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  1. P19 front fender

    Does this help? If you need anymore pics let me know and I'll see what I can do
  2. P19 front fender

    Yep, here's a pic from my 1950 2 door showing the brace.
  3. Radiator for v8 swaps

    For what it's worth here's a side by side shot of a Champion 3 row and original (I think) radiator from a 1950 P19 that it replaced. This was installed in front of a 440 and I had 2 issues. First the filler neck is slightly taller than the original which meant when the radiator was installed in the factory location I couldn't shut the hood. I had to cut away some of the lower support frame to allow the radiator to drop down another inch to get it to fit. Second problem was that the lower radiator hose outlet fouled the existing mechanical fan, even when lowered. To resolve I went electric with a used 16" Spal fan from ebay I can't say whether it has resolved my high temperature issues when driving but sitting at idle it seems just fine. The electric fan kicks in at the appropriate temperature and manages to keep it cool. I haven't driven it beyond the neighborhood as I have brake issues with a disc conversion but that's a whole other story.
  4. Talk to me about rear seats

    Thanks Ed, so it's possibly car model specific, but do you know which years though? Just 1950 or would '51 and '52 fit as well? What about a '49? I believe all these years had a 2 door fastback body style.
  5. Talk to me about rear seats

    Double post
  6. Talk to me about rear seats

    I have the one in the 2nd picture and I'm hoping to find information on which other models and which years have a rear seat base that fits.
  7. Talk to me about rear seats

    My recently purchased 1950 Plymouth Deluxe 2 door sedan (with the fastback shape) and it came without a rear seat. I have the back rest part just not the bit you sit on. Anyone know which other models use the same seat base? If not could anyone with the same car take some measurements from their seats. I'm not looking to purchase at this moment in time as funds are short and what little I have is needed elsewhere, but I'd like to know what I need to look for when the time comes.