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  1. Dave72dt

    Negative Ground

    Tail lights and brake lights typically use a dual filament bulb, the dimmer used for the tail and the brighter filament for the brakes AND turn signals Brakes and turn go through the turn signal switch so you may want to check it and the brake switch itself. Some electrical parts are designed to function correctly only when matched to their specific polarity needs. Apparently you can smoke one of those radios designed as pos ground by reversing the polarity to neg ground. An item like the voltage reg can be had in pos ground or neg ground and some either way, and in 6 or 12 v. Those old regs usually had the ground preference stamped on them or if you have a part number, specs can be found that will tell you., new ones seem to be stamped with a stencil. here again, part numbers can help. They should also be matched to the gen so grab that number as well. Delco controlled their gens differently than other makes of gens and as a result polarizing them was different.
  2. Dave72dt

    Negative Ground

    Other than a couple of polarity sensitive components like the voltage reg and radio, ign coil and amp gauge maybe the fuel gauge/sending unit, positive or negative ground doesn't really matter as long as all the electrical components match the polarity. Coil and amp gauge wires reversed, generator repolarized are the main issues and those things may already have been done. It's not that uncommon to find recent acquisition hooked up as neg ground since that's what most people are familiar with.
  3. Dave72dt


    According to the diagram Wiggo posted, they have it set up as a negative ground schematic. Your description in your first post describes your system as a positive ground. Therefore, hook that wire to the negative side of the coil. The positive side will be connected to the lead that goes to the distributor.
  4. Dave72dt

    She's broke!

    I don't know how many machine shops you'll find that are willing to cut ring lands and find spacers and then warranty the work. If you do find one, labor and parts may exceed the cost of new pistons and rings. Check the valve seats as well. Since you've got a hardened seat, it could have come loose or cracked and will also make a bunch of noise. If you find a broken ring, especially if the engine was locked up at one point in it's life, replace them all. A rusted ring is a weak ring and won't apply proper tension against the cyl wall and may break shortly after you fix one piston. They may have also cracked the ring lands if the rust was severe enough.
  5. Dave72dt


    I think you'll be fine if you move that 10 gauge wire on the solenoid to the big post on the other side of the solenoid. Leave the heavy cables where they are. That little post on top of the solenoid you'll use to engage the solenoid. It'll come from either the key switch in the start position or start button, whichever you have.
  6. Dave72dt


    I think your problem is going to be at the starter solenoid. Your # 16 wire has to be hot at all times to feed your fuse panel, usually means hooked to the same terminal as the battery cable. Now how your solenoid terminal lugs are setup and their uses can vary by application. Post a pic of the solenoid and starter. I know there has been a few posts in the past on what the terminals are for, depending on the solenoid style.
  7. Dave72dt

    art of being a senior....

    Those extended periods of silence makes me think cell phones should go "Click" when the caller hangs up. I've noticed more often I end up just talking to my hand. Whatever happened to "thanks, goodbye."
  8. I've had the rear fenders painted for a couple years now but never finished up with the cut and buff so yesterday I got one out and went to work on it. Started out with 1000 grit and worked my way up to 3000, followed by rubbing compound and the buffer. I may even get the other one out and do it up later this week.
  9. Dave72dt

    Misses at higher RPM

    Some brands of point sets have a separate tension spring that sometimes gets overlooked or installed wrong giving you little tension on the point arm. I think the NAPA Echlin points were built with the separate tension spring.
  10. Dave72dt

    1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    I think you'll have to wait until the body is back on and mounts tightened down. Isn't the body the pedal stop for both the clutch and brake pedals?
  11. Dave72dt

    Optima 6v battery

    I've cranked a few tractor engines over with a crank myself and still prefer a working starter. Most 6V batteries today are used in farm, industrial or commercial applications and because of the abuse inherent in those applications, warranties have a very short time frame. Few of those tractors using "squarish" 6V batteries are still being used for crop production today as opposed to 30 or 40 years ago and the more urban your locale, the less likely you're to find them stocked on any shelf. Since most of us in this hobby don't really need one immediately, a day or two wait shouldn't be that big a deal. Optima direct pricing is a price protection for it's retailers, and helps pay for staff to handle shipping customer service and warranty claims.. As far as pricing, yes they seem to go up in pricing often. You should also notice the core values have been going up as well.. Be glad you're not buying a battery pack for a hybrid. Price one of those out sometime and ask if anyone is stocking those on the shelf.
  12. Dave72dt

    1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    Black and grey interior needs black or some shade of grey seat covers or some combo of black and grey. They could match or compliment the exterior color if you were painting it. If you decide to have the seats reupholstered, lose the headrests. They look totally out of place.
  13. Dave72dt

    Coupe won't start.

    One last thing, coil orientation. If a positive ground system, the + side of the coil is the one that's supposed to be hooked to the dist, the - will be from the switch.
  14. Dave72dt

    Coupe won't start.

    You're welcome.
  15. Dave72dt

    Coupe won't start.

    All that's left is that little fine wire and the condenser. Check the wire for fraying or contact where it's not supposed to be. Most likely the condenser but check the wire anyway. Congratulations, you've just completed a step by step troubleshooting of the primary ignition system in your car. You'll want to check your point gap and check for side play on the dist shaft as well since that can affect point gap.

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