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    fuel sending unit 1948 plymouth coupe

    This is my first post to this forum, I like to introduce myself: I'm living in Finland, Helsinki area. My Mopar is Chrysler Windsor 1947 which I have owned several years (since 1972). The car is very much in original. Naturally some repars are done during these years. I have been following this site some time and I have got lot of good information for maintenance the car. I'm sorry about my not very good English. Hopefully there will be not very bad language mistakes. About gas tank sender: Couple of months ago, I bought new sender from eBay. Before installation I made resistance measurements of the sender. Unfortunately I found out that the sender was not functional. I sent e-mail to supplier but I never got any answer. Eventually I decided to open the device and I saw the problem, the circuit board was broken and the resistor was not in contact to the other contact point. Probably assembly error. I fixed the broken board and bad connection using small screw. Result was positive, the sender works in the car. Still there is one problem: the reading is not linear because of the shape of the resistor. In original sender the resistor shape is designed to compensate the nonlinear arm movement. Also the aftermarket sender is not very roubust and I cannot expect very long lifetime. I think that I will fix the original device again (I have rebuild the resistor wire about 25 years ago).

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