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    '65 A-990 Race Hemi B-bodies. WWII bomber executive converion aircraft. Ahrens-Fox HT piston pumper fire trucks. Steam locomotives.
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    '49 Dodge D-24 Deluxe 3-Window Business Coupe, '65 Plymouth Belvedere I Race Hemi, and '67 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S.

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    WWII bomber executive conversions, Ahrens-Fox fire trucks, and photography.

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  1. 49D-24BusCpe

    Mopars in Oz

    Another addition - the U. S. Virgin Islands! On the islands of St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. Johns motorists drive on the left side of the road with LHD vehicles! Probably a legacy from Denmark, who sold the islands to the U.S. in 1917. My wife's from St. Croix, and it takes getting used to. Walt
  2. J-P, what a tremendous effort! Gorgeous castings and machine work. I believe that we're on the same wave- length!
  3. 49D-24BusCpe

    Molly Time!

    L-C, Good for you - one for the good guys! She looks like a great 'patina queen' project. You're right, she does have the 'long block' front fenders. So what, it appears that you've got a terrific stash of parts. Walt
  4. 49D-24BusCpe

    Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    I had the 'Big Ass Dodge' out yesterday for our annual "Woodward Avenue Cruise"!
  5. 49D-24BusCpe

    1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe wireing harness

    Seth, I agree with Reg about YnZ harnesses. If you choose to go to 12V (which I did), you're in excellent shape! Walt
  6. 49D-24BusCpe

    Truck stuff for the Man Cave etc....

    Don, Is Flat 12 two six packs? Walt
  7. 49D-24BusCpe

    My First Car -- P15 1947 Plymouth Deluxe

    NPT, I'm very impressed with you, and your parents! You should join the Detroit Region of the Plymouth Owners Club. This group is hosting the 2018 Grand National Meet this coming weekend (July 24-28) at the Four Points Hotel in Novi MI. This is right in your neighborhood! Walt
  8. 49D-24BusCpe

    Plymouth p-15 serial number question

    Andy, My '49 1st. series is a Dodge, but I haven't found a difference from a '48 D-24, EXCEPT for the Serial Number! Walt
  9. 49D-24BusCpe

    The Maestro, George Asche Jr.!

    Every year when I head down to Chrysler @ Carlisle, I make it a point to visit Fertigs PA, 'The Mopar Flathead Capitol of the World'. I found 86 year old George Jr. and his two sons, George III and Rob, all well and VERY busy on many vintage Chrysler L-head and electrical projects. This year there was an additional bonus, of a well know visitor from Germany - blogger "Captain Fred" of 'Das Boot' '40 Plymouth fame! We had a lot of fun discussing our various 265 projects. Pictured below are Fred Bertrand, George Asche Jr., and yours truly, Walt Redmond.
  10. 49D-24BusCpe

    Cowl Vent Gasket

    Andy, First off, let me say that over several years, I find you to be a very amicable, pleasant and knowledgeable guy! I have had a number of good experiences with Steele Rubber Products, and found their products to be of excellent quality. Let me give you an example of one interaction I had with them. In October of 2013, I ordered some (70-3524-15) tail lamp lens gaskets for my Deluxe Business Coupe. Their catalog showed these to be the proper part for my car, but they were 3/8" too long - they were actually sedan parts. I contacted Mr. Eddie Lail at Steele and told him the problem. I then sent him a used coupe tail lamp bezel, a used coupe tail lamp lens, and used coupe lens gasket. About a week later, Mr. Lail called me, agreeing that there was an issue. In early December of 2013, a Steele Rubber box arrived with my used parts and a brand new (70-3569-15) '46-'48 Dodge Coupe Tail Lamp Gasket set. Also, I noted that their catalog NOW showed the before mentioned 70-3524-15 part to be for '46-'48 Dodge Sedan Tail Lamp Gaskets only! Eddie Lail and Steele quickly resolved this D-24 Dodge problem by bringing out a new gasket part number and correcting their original part number's application. In this case, I thought that they had exhibited prompt, terrific customer support! Walt
  11. 49D-24BusCpe

    Rare sedan

    Paul, It's a '39 LaSalle sedan. I had a '39 LaSalle (Superior bodied) Hearse in college! Walt
  12. 49D-24BusCpe

    Rod Bolts

    Elwood, Mopar's O.D. specification for the 668555 washer was 17/32". My 3/8 High Collar Split Lock Washers measure in at less than that .531 spec! I purchased these at a well known Detroit area Big-Three OEM supplier. Incidentally, I've used these on both 230s and 265s. Walt
  13. 49D-24BusCpe

    Rod Bolts

    Once again, any good fastener outlet will have 3/8 High Collar Split Lock Washers. They are very inexpensive, usually around $.10 a piece! This is not rocket science!
  14. 49D-24BusCpe

    Rod Bolts

    Hi Matt, Look up "High Collar Lockwashers" in the Search field (upper right hand corner) of this site! Walt

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