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  1. bluefoxamazone

    Temperature gauge add on

    I also have one of those but it is a bit hard to check under the bonnet while driving...:-)
  2. bluefoxamazone

    Got a Problem Need Advice

    we have thumbs up...
  3. bluefoxamazone

    Temperature gauge add on

    just to have a second measurement I have installed a cheap "-made-in-China thermometer" bij glue-ing the probe on a nicely cleaned freeze plug on top of the head. It measures fast and accurate and gives me a good indication on the cooling performance. In combination with the stock gauge it works like a charm. It reacts much faster. I can even see everytime the thermostat opens. On a hot day (35°C) while going up and down hills the temperature was never exceeding 78°C. I could predict when the gauge in the dash was going to rise and when I would go down. Cheap and efficiënt dont we all like that...? Grtz from Belgium
  4. bluefoxamazone

    Got a Problem Need Advice

    mmm. I'd put my money on Plymouthy and mr Coatney... 😉
  5. bluefoxamazone

    Got a Problem Need Advice

    hello Larry, you seem to be concentrating on the ignition/timing.. sure it's not a carburation problem...?grtz
  6. bluefoxamazone

    next on the list... improve braking

    I might fool around a bit with it... let's see what it brings... grtz
  7. bluefoxamazone

    next on the list... improve braking

    my excuses for not using the correct word.. I meant affordable. After I noticed that some 150 buyers were very satisfied (mostly FORD guys). I thought I'd give it a try. For 30 euro I can't make my hands dirty trying to invent something I can buy...
  8. bluefoxamazone

    next on the list... improve braking

    hello folks... just came upon this, as I was preparing to fabricate my own device.... has somebody ever try this to adjust the brake shoes? looks neat and.... cheap...(sorry affordable...) regards, Franky
  9. bluefoxamazone

    next on the list... improve braking

    thanks for the good suggestions guys but I think that "re-engineering " the brake system is out of the question. You guys have no idea what our Belgian technical inspection is like. If the inspector notices any changes (and certainly on a safety devices) on the car, even if the braking performance increases by factor 10, you're in trouble... For this, and this reason only you should try to keep everything as original as possible. We live in a country full of rules and regulations. If I see what is possible in other countries... we can only dream of that...
  10. bluefoxamazone

    Wheel cylinders and parts

    I noticed before that there are so many different prices on the "same" cilinder..; going from 10$ to 70$ per piece... what is wisdom, are the expensive ones over rated and the cheaper ones pure junk...? What are the good brands? grtz
  11. bluefoxamazone

    next on the list... improve braking

    Hello friends, would replacing all wheel cylinders and installing a new master cylinder improve the braking behavior of the car? Is there experience available here with a master brake cylinder combined with somekind of a booster? I have looked into a transition set to disc brakes but most of the typical US parts (calipers) are not available around here...and I like to keep it somewhat original. So what would be the first thing to do to improve stopping. The brake liners look good as well as the brake drums. I am looking forward to a good discussion on this... take care and greetings from over the pond.
  12. bluefoxamazone

    source for trim piece

    i know it's going to be a tough one, but you never know if you don't ask... you don't have to be beautifull to be lucky....:-)
  13. bluefoxamazone

    source for trim piece

    hopefully I am better off with a new one... Here we would have to pay a fortune for that.... grtz
  14. bluefoxamazone

    source for trim piece

    Does somebody know where to find this piece (or both sides) in new/ mint condition (I have a dented one... :-) ) Passenger side Plymouth cranbrook conv. 1953 thanks
  15. bluefoxamazone

    remembrance tour "Battle of the Bulge" (right in my back yard)

    his and this from many others service is highly appreciated! thanks

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