

    I pulled up at Napa today to get my swill and bs with the other car guys, and met my new hero purely by accident. He was sitting in the corner looking over some publications while waiting his turn at the counter. A bright eyed and sharp specimen of 90 plus.....when he saw my Navy cover he piped up and said Are you a F@#$%^g Squid or did you steal that F!@#$%g hat ? I said I am a F!@#$%^g Squid whats it to you you miserable puke........he laughed and introduced himself. He said his name was Eddie but his friends call him Steady Eddie or just Steady. He talked about his days in Uncle Sam's Misguided Children and how much civilians suck....I agreed and told him about my Navy days....it was a good time. I could see his ball cap was red and gold but it was a plain hat and had nothing special written on it other than USMC. Eddie turned 16 the month after he landed on Iwo Jima and was 40 when he left Viet Nam........ This should have been what he should have been wearing. He was only in Omaha for several days and I got to met a real Hero....I feel so blessed.
  10. 48 Dodge - What happened to my threads?

    I thought you meant all your threads/postings disappeared ........lol!
  11. vacation

    Maybe it's a chivvy.......
  12. vacation

    Both the Corn Palace and Pioneer car museum are great they have a Darin, 38 Cord, 46 Dodge bizzy coupe, Amphib car and a plymouth push me pull you car. and lots more. The gas station next to it is Indian owned so it has slot machines....also stayed in one of the hotels for the night right next to it.
  13. 1953 Dodge 'coupe' truck project

    When I was visiting Glasgow it twas a pint of Heavy! I also tried nutty brown ale.