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  1. Woodgrain Thoughts

    Finished the P20 dash today. Clear coat, wet sand, last clear coat. Painted the gauge panel and glove box door. I’ll have to do the door and window trim now.
  2. Woodgrain Thoughts

    So, this thread motivated me to re do my dash that is already out of the car. It was painted with a flat black high temp header paint. I left that as the base. It was already clean and smooth. i applied a rustoleum rattle can medium brown in a really light coat. cut a short coarse paint brush down even shorter and stubbier. used a minwax wood stain cut about 1/2 way with paint thinner. once the brown had a little tack to it, i dipped the brush in the diluted stain and brushed it through. I kept layering the spray paint and the stain and applying different pressure to blend the two colors and this is what I got. I still have to fine sand it and clear coat.
  3. The Lowered Stance Picture and Build Thread

    is all that stainless powder coated or is it painted??? i love that look. i've been considering blacking out all my chrome and stainless except for my caps and trim rings.
  4. The Lowered Stance Picture and Build Thread

    I've seen those nuts before ..
  5. The Lowered Stance Picture and Build Thread

    Isn't this Don's car??
  6. The Lowered Stance Picture and Build Thread

    1.5 coils off the front springs and 2" lowering blocks out back.
  7. leather tie rod ends

    I just purchased a set pf tie rod ends that have leather boots. The description say they are "greaseable" . the leather is pretty dry but not brittle. Do i grease them through the grease fitting and leave the outside dry or is there a recommended procedure for greasing the outside of the leather for flexibility?
  8. Woodgrain Thoughts

    Started a similar woodgraining approach but I abandoned it becuse the wood stain was too thick. I felt like all the clear coat in the world wouldn't smooth it out. I tried sanding it with a super fine paper but it either stripped the stain off or still held the texture. I couldn't find a happy medium. i may still try again. I have an extra dash that's out of the car. i can't remember what color I used for the base coat, but I know it was a rustoleum color and there's a light gray primer under that.
  9. Tie Rod Ends

    Was trying not to buy them from Bernbaum. No offense to them, I've had other things from them that worked just fine but I would like to find them locally and not have to pay Bernbaum shipping (always crazy excessive). I ordered a fuel filler neck hose that about 4 inches long for like 12 bucks and a few clamps and they charged me $13 shipping.
  10. Tie Rod Ends

    looking for tie rod ENDS. search words were "tie rod". thank you for the quick reply though. any info on the tie rod ends? i found some through NAPA ES60R (R outer/L inner) and ES60L (R inner) but i can't run down the Left Outer.
  11. Tie Rod Ends

    Does anyone have the part numbers for tie rod ends for. P20? ive searched the site and I don't know if something's wrong with it or if it's locking me out but this is what's coming up when I search for "tie rod"
  12. Lowered pics?

    2" block in the back with stock leafs, and stock fronts in both of my P20 cars. A 3" block would cross that scrub line. Still considering posies lowering leaf springs so I can get that extra couple inches without worry about getting locked up on the road in case of a blowout.

    would this work with the or original trans, explorer drive shaft and rear end without having to lengthen or shorten the drive shaft?
  14. Hood Does Not Open All The Way

    This is full open for both of my P20s. i don't have a lot of experience with them outside of the two I have but unless they both have the same hood hinge problem, this is the way they were made. its awful, and if there is a fix, someone create a step by step thread on it. Please.
  15. Hood Does Not Open All The Way

    I remove the hood while I'm working on it. Test drive without the hood on. There's just not enough room. This is my old P20 with the hood on. Not much room AT ALL. How is a normal sized human supposed to fit in there and get anything done?