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  1. Motor Mounts

    These top mounts have metal washer type things in them and the new ones don’t. Does this metal part get removed and put onto the new mount?
  2. Motor Mounts

    Took the motor out of ne car and. Droppped it into another. Both P20 cars. the front mount is loose enough for me to set a jack under the bell housing and lift it enough to remove the old set of mounts without any trouble. Right now it’s sitting on one of the old sets of top mounts with a bolt running through it to keep it from slipping. so I have to remove the washer type metal piece from the old mounts?
  3. Motor Mounts

    Can anyone show me how these pieces are supposed to fit together in my crossmember? I can’t seem to find anything in other threads or on the Internet in general. It appears that my old top mounts have a piece of metal attached to them. I can’t tell if it’s a washer that I need to separate from the rubber. to use on the new ones or if it was just the style of the mount that was used. The ones on the left are the new ones upper and lower. The ones on the right are the old ones upper and lower.

    I hadn’t even considered that it would have a smaller bolt pattern!!! i assumed All mopar cars of the time period had the 5x4 1/2 pattern. Damn. Ok. I’ll keep looking. THANKS.

    Haven’t noticed, i may have overlooked, but has anyone put a 70-72 plymouth duster rear axle in a 49-52 plymouth? the length is a little shorter than stock but I’m running wider than stock wheels that should make up for that. and I understand that i will most likely need to have a new drive shaft made no matter which rear end I choose im concerned with the line up of the center section. I came across one locally at a decent price but I’m not sure about the fit.
  6. Lowering Mopars

    This isn't my car but it's a clear shot of what mine look like. The spring pocket has a lip on it that needs to be ground down to fit on the bottom of the arm. that lip is where the top of the sway bar clamp attaches. the bottom of the sway bar clamp attaches to the mount on the bottom of the control arm. that lower mount would have to be removed to allow the spring pocket to be relocated to the bottom.
  7. Lowering Mopars

    when this is done, do you lose the sway bar or is there a way to relocate it? i have a set of the control arms out of the car right now, and i have a friend that can do the welding for me, but i'm afraid that the sway bar isn't going to fit back in. is there another car with a compatible sway bar that might fit the modification?
  8. Top loader?

    Could be wrong but I think the trucks came with a 218 attached to a top loader. Soon assume it would work. Check out vintage power wagons. They may have something that will work.
  9. Woodgrain Thoughts

    Finished the P20 dash today. Clear coat, wet sand, last clear coat. Painted the gauge panel and glove box door. I’ll have to do the door and window trim now.
  10. Woodgrain Thoughts

    So, this thread motivated me to re do my dash that is already out of the car. It was painted with a flat black high temp header paint. I left that as the base. It was already clean and smooth. i applied a rustoleum rattle can medium brown in a really light coat. cut a short coarse paint brush down even shorter and stubbier. used a minwax wood stain cut about 1/2 way with paint thinner. once the brown had a little tack to it, i dipped the brush in the diluted stain and brushed it through. I kept layering the spray paint and the stain and applying different pressure to blend the two colors and this is what I got. I still have to fine sand it and clear coat.
  11. The Lowered Stance Picture and Build Thread

    is all that stainless powder coated or is it painted??? i love that look. i've been considering blacking out all my chrome and stainless except for my caps and trim rings.
  12. The Lowered Stance Picture and Build Thread

    I've seen those nuts before ..
  13. The Lowered Stance Picture and Build Thread

    Isn't this Don's car??
  14. The Lowered Stance Picture and Build Thread

    1.5 coils off the front springs and 2" lowering blocks out back.
  15. leather tie rod ends

    I just purchased a set pf tie rod ends that have leather boots. The description say they are "greaseable" . the leather is pretty dry but not brittle. Do i grease them through the grease fitting and leave the outside dry or is there a recommended procedure for greasing the outside of the leather for flexibility?