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  1. air cleaner conversion

    mmm, you have a point there.... this might be the inbetween solution altough it stays an ugly thing ;-)???? Do you remember what kind of paper filter fits in there because if I can't find a metric size that fits.... do you have to modify other things or has this already been discribed in other postings? thanks an take care!!! Franky
  2. air cleaner conversion

    I agree with all above mentioned statements. Ok, it is not original, it does look too modern.... is is efficient?. Strange thing is that if I see what i find in an oilbath filter after a few 1000km's... a couple of flies and mosquito's, a bit of dust but the oil is fairly clean. I f I took out the K&N filter of my VW bug... this was another story.... The cleaning fluid I used to clean the element was black... (and also a few mosquito's :-) So what is science...? Should I try it. I do am worried that the noise will be a lot higher and I don't want that either...choices, choices.... take care, thanks for the input and keep them oldies running... grtz,
  3. air cleaner conversion

    any ideas if this would work: (to get rid of that ugly looking stock air cleaner :-) )
  4. Saw this on FB. MOPAR option or custom?

    yes the dogs were optional... ;-)
  5. water distribution pipe question

    Thanks Don!! (already awake over the big pond...?) take care!
  6. water distribution pipe question

    Hello friends, after having experienced the already numerous times discribed walk through hell and back to get the remains of the pipe out, just a small question... Does the new pipe slide in properly untill the last cm (inch) or is some tapping required? The new pipe slides in nicely exept for the last +/-2 inches. We don't want to damage anything after going through all this trouble..... Thanks! Franky
  7. heater housing, any idea what is missing here

    ah, great picture! thanks. I"ll do a Mc Gyver... The chances that someone has something laying around like this is nihil I guess.... have a great day and watch yours back when schoveling snow.... take care
  8. Does someone has a similar set up? Any idea what kind of linking is missing here? thanks!!!! Franky
  9. dodge 23" engine versus a cranbrook '53 engine

    i'll check if I can find these gentlemen.....thanks for the info! grtz,
  10. dodge 23" engine versus a cranbrook '53 engine

    hello Jan! thanks for sharing your toughts. True we're in the same boat.... I found out that the Dodge engine T214 should have a lot of interchangeable parts for a Plymouth P24 engine. I was able to order the oil pan gasket in Holland for 15 euro.....so that is not bad I think. In the meantime I have a nice database of companies that have parts for these dodge engines. Another example... the water distribution pipe is cheaper in France than in the US.. so there are definitely possibilities... I am sure that for exmple the brake wheel pistons are available in Europe IF we would find the right comparison numbers. I am convinced that there are no 30 plants in the world where they produce these parts.... My search goes on and I am willing to share my findings with our European, coleagues; take care! Franky
  11. dodge 23" engine versus a cranbrook '53 engine

    thanks Andy, do they know enough if I mention a P24 block..? I fear that if I say this, the Dodge specialist will hear thunder in Cologne....(that's a flemish saying ;-) )
  12. dodge 23" engine versus a cranbrook '53 engine

    Hello Gregg, thanks for the info. I don' t expect the brakes from a Dodge WC to be the same as from the Cranbrook. I would already be happy if engine parts are interchangeable. That is why I would like to know what Dodge WC engine is the closest match to a Plymouth P24 engine...
  13. dodge 23" engine versus a cranbrook '53 engine

    sure I can....I pay 50 USD for shipment.... and another 65 USD customs fee and I have to wait 25 days....SO my 100 US dollar order easily will cost me double.... I am looking to buy also wheel brake cilinders in the US, You don't want to know the cost untill they are on my bench... That is why I would like to buy within Europe. grtz
  14. hello! Finding parts for my cranbrook '53 engine in Europe is a real pain in the b*tt. Now I have seen that a similar engine was mounted in military vehicles such as the dodge wc series. To give an example; if I look for an oil pan gasket for a plymouth cranbrook '53 it is impossible to find anything. If I look for a oil pan gasket for a Dodge WC engine, I have the choice between 5 companies that sell these. So for the dodge specialists among us. What type of Dodge engine would correspond the best with my plymouth D24 217 engine? This could save me a lot of money on engine parts... Thanks again for the well appreciated advice, regards, Franky
  15. oil pan gasket wrong size??

    jep Andy, as usual you're right. I am preparing to order some parts gaskets, wheel brake cilinders, etc. But it is always very hard to predict what you will need... Thanks for the well appreciated advice! Take care, Franky