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  1. I have a 51 B3C with original engine tranny and axle. There is 68000 on the odometer and the person I got it from states it is original. The truck has set since 1978. Should I take the time to restore the original or just swap the whole drive train out with new easy to find parts? I have been reading other post and it appears these engines don't last very long and are very high maintenance engines. By the reading the max speed is about 50 and the tranny is hard to shift. Please let me now what you all suggest I go from here. I currently have the truck disassembled down to the frame. The engine and tranny is in the garage still connected. Thanks for all the suggestions you may have.
  2. matlocks05

    decision made..

    Kevin, I live in Cal City and I have a 51 B-C-3 Completely taken down to frame My daughter have been working on it for quite awhile and not getting very far do to missing parts. What are you looking to get for your truck? Call me 6613496376 V/R Teddy
  3. matlocks05

    What year do I have

    Thank You Carl, that was major help now I can get a title for the truck. I was unsure of the year. Now maybe I can find parts,
  4. matlocks05

    What year do I have

    Hello all. I'm new to this forum and thought I'd intro myself right away. I'm in California City, California and I am the proud owner of a 1951 or 52 Dodge Pilot House. I purchased the truck from a junk yard for $600. It appears to have all the original drive train but I am not sure. It has C51-24186 stamped on the engine the flathead 6 has spitfire on it. I found it has a three speen transmission and a 7.5 rear end. I brought it home and started a full frame off restoration. the serial number on the door tag and frame is 85510302. I would like to know what year this is ans what if anything some one can tell me about the engine. I woyuld like to know what it's max speed was during it's time and if I should waste my time putting back to original condition. Thanks for all the help you can provide. V/R Teddy

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