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    Senior Member, have way too much spare time on my hands
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    restoration of my car
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    1953 plymouth cranbrook convertible

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    passionate about things
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    production mgr


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    Tielt Belgium
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    vintage cars and motorcycles

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  1. bluefoxamazone

    source for trim piece

    i know it's going to be a tough one, but you never know if you don't ask... you don't have to be beautifull to be lucky....:-)
  2. bluefoxamazone

    source for trim piece

    hopefully I am better off with a new one... Here we would have to pay a fortune for that.... grtz
  3. bluefoxamazone

    source for trim piece

    Does somebody know where to find this piece (or both sides) in new/ mint condition (I have a dented one... :-) ) Passenger side Plymouth cranbrook conv. 1953 thanks
  4. bluefoxamazone

    remembrance tour "Battle of the Bulge" (right in my back yard)

    his and this from many others service is highly appreciated! thanks
  5. We took old Betty for a tour around the monuments and special places of the battle of the Bulge where so many young guys fought (and died...)for our freedom. You see pictures of the Mardasson museum, Barriere Hinck, Bois Jacques with the foxholes, Bastogne barracks... hope you enjoy them; greetings from Belgium. (This was our first big trip from Flanders to Bastogne 200 miles in an ambient temperature of 35°C. The car ran fine, overheating problems gone thanks to a total flush of the engine and a new water distribution pipe. I have installed an electronic thermometer and it never exceeded 80°C, even when driving up the hills)I am happy....)
  6. bluefoxamazone

    Adjusting the fuel sender float

    mine is reading 3/4 full when completely full... can this be adjusted or is this an electric problem? grtz,
  7. bluefoxamazone

    renovating window channels and rubbers

    off course I have checked catalogues and websites but, to be honest my first goal is to find out if these trimmings are special for the plymouths or more or less "standard". If I can find a source here in Europe, that would be much cheaper for me. If it is special for mopar, I will have no chance of finding this here and that is where the above mentioned companies come in sight...
  8. bluefoxamazone

    renovating window channels and rubbers

  9. bluefoxamazone

    renovating window channels and rubbers

    hello team, can someone tell me what there is to know about replacing window rubbers and channels. How are they mounted/attached in the doors? Where to look for? Glue? suppliers of the right stuff for a plymouth cranbrook conv. '53 Thanks (again) Franky
  10. bluefoxamazone

    aftermarket radio and speaker installation

    mmmm.... might be a good one ... i look into it... thanks for the inspiration on this one... grtz
  11. bluefoxamazone

    influence of high octane...?

    good discussion... anyway from what I have learned so far... Our old engines are not designed for the higher octane fuels and they can't handle these very good. So the moral... "keep it cheap and the octane low".... :-)
  12. bluefoxamazone

    influence of high octane...?

    since I have installed an electric fuel pump next to the mechanical pump it starts right away. I used to have the same issues, even with a new carb. I turn the key now, let the electric one pump for two seconds and start.
  13. bluefoxamazone

    influence of high octane...?

    hello friends, I know that a lot has been written on the "octane" subject, but I would like to throw something in this group. I noticed that the Cranbrook was ideling a little "rough"... I checked the plugs and wires but couldn't detect anything wrong. The car starts and runs fine. I took it for a ride and instead of putting 98 octane fuel in, I switched to 95 and filled up the tank. I guess the tank was half empty or half full if you like, before I started to fill her up. After driving some 160km (100miles) I felt that the engine was running much smoother and the rough idling was gone. Now the question of one million, is this sudden change of behavior due to a different octane or just coincidence...?
  14. bluefoxamazone

    aftermarket radio and speaker installation

    one of the major problems seem to be that the car is positive ground; All available modern "vintage style" radios are neg grounded. These units can't handle 6V on the housing... I guess I will end up with a bluetooth module connected to an amplifier and with a remote control so that I can put everything in a plastic box under the front seat....
  15. bluefoxamazone

    P18 Plymouth 1949 carb alternative in Europe

    have you found this in Europe? If so and you don't want it... i am interested... :-) grtz

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