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  1. I haven't installed my windshield yet, but this video shows how to properly install glass into metal frames. My vent windows and side roll-ups turned out perfectly. https://glass4classics.com.au/how-to-assembling-1947-1954-australian-chevrolet-pickup-1-4-vent-window/
  2. Brent, Thanks. That's good to know. That's why I was thinking about a grommet or a plug of some kind to help seal the hole. You must have had an old beat up grill to get the patch you used. Looks like that worked pretty well. Unfortunately I don't have an extra grill but it shouldn't be too hard to patch the "dish". Glenn
  3. The re-designed dash and the "Job Rated" medallion in the grill clearly favor the '51 B3 over all the other Pilothouse models because it was first to implement these tremendously artistic improvements! I've heard they even make the engine run a little smoother and use less gas too!
  4. The thing that started bugging me about the hacked out metal was the question of water getting into the marker lights. But if there was a 1 inch open hole from the factory anyway, I might just live with it. Then again, knowing me, maybe not. Shoulda fixed it right away.
  5. A previous owner hacked up the sheetmetal behind both of my marker lights. Why? Who knows? As a result, I have no idea how the sheetmetal should be behind the marker lights or how the marker light wiring and sockets should project through the sheet metal. Also, did Dodge use a grommet to seal out water where the wiring comes through the sheetmetal? Can someone with a 51 - 53 Pilothouse post a good photo of the sheetmetal behind the markers? Once I know how it should look, I'll weld up the hole damage, figure out how the wiring goes through, drill a new right-sizedhole for the wires/sockets, and then repaint the damaged areas. I should have just fixed it from the get-go. Driver Side From Front of Grill... Driver Side From Back of Grill... Passenger Side From Back of Grill With Marker Light Installed...
  6. I haven't wired up my headlight switch yet, but if my B3B had turn signal lights on top of my fenders (it doesn't) AND the two wire marker light sockets, I would probably wire both sets of turn signal lights in parallel and use 'em both.
  7. My markers were in rough shape as you can tell from the pitting. I don't think that silver or white makes too much difference so I went with metallic Rustoleum. I'm going to use the marker lights as turn signals too so I replaced the original 1156 sockets with 1157's which can accommodate two filament type bulbs. I got the 1157s (socket, wiring, and bulb included) from DCM. The only problem with the replacement sockets was that I wasn't able to be secure them tightly enough to the reflectors at first. Looseness caused the sockets to twist when removing or replacing a bulb. To fix that, I wrapped a turn or two of safety wire around the back of the socket to snug it down good and tight to the back of the reflector. Problem solved.
  8. Did 1951 - 53 pilothouse marker lights come with silver reflectors behind the bulb? Or was the inside surface of the housing painted white (or something else)? And did they come from the factory with amber or clear bulbs?
  9. Anyone know what color pilothouse gas tanks were painted from the factory? I'm guessing argent or black but not sure.
  10. The bed wood is oak. The bed strips are powder coated in semi-gloss black. The side angles are glued on and were painted along with the bed sides. I stained the boards with a a black solid exterior Behr stain. You can't see it in the picture, but a problem with the stain is that it tends to show scratch marks. I was thinking about applying a coat of marine varnish to prevent scratches and make the wood easy to wipe off, but Behr doesn't recommend varnish over exterior stain. Black paint might have been a better option. Time will tell.
  11. The running boards and bed sides needed a lot of metal work before the paint went on but they turned out pretty well. I had help from some guys who know how to do body work, but I worked on every aspect of the body and paint work - mostly filler application, filler sanding, guide coating, high build primer sanding, clear coat sanding and final polishing, and a little bit of actual painting - in other words the stuff an amateur couldn't mess up too badly. Before taking this on I did not realize how much time and effort goes into paint prep. Painting is the easy part.
  12. I put the bed together yesterday. The fenders aren't fully bolted on yet. I still need to add the fender welting.
  13. My sheetmetal parts are finished and it's time to put it together. I ran into a problem with the engine, so it's back at the machine shop for now. I should be getting the engine back from the shop in a couple of weeks. After the engine goes in, the cab and doors go on.
  14. My doors, cab, and front end are re-painted original Dodge dark green and look great. Now comes the time to start putting the glass back in, but these parts still confuse me. The black window sweeper thing is 8 feet long and 1/2 inch wide. I can't figure out where it goes, what it fits into, or how the clips are used to install it. (The black part is flat, not channel shaped.) If someone has a good installation picture, that would probably help me out quite a bit. Hopefully it will clarify this for others too. Thanks.
  15. Brent, No problem. It's all good stuff. The more input, the better. Besides, I got the answer I was looking for. Anyway, I ran over to Home Depot and found that Rustoleum 2X Ultracover (Nutmeg color) is an almost perfect match for the original visor bracket color. It comes in a satin finish, so if it's not glossy enough, I'll give it a coat or two of clear coat. Glenn
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