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  1. jgreg53

    changing pinion seal P15

    while changing the seal I see that the large nut was loose with a cotter pin through it. Why would someone do this and what happens when I torque it down properly?
  2. jgreg53

    steering box kit

    I found the problem. The cup had rolled under the seat. When you get a certain age you tend to forget how things go back together if it's been apart for a while. I should take pics when disassembling
  3. jgreg53

    steering box kit

    well, here goes. I rebuilt the steering box with a kit from AB. It came with bearings, cups, and brass bushings. got it all back together and it fixed the play in the steering, but the steering is tight. Will it loosen up a bit over time as the new bearings get worn in? Also My horn was working fine but now it doesn't work. my steering wheel is the deluxe model with the single button in the middle. I keep thinking there is a piece missing under the horn button. Any Ideas?
  4. jgreg53

    Replacement Gas Tanks

    I purchased a new tank from Tanks Inc. Looks nothing like original but the price was right and it works.
  5. jgreg53

    question about carbs.

    can't tell from the pics how thick the gasket is from amazon
  6. jgreg53

    question about carbs.

    So I made a gasket from a piece of weather stripping. seems to help. Gonna keep looking for the correct gasket.
  7. jgreg53

    question about carbs.

    I'm not finding one in my sources. Should be able to make something. I believe air getting in the carb around the clamp would be screwing with the air fuel mixture.
  8. jgreg53

    question about carbs.

    I have tried the things suggested. I really think it's fuel and air related. I can change the fuel air mixture and change the nature of the skip but not get rid of it altogether. I did find a bad hose going to the vac. operated wiper motor. changed it and that helped smooth it out. I took the air cleaner and soaked the horse hair in green cleaner and blew it out real good . that helped. I'm going to drive it this way for a while and see what happens. Should the clamp holding the air cleaner on the top of the carb be tight enough to create an air tight seal? I tighten it up as much as I can but the air cleaner will still spin around.
  9. jgreg53

    aftermarket radio and speaker installation

    I had my original radio rebuilt. It was costly. Then I see there is no music on am radio. Then I found the old style FM converter made by audiovox on ebay. I had to purchase a 6 to 12 volt converter. Works pretty good. At least I have FM stations. I would like to upgrade to a modern radio headset that's Sirius ready. I have satellite radio in my everyday vehicles. I love it. Commercial radio any more is just that, mostly commercials. I also had to get a new speaker. Couldn't Find the original size anywhere. It was 7.5 inches. I bought a 6 inch speaker from ebay and made it work.
  10. jgreg53

    question about carbs.

    ok, thanks. I will try that. I tried the timing light on each plug wire. No skip in the strobe.
  11. jgreg53

    question about carbs.

    Didn't know you could do that with a timing light.
  12. jgreg53

    question about carbs.

    I have checked all that, Dave. The motor has never been opened up from what I can tell. Compression is good. Vacuum readings are good. Distributor wear is minimal. I'm thinking a vacuum leak somewhere.
  13. jgreg53

    question about carbs.

    My P15 has the carter b and b. I have rebuilt it twice, the second time with a kit from Mikes carbs with video instructions. I have a skip at idle. While it's not bad it still grinds on me. It's not on one particular cylinder. I can adjust the idle mixture and make it better or worse but it doesn't go away completely. I have changed points and plugs a couple of times. any ideas?
  14. jgreg53

    engine swap

    I drive the car almost daily, even in the rain, so it spends quite a lot of time on the road. and I do enjoy driving it.
  15. jgreg53

    engine swap

    wayfarer. I'm looking to make my car more dependable. The way it is now every hiccup makes me think it's going to die on me. My engine runs well enough now( at least as good as I think it's gonna run). I don't think my original motor as ever been opened up or out of the car but who really knows. I recently drove it to the show at Ottawa ks. that's about 1.5 hours away. It really didn't give me a problem. But I know why people go to modern running gear on these cars. but it's only original once.

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