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  1. 23" - 25" bell housing interchanges

    Al, It's probably a belt-driven hydraulic accessory pump for any number of fork lift functions, like 'lift', 'tilt', 'shift' or power steering etc. etc. Walt
  2. 23" - 25" bell housing interchanges

    Al, The 265" engines have four main bearings. If the engine has an industrial background, you'll want to change or regrind the cam, as they're typically set-up for lower speed operation than a passenger car or truck. My brand new engine was a U.S. Navy JG-75 airplane tug QEC (Quick Engine Change) power plant. More to come on that in the very near future! Walt
  3. 23" - 25" bell housing interchanges

    Al, My T-5 swap was into a '49 D-24 Business Coupe, which originally had a Fluid-Drive. I eliminated that set-up by using an 871357 bell housing, which is used in many '46 - '54 passenger car manual transmission vehicles. The part number goes back earlier than '46, but I don't have that information. My 265" engine is a U.S. Navy IND-32 clone. Your engine, with it's front gear package, sounds like it's equivalent to an IND-33! As far as flywheel concerns, you can use a lot of different 4-bolt and 8-bolt 'wheels, although I would highly recommend sticking with the 8-bolt units. Once again, stay with the 146 tooth ring gear assemblies! Walt
  4. 23" - 25" bell housing interchanges

    I screwed up! the site you want (minus the trailing period) is www.1935plymouth.com
  5. 23" - 25" bell housing interchanges

    'Als, My 265" (25 in.) industrial engine uses exactly the same P-15 bell housing as my 230" (23 in.) engine. The key is to use 146 tooth flywheels! I, initially, did my T-5 conversion while my car was still 6-volt. After going to 12-volt, the driveline set-up continues to work perfectly. Since you're already familiar with some T-5 swaps, look at www.1935plymouth.com. In particular, check out the 'T5 Overdrive Adapter' and 'A T5 Overdrive in my 1935 Plymouth' sections. Once, you've got a basic 'handle on your swap's direction, we'll walk you through the readily available flywheels you'll be looking for! Walt
  6. Front License Plate Frame

    'FM, The distance from the 'mounting hole to the bottom bend' is 3". The bottom bend's edge is just pass the bumper's edge. Sorry for the picture quality, it was taken in a very cold unheated garage! Walt
  7. Landed a parts car

    Mopar Wayne, Dual Electric Windshield Wipers were standard equipment on all D-24 Custom models! Walt
  8. Views From The Old Dodge

    Fall of '17, Lathrup Village MI Sixty-eight years later, Walt's '49 D-24 Deluxe Three-Passenger Coupe.
  9. Views From The Old Dodge

    Summer of '49, Seattle WA. Five year old Walt Redmond and his sister Donna, are outside with their dad, G.H. Redmond, while he looks over the family's '49 D-24 Deluxe Four-Door Sedan. Dad was attending Boeing B-377 Stratocruiser school.
  10. Front License Plate Frame

    'FM' Here's an old original D-24 License Plate Bracket, minus the vertical holder piece. Walt
  11. I Have a Screw Loose - What's it For?

    I've got a 'couple of screw loose', and they aren't car oriented!
  12. Front License Plate Frame

    'FM, The pictured license plate bracket was the original correct one. Mine had a chrome stamped 'cover' that the fit over this steel bracket. I was not able to save this chrome piece, so I had the bracket plated. Walt
  13. California Assembly Plants: Where, What & When?

    Tod, I appreciate the information on my coupe. I checked out your fantastic website, and found it to be a veritable data 'goldmine' for Plymouth vehicles. Do you have a counterpart Dodge version? Walt
  14. California Assembly Plants: Where, What & When?

    PA, I appreciate the very rapid response! My '49 D-24's particulars are; Serial: 45044030 Body: 27536TPC (out of 27600!!). Where was this 'Three Passenger Coupe' assembled? Walt
  15. Sleuths, I know that there were vehicle production plants in Los Angeles and San Leandro. My question is, what vehicles were built at each locations, and when? Specifically, I'm very interested in learning where my California built '49 D-24 Business Coupe was assembled? Walt