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  1. Dave72dt

    230 crank won’t turn

    On your initial disassembly, do you recall any unusual wear patterns on the old bearings?
  2. Dave72dt

    230 crank won’t turn

    Are you trying this with or without the rear main seal installed? Rope seals can put a lot of drag on a crank and the closer to the seal you get the more likely to get that drag and maybe a lockup. If you have them in, take them out and try again. Check the backside of all the bearing shells. They should all have the same thousandths markings. Those notches in the block and main caps were put there by the factory. There're used to keep the bearing shell from rotating and caps, when installed will have that notch on the same side of the block as the one in the block.
  3. Dave72dt

    Todd Build Thread

    Looks like you need to get the rain gutter finished up so you have a solid reference line to trim to. Drivers door fit the same way?
  4. Dave72dt

    Has anybody tall thinned out their seatback?

    My firewall Is set back quite a bit as well. While I have buckets mounted, my most comfortable position was by actually moving the entire seat forward and then leaning it back. When I had the seat shoved back as far as it would go, the seating position was too upright and felt like I was folded up. Moving forward and leaned back relaxed the knees and legs. Since you have a standard height cab, you should be able to go up a bit and lean it back at the same time.
  5. Dave72dt

    Me and the B-1-D

    What you may be looking for may be called ribbon webbing by an auto upholstery supplier or someone who does marine covers. I've got a bunch of it in 1", 1 1/2", 2 " that came with the used sewing machine purchased several years ago from a upholsterer who did a ;lot of boat covers before he retired. If you can't find anything, let me know and I'll send you some.
  6. Dave72dt

    ggdad1951 truck project montage: FEF!

    I got a chance to see it at last year's btt50's. I'd seen it in pieces and finally got to see it all together. that place is huge and my son, his wife and I spent the entire day Saturday keeping a lookout for it, finally found it as we were heading out to go home walking on one of the outer perimeter streets. Looks really good and sounds as good as it looks. Excellent truck to use as reference for a restoration or inspiration to go forward on your own project.
  7. Dave72dt

    Plasti Dip

    I guess I didn't understand what you meant by "island'". I interpreted it as glass itself because the rear section of glass seems to be somewhat smeared. Do you mean the area around the glass that's now black? If so, DupliColor makes a peel off paint that you can experiment with. I believe it becomes permanent after a certain number of days. My apologies if I've offended you in this series of posts.
  8. Dave72dt

    Plasti Dip

    My definition of tinted window would still imply some transparency. Plasti Dip could be used as a blackout material and I think they make it in red also so maybe as a redout material. Sometimes cutting a corner, repurposing materials turns out to be more work and more expense than using the product actually designed for the project. This sounds like a case in point if that's what happened. Sorry Paul, if your good intentions and innovative thinking didn't work out.
  9. Dave72dt

    Plasti Dip

    I don't mind admitting to my mistakes, but if that's the case, I'm not too sure I'd advertise it unless it's intended as a learning tool for the rest of us on what not to do . Tip of the Day: Plasti -Dip does not work well as a window tint material.
  10. Dave72dt

    Plasti Dip

    I'll assume the Plasti-Dip on the windows was unintentional.
  11. Dave72dt

    Battered Battery

    should have thought of that. Goes to prove everyone can have a "Duh" moment. I just wish I didn't have so many.
  12. Dave72dt

    Battered Battery

    For those suggesting the drain and refill, have you found anyplace willing to take used acid, w/ wo a fee?
  13. Dave72dt

    Battered Battery

    I deal with cold also and as such, I opt for as much CCA as the box will hold. Ask about warranty though before you purchase. That battery as well as most 6V will be considered commercial and warranty usually is about 6 months free, 12 prorated. Good part is you can probably replace it twice for the price of an Optima.
  14. Dave72dt

    Ford explorer rearend

    A tape measure will answer most of your questions on the Explorer axle. Spring width may be different. You'll need to check that as well as pinion angle. Shock location and mounting may be entirely different as well so you'll need to salvage those of your old axle ( new perches can be bought ). Using an Explorer master may or may not be a good choice unless you are looking to go with power brakes. I doubt you'll find any Explorer masters that weren't set up to work without a booster. You could probably use it but you may need to play with the pedal leverage ratio a bit.
  15. Looks real good, similar to my floor. Looks like you may have used rectangular tubing between the door pillars. I used 1 x 3 on mine, put a 90 degree brake edge on the front edge of the floor pan and then matched the brake angles for the toe panels and plug welded them in.

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