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  1. The Wix/Napa 51011 Sock filter is currently off shore made and is almost impossible to fit Some canisters. The Baldwin JC405 Sock filter is a better fit. The 51080 can be used but was never designed to be used in Sock type canisters. Tom
  2. Try John Bizal at Midwest Military. https://midwestmilitary.com/ 16075 Hwy 13 S. Prior Lake, MN 55372 Email jbizal100@midwestmil.com Voice 952-440-8778 Fax 952-440-8776 I'm pretty sure he has the springs you want. Tom
  3. It looks like NP420 (early) This site might help and he has all parts and very Knowledgeable Dave Cirillo DC Truck Parts .http://www.jobrated.com/tranmission-id.html Tom
  4. Need a vin # to decode here http://www.t137.com/registry/help/decode.php Still looks like 1 1/2 ton to me. Definitely a single speed rear end. Have no idea what the switch on The shift lever was for. That's a later two speed electric shift switch that appears to be disconnected. That era truck if it had a two speed would have a cable controlled vacuum valve on the firewall Controlled by a cable knob/switch on the shift lever. Tom
  5. I agree with Ed. You need to come up with a model or at least a serial number That can be decoded. That truck sounds like 1 1/2 ton or larger, probably a 2 ton if it Indeed has a 2 speed rear. I'm sure it has a 4 speed trans. Tom
  6. 71% Had most makes right missed the year. Thanks for sharing! Tom
  7. Blown head gasket between #5/6 Cly. Compression readings indicates This. Tom
  8. TGP

    Old pic's 228

    Wiring Harness I made from scratch with correct color cloth wound wire And Terminals. TGP
  9. Vintage Sioux valve grinding machine from Dad AC spark plug cleaner. Steering wheel puller. KD Valve keeper retainer. Jack and tools Tom
  10. The Napa and Wix filter went through a cost cutting measure a couple of years ago and Manf. was sent overseas to a "one size fits all" type of thing. That's why they no longer fit well. Sock filters are supposed to fit tight but not that tight. The Baldwin JC 405 made in USA fit tight but much better due to it being closer to original specs. More reading if interested from http://www.t137.com/swish-e/swish.cgi?query=sock+filter&submit=Search%21&metaname=swishdefault&sort=swishrank&dr_o=12&dr_s_mon=1&dr_s_day=12&dr_s_year=2015&dr_e_mon=1&dr_e_day=12&dr_e_year=2015
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