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  1. Dave72dt

    Electrical issues driving me nuts

    Most modern alternators will be internally regulated, Some will have an external diode. If you're running it through the car's original regulator, you're going to have problems. Also, alternators are NOT battery chargers. They are battery maintainers., Asking them to charge a battery that is almost dead requires them to go to maxl charging rate and it doesn't take long for them to overheat and burn out internal components. Pull the part number off the alternator and post it here or enter it into one of the box store's websites. You should be able to get the specs from their sales info
  2. Dave72dt

    Bench seat mounts

    Check your bucket brackets against the bench brackets. They may not want to use the same mounting points. Check your seat placement with the door closed. Buckets tend to hang out a bit further from the outer mount than a bench does and you don't want the door pushing against seat when it/s closed. Installing belts, be sure to leave room for those as well.
  3. Your cart looks quite similar to mine. I set my uprights on top of my frame work instead of on the casters and remove them and replace them with tall uprights that I bolt a couple 2 x 4's to for working on box panels, fenders, doors, etc. at a comfortable work height. Right now it's holding a Mach I hood that's waiting for masking and blackout section. The one thing I'd change is swapping out a couple of the casters for some with brakes.
  4. Dave72dt

    question about carbs.

    Any test results?
  5. Dave72dt

    1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    Keep the updates coming Paul. I always look forward to seeing what you're up to.. I've been getting after the Mach I the last several months and have made great progress on it but it'll be another six months or so before it rolls back out the door. Then, it's back to the truck.
  6. You're going to want to cycle the steering once you have the idler tacked in place. The bottom joint looks to be at too sharp an angle for smooth steering. it's going to be real unpleasant driving if those joints bind at all.
  7. Dave72dt

    question about carbs.

    Hook it onto each wire in turn and watch the flashes. It's just a strobe that picks up the magnetic impulses as the high voltage goes through. Wire doesn't fire, it doesn't flash. You don't even have to aim it at the timing marks. You can of course , if you want and you should get the same timing reading off of plug wire #6 as you did off #1
  8. Dave72dt

    question about carbs.

    Have you tried using a timing light on each plug wire and the coil wire to help determine if it's an ignition problem? How about a cylinder leakdown test? As you look down the carb, do you see drops of fuel happening. Having not been opened up, as far as you know, you could have broken rings, valves hanging on an intermittent basis and the closer to the lower end of the "good compression range" it is, the more likely you are to get a random misfire.
  9. Dave72dt

    question about carbs.

    Compression readings? What's been done internally on the engine and how many miles ago? Vacuum readings? Distributor shaft wear?
  10. Dave72dt

    Worse drivers?

    I spend a lot of time on the road at my job and it seems to me driving habits are getting progressively worse regardless of where you go The latest bad habit I see more and more often is the vehicle failing to get all four wheels in the other lane when passing. I don't mind sharing the road and I don't mind getting passed as long as they're not trying to use the same portion of road I am.
  11. Dave72dt

    Hound dog hauler

    The wood for the floor goes between the cross members and the angle strip on the bed side. That's where you start. Your pic shows no wood at all. Bolts would go through the side angle, through the wood and through the cross member. There may be rubber pads between the cross members and the frame. I would suspect them to be hardened and now thinner than original.
  12. Dave72dt

    47 Dodge Turkey Truck Build

    I might consider using some Stabil 360 in it. Supposed to help reduce corrosion and whatever amount of it that doesn't come back out will mix easily with fresh gas.
  13. Dave72dt

    Hound dog hauler

    You can get a universal set, either silicone or wire core, clip the ends and boots off if needed and crimp on new ends. EC makes new ends, straight or 90 ( CarQuest line code )
  14. Dave72dt

    What alternator works on a 49 plymouth

    A lot of the universal wiring kits seem to be set up for a GM one wire as well as a number of other GM pigtails. Nothing wrong with using an older Chrysler system. They're really simple also and with the more open housings, they provide a bit different look than the commonplace GM unit.
  15. Dave72dt

    Paint Marine blue

    Tinting the primer helps hide scratches if they happen to go through the color coat and usually means a coat or two less of (more expensive) color coat to get full coverage.

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