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    '65 A-990 Race Hemi B-bodies. WWII bomber executive converion aircraft. Ahrens-Fox HT piston pumper fire trucks. Steam locomotives.
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    '49 Dodge D-24 Deluxe 3-Window Business Coupe, '65 Plymouth Belvedere I Race Hemi, and '67 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S.

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  1. They don't play in the snow!

    Both of these totally RUST FREE California girls have never been driven on snow! They're deathly afraid of the dreaded 'Tin Worm', who lives in the salt brime that is spread to combat the slippery road surfaces.
  2. Alternative trans

    Bergy, Learn how to double-clutch your trans into first gear! EVERY good street racer in the '60s knew how to do this. Walt
  3. Sparkplug wire questions

    Hi BusyCoupe, Our D-24 cars came equipped with black cloth braided lacquer coated ignition wires. Walt Below is a '46 Dodge engine compartment factory photograph;
  4. You may be he winner for the D24. I have to do my photoshop stuff first but if successful I will get back to you with a releases form. Ok? 

    1. 49D-24BusCpe


          Sure! If you need a 'cleaner' shot, I can do that too,

  5. Your chance to be famous...

    Hi P15-D24, This picture was taken last fall. According to '46-'48 'Parts List', D-24s were available without the "Fluid Drive", hence my unmarked rear bumper. Walt
  6. Headliner edge strips

    Donald, I showed pictures of my D-24 Business Coupe's headliner strips, as examples of what he should be looking for! Walt
  7. Headliner edge strips

    These shots are of my D-24 coupe.
  8. Started the teardown, and now the build up.

    'Casp, The tires and wheels really look great. I agree with you, though, a factory style triple stripe will liven up the package! Walt
  9. What does this dash knob do?

    Leary & 'Mattias, I agree with BOTH of you, let me explain. The D-24 Owner's Instruction Book identifies the left-most knob s the 'Map Light Switch', and the right one as the 'Panel Light Switch'. My D-24 Business Coupe has them reversed like Leary's car. My 'Panel Light Switch' has three positions - Off, Dim and Bright. Walt
  10. OT - What's wrong with THIS picture ???

    'TT, Does your M-37 have a 230" or 251"? Walt
  11. Me and the Meadowbrook

    Well, she's in for a well deserved rest!
  12. Question on freeze plugs?

    This is going to sound like a"cob job", but here goes! In 1992, after having just restored my air-conditioned big block Barracuda, I noticed an antifreeze leak coming from the back of the right (passenger side) cylinder head. Upon further examination, I found that I had a pin-hole in the welch plug on the firewall side of the head. Normally, I like to make proper, correct 'generally accepted' repairs. Unfortunately, I had committed the car to a couple of immediate events. A buddy suggested building up a thin layer of JB-Weld on the plug itself. So, I layed down three thin coats over the pin-hole, not effecting the surrounding sealing area. My plan at that time, was to eventually pull the top of the motor off, pull the head and replace that welch plug. I never got around to it! That "cob job" repair is still doing fine after TWENTY-FIVE YEARS! Since then, I've done the same thing on two other hard to reach plugs, with the same positive results. Walt
  13. Hi Jim, The Business Coupe and Club Coupe DO NOT share the same deck lids! On '46-'48 D-24s (which your Chrysler body from the firewall back is dimensionally the same), the Business Coupe, the Club Coupe, and the Convertible Coupe all have unique lids. All Sedans (4-Dr., Town, 2-Dr., 7-Passenger & Limousine) share the same luggage compartment lid. Walt
  14. Started the teardown, and now the build up.

    'Casper, Even my wife calls it the 'Big Ass Dodge'! Walt
  15. Started the teardown, and now the build up.

    'Casper, I like your style, and your choice of car! Old plates add to the 'aura' of old vehicles. My plate situation is a little different, though. My L.A. built coupe is still wearing the mandatory '63 black & yellow CA plates that it received sixty-four years ago. The '67 Barracuda coupe in the background has had CA 'UNB-727' since March of '67. That is the only license plate that it has ever had. A one in a billion shot, yes it does have a B-motor & a 727 transmission! Walt