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    interested in old cars, trucks,repairs , body work ,would like to learn how to Mig welding.
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  1. dr47

    230 engine id

    bought this 230 chrysler engine i'm having a hard time to id the engine, the engine #34332 and the tag say new factory built engine model #0140, anyone run across this? also block casting has 67 and under that CWC3 and than C279 ,thanks
  2. hey there Dartgame , do yo remember the part number for the clutch kit you used ,thanks
  3. has any one upgrade there clutch and pressure plate from 9 1/4 inch to 10 inch , any cross reference numbers ? i have 51 plymouth with 91/4 " clutch or would that be over kill .any ideas are welcomed .Thank you
  4. dr47

    230 flywheel

    okay ,thank you
  5. dr47

    230 flywheel

    okay just wanted to clarify if understand what your saying( 230 engine use 230 flywheel )and not the 218 flywheel thank you
  6. dr47

    230 flywheel

    okay ,i was under the impression that it was the crank flange difference between the 218 -230 , i though that if you used the 230 flywheel it corrected the spacing problem.and the bell from 218 was use able with out starter ,interference
  7. dr47

    230 flywheel

    that's good to hear but can i use bell housing clutch pressure and starter from the 218
  8. dr47

    230 flywheel

    is the 1956 plymouth 230 fly wheel the same as the early 230 dodge fly wheel , will six bolt flywheel bolt on the 8 bolt flange. and can i still use my bell housing ,clutch and pressure plate from my 218 plymouth. thank you
  9. Andy ,Thanks for the reply ,i did just buy the 230 industrial , that's what i wanted to know, was about the internal of the engine, i have a extra cam if i can find someone in my area that can regrind the cam i;m going to get this done if not i will put the dual carb set up and headers and run it that way. ,as far dizzy goes i have the one from my old engine ,i would like to convert to hei,at some point i also want to have head milled for better compression ,thanks again
  10. Time Left: 10 days and 11 hours

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    i am looking for a for 230 dodge standard transmission flywheel


  11. 230 dodge standard flywheel View Advert i am looking for a for 230 dodge standard transmission flywheel Advertiser dr47 Date 06/06/2019 Price Category Individual Member Classified Wanted Ad  
  12. so if i put a distributor with vacuum advance , and have the head milled a little , or is it the difference in head gasket thickness , put my dual carb set up on it .and headers ,do you think it would be up to automobile standards, where are the numbers located on the camshaft end of shaft or internally . if i have to change cam is there any performance cam out there .thank you
  13. what is the main deference between a chrysler industrial 230 and a dodge 230? the chrysler is rated at 72 hp.at 2800 rpm that seems low .are parts interchangeable between the industrial and the dodge engine ,is there a way to raise hp on the industrial engine .thanks
  14. dr47

    3.9. engine swap

    Thanks ,Plymouth Adams for reply i talked to you few years back ,when i swapped in 302 aod in my 47 plymouth i think may have sent some pictures of when i stubbed the front end and put a jag front suspension, under it ,my question is when swapping i n 239 v6 with auto trans , do i need the hole wiring harness from the Dakota to make it run or is there a after market harness to simplify this, Thank you
  15. dr47

    3.9. engine swap

    excuse me 3.9 mopar engine 239 ci, v6
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