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  1. weird connector(?) what is it for...?

    ok thanks for replying, do you want a few extra...? :-)
  2. weird connector(?) what is it for...?

    OK thanks, so I guess I can just connect the wires or replace the (broken) connector. I tought it was some kind of weird fuse... grtz
  3. cardboard heater duct Cranbrook 1953

    ready for installation... mission accomplished...
  4. water tube question

    The phosphorous acid treatment just developed a mono molecular layer of phosphor oxide at the iron surface once the iron oxide is gone (rust); We are not talking about a coating that can chip off, so I do not worrie about such a thing no.. After seeing the debree leftover in the bottom of the enigine block I should worry more over this... ;-) I think 75% of the water distribution pipe simply rotted away and the remains were laying in the lower part of the engine. I think it is now important to put a modern cooling fluid in the engine that has an rust inhibiting working by means of an oxygen binding component. Then the cast iron block will be fine altough all modern blocks are made out of aluminium... we'll see in 30 years what has happened...
  5. water tube question

  6. water tube question

    some setup pics of the kidney transfusion......:-)
  7. weird connector(?) what is it for...?

    Has anybody got a clue what this "connector" is for... this is a type we have never seen or is it some kind of fuse and what isit securing then... It is situated at the drivers side close to the signal relais.. the wire disapears into the cable bundle. any help is highly appreciated...
  8. water tube question

    this is an endoscopic view from the inside of the cooling tube channel....
  9. water tube question

    hello! we took off the (fairly new )waterpump and radiator. All openings (incl. thermostat housing) were blocked bij a piece of sheet metal and silicone. Two freeze plugs were removed and the engine was flushed untill nothing came out anymore. My brother also made a special nozzle to be able to blow high pressure water in the engine in the corners via the freeze plug opening. Then, one of the freeze plugs was mounted. The other freeze plug opening was temporary closed with a wooden plug. On the bottom of the engine we put in a open/close valve. On the top, the heater valve was replaced bij another open/close valve. Both valves were connected to a garden hose. To circulate the acid we used a small pump driven by a drilling machine and a bucket. The acid was a commercially availble de-ruster on a phosphoric acid base (see picture below). I have done preliminary tests on a very rusty knife that had been laying in the Belgian weather for two years. It was soaked in the acid (20%)overnight and came out nicely. All the rust was gone and the metal was nice and black (phosphatised). We used a 20% solution on the engine and let is circulate for 15hrs. After the rinsing, we have been flushing with water for 2hrs. This evening I will post a picture from the inside of the engine. It looks so clean that you think that it came straight out of the factory....
  10. cardboard heater duct Cranbrook 1953

    this home made duct will last longer than the car it is in I guess... :-) now curing, then cutting the opening for the ventilator and then I will paint it black.
  11. water tube question

    ok fellas, this is how it looks. Let's see what happens.... enjoy your day!! Franky
  12. cardboard heater duct Cranbrook 1953

    propably,... depending on your skills but I am more a plastics guy... grtz
  13. water tube question

    hello Dick!! I have a new cooling core in the radiator, a new waterpump, de-rusted the whole intestines from the engine by acid treatment, new distributor pipe, etc,...so there is not much left I can do I think. It will hopefully go like a spear (without overheating)....grtz!!!
  14. water tube question

    thanks jack and casper great info!!!! I suppose there were no real cooling issues with this setup?
  15. water tube question

    thanks for replying Merle, altough, if I see the drawing in the manual... It looks like the original tube fits the opening much more precise than the aftermarket tubes. There does not seem much clearance to creat side flow... I think we will go for the flared pipe and hope the flow is sufficient to cool the whole block. grtz