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  1. I love 3onatree, that being said.....if I was going to put a floor shifter in a car that never had one from the factory, it would be a 5 or 6 speed so I could reap the benefits from OD or double OD. I realize this not the OP's chosen path, just my opinion. EDIT. Put one of these on there and no ones the wiser til you start rowing gears.
  2. Now here is a town sedan without the afore mentioned extra knob and jewel.
  3. Under the emblem in the center of this picture is your map lite, I didn't know it was supposed to flash either. edit. what a terrible picture so sorry.
  4. Forum member Pflaming made one check his content.
  5. You will never regret buying this, or one like it.......under 200 clams. https://www.amazon.com/Central-Hydraulics-Ton-Shop-Press/dp/B006ZBB7YG
  6. Soak the leather seal in oil overnite, it should swell back up.
  7. Terrible advice......why don't you practice on it.....metal work, paint skills, welding....get better at using fillers or improve your sanding skills. Scrapping should be the last resort.
  8. I've never seen that before......but I've never owned or driven the rare Town Sedan before. Here is a regular sedan dash, note they have different woodgrain also.
  9. Less pictures of you and more of the car......lol. Am curious about the red jeweled socket. Plymouthy Adams is our town Sedan man, Don Coatney is your clutch guy, Hemmings Motor news has all kinds of Radio repair and modern upgrade vendors. Casper50 has gone thru his clock and has it working.....personally the quartz conversion seems a better option to me. Did I say more pictures? Try Andy Bernbaums or Roberts motor parts or vintage power wagon for heater valves. But a copy of Hemmings motor news and read it from front to back for vendors.
  10. $1,500.00.........Thats not a deal thats a steal, worth it at double the price.
  11. https://www.ebay.com/itm/dodge-automatic-transmission-adapter-for-230-251-engines/273624908540?hash=item3fb550c2fc:g:byQAAOSwk3Rbssij
  12. If you get ice cream every time you go for a drive you are going to need to go for more walks.....lol.
  13. I was looking at a cheap 2 tonner Robert[already sold] not an expensive half ton pickup....lol.
  14. 727s take more horsepower than the poor old flathead can afford to give, a 904 or a 518 OD would rob less.....but I suppose any of them would be peppy compared to a fluid drive.
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