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  1. belvedere666

    Column to floor shift conversion

    I don’t have an OD trans. In fact, I’d contemplated up and down on buying the one you had for sale. pretty sure I’m keeping the standard three speed but I think this would be a cool addition.
  2. belvedere666

    Column to floor shift conversion

    Anyone have any measurements and/or templates for the parts needed for this conversion?
  3. belvedere666

    Wheel stud conversion

    check out this post.
  4. belvedere666

    What was my original engine?

    It wouldn’t just drop in, bolt up, and do the job. Don, up there ^ put a 25” block in a 23” car. i suppose you can put the smaller one in the bigger car with a little work, but you may have to reverse it to get the 25” back in later.
  5. belvedere666

    What was my original engine?

    Chrysler and DeSoto Both came with a 25 inch block. Dodge and Plymouth cars came with a 23 inch block. What car do you have?
  6. belvedere666

    52 Dodge Fluid Drive or gyro magic vs. Standard three speed

    Guy had it listed as a hydromatic... it’s from a 52 dodge, Coronet I think. maybe it’s a fluid drive. I’ll edit the post.
  7. Thoughts, opinions, advice pros and cons? I came across a Fluid drive transmission for, what I think is a great deal. Right now I have a standard three speed transmission in my 1950 Plymouth. I have heard people say in the past that the Fluid Drive transmissions were a little bit problematic. I assume that some of the people in this group have them in their cars. What are your thoughts? Benefits?
  8. I’ve been liking for some way to do this on my ‘50. so far, I’ve only come up with cutting the steering shaft and having it machined to a “double D”, fitting it into a steering universal Steering U joint and using a donor cut out of a ‘60s car that has an adapter available. http://www.classicperform.com/NewProducts/2017/BLACK-SET-SCREW-STYLE-STEERING-U-JOINT.htm
  9. there's a long flat bar that leads from the bottom of the dash up at an angle behind the gauges and bolts through the top of the firewall.
  10. belvedere666

    1952 Plymouth Suburban

    could be wrong, but i think that hood badge is '51. wouldn't be surprised if it was a 51 that was re-registered at some point as the wrong year. 51/52 are pretty much identical except for small detail trim. sometimes people will register them under the "year first sold" date instead of the actual model year. just throwing that out there.
  11. belvedere666

    Steering Box Conversion

    The steering shaft would be so I can use an aftermarket steering wheel. i found the exact listings you did before I asked. I think Bernbaum has the kit cheaper Than that in the website, or a similar price. I don’t mind rebuilding it or replacing the seal. i posted another issue I was having a while back with my steering wheel being from an earlier car and not quite fitting up against the steering shaft tube. There’s about an inch gap. So if there’s a swap with the box and the shaft, I figured it would solve two problems at once.
  12. belvedere666

    Steering Box Conversion

    Is there a steering box conversion/swap or steering column/steering box combo that works for a P20? Mine seems to be leaking. i could just get a rebuild kit, but if i could find one with a steering shaft that would fit a Grant adapter for an aftermarket steering wheel that would be an extra bonus score.
  13. belvedere666

    P15-D24 stickers

    Ah. I didn’t notice it was three! That is a good deal!
  14. belvedere666

    P15-D24 stickers

    Why is the Hat+sticker more together than individually ?????
  15. belvedere666

    Shock absorbers

    My rear springs were de-arched and in good shape, and my car is sitting on new Aerostar springs up front. im not worried about the springs i was wondering about the reason these keep coming up as an option for my car when i search for shocks. i figured if they keep coming up, then people probably use them. if anyone has used them, what results have they seen? “shock mounts breaking” and “ass high profile” are the results Commented so far. ive gone ahead and just purchased the Monroe 5752 and 31000.

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