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    interested in old cars, trucks,repairs , body work ,would like to learn how to Mig welding.
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    1951 Plymouth 2 door hardtop

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    like older cars
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  1. dr47

    rear end swap

    can i ask (why not a grand Cherokee ) rear end ? on other jeep rears should i be two wheel drive or four .thanks
  2. dr47

    rear end swap

    great ,thanks for info
  3. dr47

    rear end swap

    anyone change out the rear end in a 51 plymouth l'm looking to do the swap was wondering what might be a good fit what is the best way to measure hub to hub or with the drums on ,thanks
  4. dr47


    yup that was my post i still can't figure out why they deleted the post i wasn't asking to buy or sell ,just some info. well i still like to know whats the big deal about asking for advice on exterior mirrors ,people are on here all the time asking for advice,
  5. dr47


    yup that was my post i still can't figure out why they deleted the post i wasn't asking to buy or sell ,just some info.
  6. the parking brake band needs a reline on 51 plymouth is there a kit to do this ? or should i look for a rebuilt one some where ? thank you
  7. can some one tell me where the flash for directional lights is located on a 1951 Plymouth.thanks
  8. thanks to all i found one ,
  9. dr47

    air cleaner

    thank's for the input i'm going to buy the 4 inch Mr. gasket cleaners until i can come up with some thing else .
  10. can anyone tell me what part number for fuel sender lock ring for 51 Plymouth .or maybe the size i'm looking for, some one took the sending unit out of gas tank to clean it and lost the lock ring .thank you
  11. dr47

    air cleaner

    i have installed dual carter b&b carbs on my 51 i would like to install air cleaner with paper filters anyone know who makes a air clean that will fit on the b& b carbs. thanks
  12. dr47

    pressure plate ?

    sorry but my question is about the 9 1/4 pressure plate nothing to do with 10" just trying to find if anyone else has run in to this problem .
  13. i have 51 plymouth with a 9 1/4" borg and beck pressure plate only number i found on it is 1577 it looks like a old rebuilt . what i need to find out is if this is the right pressure plate ,the car had a blown motor in when bought the car so i don't know if it worked or not .anyone known if this the right for the old plymouth, thank you
  14. dr47

    oil canister

    okay thanks
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