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  1. If I remember correctly either a 5/16" or 3/8" brake line screws into it. Standard thread.
  2. MartinsB3B

    Wheel cylinders need help

    LR: WC10583-WC10582 RR: WC10581-WC10580 Front: WC17789 x2 Least these are for my B3B, should work.
  3. MartinsB3B

    Wheel cylinders need help

    Front and rear?
  4. MartinsB3B

    Hound dog hauler

    Map gas will work fine, just make sure to heat around the head and not the stud.
  5. MartinsB3B

    Hound dog hauler

    Heat it a little, then use vice grips on the stud to twist it out. I had to do that with my water pump bolts after they broke. Make sure to put some anti seize on some bolts and run in the hole before using.
  6. MartinsB3B

    Cabbage Hauler - WD-21 Build Thread

    Definitely salvage any parts off that tranny you can. People are always looking for those parts. Brake related specifically.
  7. MartinsB3B

    Fuel line connections

    I think 1/4" line was what I used.
  8. MartinsB3B

    B2B Rear Wheel Cylinder

    I have part numbers for all the rear W/cyls that you can buy from an Oreillys
  9. MartinsB3B

    40 plymouth truck ?s

    The bellhousing bolts to the motor mount bracket on the frame, then the front bolts to the crossmember. There's also a perch with two long bolt holes for the radiator.
  10. That is one sharp truck! Just curious, what paint code did you use?
  11. MartinsB3B

    It's arrived in the UK

    Can you take a picture of the turbo setup? I've had a lite thought of doing it myself.
  12. MartinsB3B

    B3B Build thread

    Heres a few pictures of the water distribution tube I pulled today. Working on getting the video of the engine running saved to the computer so I can post it.
  13. MartinsB3B

    49 cabover

    You have my attention!!! This rig is awesome.
  14. MartinsB3B

    B3B Build thread

    Just removed the water distribution tube, and it is in real good condition. Other than breaking two water pump bolts everything went smooth, with a pair of vice grips the broken studs came out. Next is to get a new water pump and thermostat, get my carb back from the shop. Then find a radiator and test drive!
  15. MartinsB3B

    B3B Build thread

    The picture you posted has the same bracket for the springs as what was on mine. The bracket came off of the 37 bellhousing.

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