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  1. Wanted to get opinions on the quality of fuel we are running these days. I say it's crap. Do you folks run any kind of additives?
  2. I ended up with 2 batteries. One for the memory wire and one for the power wire. Works good. I know they will need charged eventually.
  3. I tried 2 of those. One quit working. I fried the other trying to hook it up.
  4. On the modern radios, the yellow wirw is for memory and the red wire goes to the ignition. I have both of those hooked to a mower battery in the trunk. My p15 is still 6 volt. When i unhook the battery so that the radio isn't on constantly, i loose the memory. Any ideas?
  5. I've rebuilt it twice. The second time with a kit and video from mike's carberators.
  6. It seems i have to keep tweeking the fuel/air mixture on my p15 to get the idle to smooth out. Any ideas?
  7. Casper, i hope you removed the lower part of the inner fender to gain easier access to the valves.
  8. jgreg53

    Gas filter

    Ok i will check that out. Thanks
  9. jgreg53

    Gas filter

    I'm talking about a clear plastic filter between the pump and carb. I never see the thing full of gas.
  10. jgreg53

    Gas filter

    Thanks but my question was should the filter be full of gas?
  11. jgreg53

    Gas filter

    Tried to take my p15 out for a spin. Started stalling and died. Pushed it and pumped the clutch to get it running. I had ran the battery down. Should the fuel filter be full of gas as the car is running. I have a little gas in the pump side of the filter. I rebuilt the pump a couple years ago with a kit that was supposed to be impervious to ethinal. I have a new tank and fuel lines.
  12. Why do you think this car would have that? By the way the heater works great. Every pic I see for a p15 shows that spot on the firewall blocked off with a piece that could be punched out. This was attached to it.
  13. the heater in my 48 has an air intake on the firewall. It has a flap in the duct. I haven't seen another one like it. Been trying to find out what connects to it. It has had in the past a dryer vent hose. I think there is supposed to be some kind of duct work going to the radiator wall.
  14. jgreg53


    I know about the cowl vent. This is an opening with a butterfly flap. Left side of the firewall near the heater hoses. I'll post a pic. Can someone tell me whar is supposed to connect this to the radiator wall? I have been using a dryer vent hose.
  15. On the p15, what goes from the fresh air vent on the firewall to the radiator wall. Right now i have a dryer vent hose. Seems like there should be a square duct of some kind.
  16. I turned on my original am radio the other day and nothing but hums and whistle. That meant my fm converter didn't work either. I paid a good bit of money to get the original working. Back square 1.
  17. I used a kit from mikes carbutator parts and his video. Very helpful. Simplest carb i've ever rebuilt.
  18. I have a 6 volt pos ground alternator on my p15. It was there when i bought the car.
  19. I'm still going to order new screws from restoration specialities
  20. I checked out resroration specialities. I'm impressed with the amount of critical hardware peices the have available. Just about any fastener, clip, weatherstripping, nut, and bolt you can think of. They do have yhe replacement 5/16-24 screw for the hinge. I got the door back on with a new pin in the top hinge. Using the screws i had. Door doesn't sag now.
  21. We have a fastenal store here that i'm gonna try.
  22. the reason I took the door loose at the A pillar is because getting the window crank and the door handle appeared to be a pain, but I finally managed to get those off and get the door panel off. Did you find replacement screws to attach the hinge to the pillar?
  23. The my pins are 0.338. probably referred to as 11/32. The bushings I am finding are 3/8 ID and 1/2 OD. Finding the correct bushings seem to be a problem. Andy Bernbaum sells the pins but no bushings and they measure 0.275. The 0.338 was the top pin. It was probably a replacement pin. The bottom pin is 0.340. I'm sure that's original.
  24. took driver's door off. 2 of the screws holding the hinges on the door post needed to be drilled out. Upon removing the door panel to disconnect the hinges from the door, I see that the screws are not very tight. I'm hoping this may be the reason for the sagging. The hinge pins seem to be good.
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