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    '65 A-990 Race Hemi B-bodies. WWII bomber executive converion aircraft. Ahrens-Fox HT piston pumper fire trucks. Steam locomotives.
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    '49 Dodge D-24 Deluxe 3-Window Business Coupe, '65 Plymouth Belvedere I Race Hemi, and '67 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S.

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    Ex-Lynch Rd. Broadcast Programmer.
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    WWII bomber executive conversions, Ahrens-Fox fire trucks, and photography.

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  1. 49D-24BusCpe

    Rod Bolts

    Elwood, Mopar's O.D. specification for the 668555 washer was 17/32". My 3/8 High Collar Split Lock Washers measure in at less than that .531 spec! I purchased these at a well known Detroit area Big-Three OEM supplier. Incidentally, I've used these on both 230s and 265s. Walt
  2. 49D-24BusCpe

    Rod Bolts

    Once again, any good fastener outlet will have 3/8 High Collar Split Lock Washers. They are very inexpensive, usually around $.10 a piece! This is not rocket science!
  3. 49D-24BusCpe

    Rod Bolts

    Hi Matt, Look up "High Collar Lockwashers" in the Search field (upper right hand corner) of this site! Walt
  4. 49D-24BusCpe

    Replacement Rod Bolts

    Hi 'Beebe, Yours look right! These 3/8" High Collar Lockwashers should be; 1) smaller than .550". 2) hardened. 3) thicker than a normal 3/8" lock washer. I've got a couple of mine pictured below. Walt
  5. 49D-24BusCpe

    Summer fall Plymouth trips

    Donald, It sounds like you were a member of the "Peanut Gallery", also! Walt
  6. 49D-24BusCpe

    Replacement Rod Bolts

    Hi 'Rally, The washer you need is a 3/8" High Collar Lockwasher. I've used many of these (inexpensive, less than $.10 a piece) parts on 230s and 265s. "A high collar split lock washer has a smaller outside diameter and thicker section than a regular slit lock washer. It is intended for use with socket head cap screws because of the screw's small head diameter.". Compare there specs with the original Mopar part number/description. 668555 Washer, Connecting Rod Bolt Lock, .387 I.D. x 17/32 O.D., 5/64 in. thk) (Bearing Cap). Regards, Walt
  7. 49D-24BusCpe

    265 Dampner

    '40Club, I picked up my 'Canadian passenger car dampener/pulley' from a Canadian Mopar Flathead enthusiast. Specify it this way, because you want one from a 25" flathead engine. First off, I would put an ad in the "wanted" classified section of this site. Another possibility, would be to inquire with Canadian eBay Mopar vendors. Also, remember to specify the fan belt size you're using! Walt
  8. 49D-24BusCpe

    265 Dampner

    '40 Club, You definitely should have a vibration dampener on an automotive application! All of us, face the same clearance issues when we replace a 23" engine with a 25" one. A readily available solution is to use a Canadian passenger car dampener. It is a combination dampener and pulley, that shortens the front crankshaft area dimension by approximately 1" and also has a smaller diameter. Illustrated below is my (upside down) 265 with this set-up! Walt
  9. 49D-24BusCpe

    They don't play in the snow!

    Both of these totally RUST FREE California girls have never been driven on snow! They're deathly afraid of the dreaded 'Tin Worm', who lives in the salt brime that is spread to combat the slippery road surfaces.
  10. 49D-24BusCpe

    Alternative trans

    Bergy, Learn how to double-clutch your trans into first gear! EVERY good street racer in the '60s knew how to do this. Walt
  11. 49D-24BusCpe

    Sparkplug wire questions

    Hi BusyCoupe, Our D-24 cars came equipped with black cloth braided lacquer coated ignition wires. Walt Below is a '46 Dodge engine compartment factory photograph;
  12. You may be he winner for the D24. I have to do my photoshop stuff first but if successful I will get back to you with a releases form. Ok? 

    1. 49D-24BusCpe


          Sure! If you need a 'cleaner' shot, I can do that too,

  13. 49D-24BusCpe

    Your chance to be famous...

    Hi P15-D24, This picture was taken last fall. According to '46-'48 'Parts List', D-24s were available without the "Fluid Drive", hence my unmarked rear bumper. Walt
  14. 49D-24BusCpe

    Headliner edge strips

    Donald, I showed pictures of my D-24 Business Coupe's headliner strips, as examples of what he should be looking for! Walt
  15. 49D-24BusCpe

    Headliner edge strips

    These shots are of my D-24 coupe.

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