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  1. belvedere666

    Steering Box Conversion

    The steering shaft would be so I can use an aftermarket steering wheel. i found the exact listings you did before I asked. I think Bernbaum has the kit cheaper Than that in the website, or a similar price. I don’t mind rebuilding it or replacing the seal. i posted another issue I was having a while back with my steering wheel being from an earlier car and not quite fitting up against the steering shaft tube. There’s about an inch gap. So if there’s a swap with the box and the shaft, I figured it would solve two problems at once.
  2. belvedere666

    Steering Box Conversion

    Is there a steering box conversion/swap or steering column/steering box combo that works for a P20? Mine seems to be leaking. i could just get a rebuild kit, but if i could find one with a steering shaft that would fit a Grant adapter for an aftermarket steering wheel that would be an extra bonus score.
  3. belvedere666

    P15-D24 stickers

    Ah. I didn’t notice it was three! That is a good deal!
  4. belvedere666

    P15-D24 stickers

    Why is the Hat+sticker more together than individually ?????
  5. belvedere666

    Shock absorbers

    My rear springs were de-arched and in good shape, and my car is sitting on new Aerostar springs up front. im not worried about the springs i was wondering about the reason these keep coming up as an option for my car when i search for shocks. i figured if they keep coming up, then people probably use them. if anyone has used them, what results have they seen? “shock mounts breaking” and “ass high profile” are the results Commented so far. ive gone ahead and just purchased the Monroe 5752 and 31000.
  6. belvedere666

    Shock absorbers

    I’ve seen these come up as options for my car all over the Internet. I know well enough to not fully trust the internet. Haha. i was really just interested in seeing if they would improve the ride. I assume they were a stiffer shock because of the spring assist.... but if there was a shorter one, in theory, would it keep a lowered car a little more stable? I’m using Aerostar springs with a relocated spring pocket/control arm.
  7. belvedere666

    Shock absorbers

    Anyone use this style shocks? up front? Rear? results?
  8. belvedere666

    found source for bolt in dual master cylinder

    Thanks for all the info, Don. UPS should be dropping off my kit at anytime today. My car is AP 20. And, if I’m not mistaken, my clutch pedal does not attach to my master. I hope that I have less trouble than you did, and hopefully they have worked out the kinks. This whole kit, with the disc brake conversion, and the master set up, cost me a pretty penny. I hope it is a smooth install. I am happy to hear that in the end, your system works fine. That puts me at ease a little.
  9. belvedere666

    found source for bolt in dual master cylinder

    just ordered one last week, along with their front disc conversion. i hope to have it in before the end of next week.
  10. belvedere666

    Transmission options for 37 Plymouth P3

    this seems like it might be a good option for my 1950. i think the shifter might get in the way of my bench seat though. what type of modifications were needed to get this in there?
  11. belvedere666

    Rear shock relocation

    Did you make something like this? These are cheap enough but I don’t want to have to relocate the upper shock mount to the frame if i don’t have to. The original shock mount would be about 4 inches higher than this would sit. did you use the original shocks?
  12. belvedere666

    Rear shock relocation

    I’ve seen the butchs rear kit. i know I can get the spring perches without shock mount online for $20/25 alone. theyre selling the whole thing for $240 and it suggests that the shock needs to be relocated on the frame, as well as on the axle, using a spring plate with a shock mount tab and what I presume are longer shocks, to make up for the extra few inches of travel. more complicated than I was hoping.
  13. belvedere666

    Rear shock relocation

    So, I picked up a Ford Ranger rear end for my P20. Looking for spring pads/perches that will fit the skinny leaf springs. they seem to be abundant. what I realized though, was that my existing spring perches have a bolt for my shocks sticking out of them. i can’t find any replacement perches that have that set up. anyone know where to find them? what is everyone else with a rear End swap doing for a rear shock relocation, if you’ve eliminated the old style spring perches?
  14. belvedere666

    Old mopar's. What do I need to know?

    Vintage power wagons can get you a spin on filter that will work. I had to tinker with the brass fittings... found some at a local auto parts that fit the lines i had. I suppose you can just make new lines with the fittings that work with the canister. Came with the bracket to bolt to the block, got a filter from Napa. Trunk locks 50-52 should work. Don’t remove the T handle from the base, if you can help it. i had a locksmith make a key for mine for like, $30.
  15. belvedere666

    Old mopar's. What do I need to know?

    The 1950? Thats a great car. I have a Special Deluxe 4 door sedan

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