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  1. belvedere666

    Body mount replacement

    Planning on replacing all upper and lower body mounts on my p20. can anyone walk me through the process for the upper mounts? do I need to remove them all and lift the entire body off or can I do them in sections? whAt are some things to look out for? will the body warp if I hade them all off at the same time?
  2. belvedere666

    Disc Brakes

    The master cylinder they sent you is a late 60s early 70s mustang master cylinder. It has two reservoirs. One for the drum brakes in the rear and one for the disk in the front. the steel plate you have there should mount into the holes where your original master cylinder mounts and the new master cylinder will mount to the plate. now that I look at it, they MAY have sent you the wrong adapter plate. Mark at ECI has been very accommodating and willing to work with me when I had a question or an issue. i was missing a few pieces and he sent them out right away. mine looks like this picture here. the three holes in the bracket fit into the three holes that hold the original master. This is kind of what the whole set up should look like
  3. belvedere666

    Disc Brakes

    I don’t have any pictures, but where are you getting stuck? what year is your car?
  4. belvedere666

    Headlight Switch

    Ok. So I’m out here today. What i discovered is that i have only two wires that say parking lights. (EZ labels the wires) one says front left. other says rear left. i had them plugged into the two plugs that appear to be linked next to the “p”. The upper left and middle. I separated them and put the left rear into the top “T” plug and the left front into the top “p” plug. all parking lights and tail lights work. the confusion was in the labeling. i was looking for a plug for all 4 lights. i didn’t know that the “left” wire would power the right. got it figured out. Thanks for the help!
  5. belvedere666

    Headlight Switch

    That’s a lot to take in... I’ll get out to the car again tomorrow morning to check all that out. My manual isn’t the 46-54, it’s a 49-52. so, with my EZ harness, I don’t need to run through the curcuit breaker to powe the radio because fuse box has a dedicated circuit. so I add power to the top plug. Dash light to the “I”. tail light to the “t” headlight to the “h”through the dimmer switch. parking light to the “p”. and leave the screw/nut unused?
  6. belvedere666

    Headlight Switch

    I have a manual and I mention in the post that it isn’t very clear because im adapting the harness to the switch.
  7. belvedere666

    Disc Brakes

    No. My car had 15 inch wheels. But the way the stock wheel centers are welded to the outer ring, the ECI calipers won’t fit. So, if you are running an aftermarket wheel, they have to be at least 15 inch. A 14 inch aftermarket wheel won’t have enough room for the big calipers that they use.
  8. belvedere666

    Disc Brakes

    I had a similar experience with the master cylinder bracket on my 50 plymouth. I had a heckuva time getting that push rod linkage to push through both chambers of the master cylinder And push enough fluid to run the back brakes. I finally got it all dialed in, I think. The car hasn’t hit the road yet. Mark Was nice enough, but I felt like the language he insisted on using, wa suitable for someone that had engineered these components, not for someone that is installing something like this for the first time.
  9. belvedere666

    Disc Brakes

    I installed it on my 50. The brake kit was super easy. It bolts on with no modifications. But you cannot use your stock wheels. You need a 15 inch wheel or larger, with enough clearance. I am using aftermarket smoothie wheels with the original backspace. They cleared just fine. If you were going the route with their master cylinder kit, I suggest you look elsewhere. My master cylinder kit has been kind of a nightmare. Of course, I expected it to need some sort of adjustment to fit my application, but it’s just a weird combination of things that didn’t go together smoothly. I finally got it working as it should. But I haven’t taken the car on the road yet.
  10. belvedere666

    Headlight Switch

    Redoing my wiring and trying to adapt the new EZ harness to the old switch. (1950 Plymouth) the original wiring diagram isn’t very clear since it’s being adapted. Right now, The pole with the nut is attached to the dash power. the “H” is attached to the dimmer switch. ”I” is attached to the dashboard high beam indicator light. i assume the “p” is for parking lights but there are 4 parking lights and two terminals. i thought “T” was tail lights but there’s two tail lights and I don’t have a tail light wire outside of the brake light wire. any advice?
  11. belvedere666

    suggested master cylinder conversion 1939

    i recently purchased a MC kit for my '50 from ECI. it has been pretty problematic. right now i'm dealing with not getting any fluid from the rear chamber to the combination valve. the master cylinder comes with a fabricated bracket to fit the master in the old bracket holes. that requires a linkage type push rod. the adjustment on it is limited and i'm not sure if i can adjust it far enough to work the way i need it to. there is VERY little information in the instructions they provide. they have been nice enough when i've contacted them, but i still have some problems i need to work through.
  12. For the life of me, i cannot figure out how to wire the brake lights in my 50 plymouth using the hydraulic brake switch and an EZ wiring harness. The harness instructions don't cover it, and my united pacific turn signal only shows one wire from the turn signal attached to the switch and one to the battery. the harness has multiple wires for "brake switch" which i assume, some are for the newer push button, under the brake pedal style switch. Anyone else use this wiring harness and an aftermarket turn signal switch?
  13. belvedere666

    Column to floor shift conversion

    I don’t have an OD trans. In fact, I’d contemplated up and down on buying the one you had for sale. pretty sure I’m keeping the standard three speed but I think this would be a cool addition.
  14. belvedere666

    Column to floor shift conversion

    Anyone have any measurements and/or templates for the parts needed for this conversion?
  15. belvedere666

    Wheel stud conversion

    check out this post.

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