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    interested in old cars, trucks,repairs , body work ,would like to learn how to Mig welding.
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  1. dr47

    pressure plate ?

    sorry but my question is about the 9 1/4 pressure plate nothing to do with 10" just trying to find if anyone else has run in to this problem .
  2. i have 51 plymouth with a 9 1/4" borg and beck pressure plate only number i found on it is 1577 it looks like a old rebuilt . what i need to find out is if this is the right pressure plate ,the car had a blown motor in when bought the car so i don't know if it worked or not .anyone known if this the right for the old plymouth, thank you
  3. dr47

    oil canister

    okay thanks
  4. dr47

    oil canister

    i was looking for parts for my 230 i found this oil canister at a auto flea market so i picked it up it's an a/c -6 housing i thank it's for chevy 235 engine i had it for awhile so now i'm ready to put it on i noticed that the top of the housing port is marked outlet and the bottom is marked inlet so it look like the oil is pushed up the center tube .and out the top. it looks opposite of the illustration in the book has anyone run in to this before ? do you plumb as marked in book or opposite direction.thank you
  5. thanks for the info on lines and fittings ,that by pass filter look's neat and cool.. i have and old canister type i'm going to use ,
  6. what size oil lines are used on by pass oil filter, and what are the the fittings used for the canister and block, i have a few fittings, but the holes in fitting look like it would restricted oil flow ? thank you
  7. so i put the harmonic balance from my 218 on to the 230 every thing was fine until it was time to install the bolt, the bolt is to big, thread 1 1/8" across and 1 inch deep,16 pitch. i think i need a 3/4" across x 1 1/4 " long 16 pitch ,can anyone confirm ,or has someone run in to this problem, thank you
  8. thanks for the info ,
  9. picked up timing cover gasket set for the 230 , fel - pro ,when i took it apart it looked like a pretty straight forward job ,changed the timing cover crank seal ,cover gasket .when i took it apart there was no felt washer seal. where dose the felt washer seal go?and the round gasket that comes with the kit.look's like it might be an other cover crank seal of sorts , i'm not sure i have no book to look it up . thank you.
  10. dr47

    230 engine id

    bought this 230 chrysler engine i'm having a hard time to id the engine, the engine #34332 and the tag say new factory built engine model #0140, anyone run across this? also block casting has 67 and under that CWC3 and than C279 ,thanks
  11. hey there Dartgame , do yo remember the part number for the clutch kit you used ,thanks
  12. has any one upgrade there clutch and pressure plate from 9 1/4 inch to 10 inch , any cross reference numbers ? i have 51 plymouth with 91/4 " clutch or would that be over kill .any ideas are welcomed .Thank you
  13. dr47

    230 flywheel

    okay ,thank you
  14. dr47

    230 flywheel

    okay just wanted to clarify if understand what your saying( 230 engine use 230 flywheel )and not the 218 flywheel thank you
  15. dr47

    230 flywheel

    okay ,i was under the impression that it was the crank flange difference between the 218 -230 , i though that if you used the 230 flywheel it corrected the spacing problem.and the bell from 218 was use able with out starter ,interference
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