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    Body primed and put back on the frame, doors fitted. All is well!!
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    its been so long since I posted that most of you probably don't remember me, but I am hoping to be a regular again. My son, who is a bodyman, has about finished the bodywork on my chopped 1953 B3B cab and it gets primered next Saturday. I am beyond excited. I have been waiting for this moment for years! I want to post pics, but photobucket doesn't seem to be a great choice anymore and my pics on my camera are apparently too big. What do y'all use for uploading photos?
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    Yes. 1949 Plymouth dash it is!
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  8. I have been so busy with my vintage trailer restoration business, that I haven't had much time to work on the truck. My son is a body man and is now helping finish this up with me. It's starting to look really good! I am trying to post pictures of the progress from my IPhone, but am having no luck.
  9. after too many years, I finally got my shop built and got to pull the 53 out of the pile of crud that slowly enveloped it and put it in the new shop. My plans are to be driving this gal next summer.
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    Lookie what I drug out of hibernation!!!

    Thanks Merle. Been looking forward to this for quite a while.
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    Dakota frame swap

    Mr Plymouthy is correct. Depends on the bed length of your particular truck. I have a standard high bed on my 53 and put an early Dakota (1991) frame under it from a extended cab truck. One thing that you need to keep in mind, the area that is best suited for shortening that frame is exactly where the vin number is stamped and if you cut that out, you will never convince your police department that you have a correct title to it when you have it inspected..... don't ask me how I know..... and I threw out the pieces I cut out when I shortened it. This being said, this task is not for the faint of heart. You need to be able to fabricate and weld.
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    New Member ... 1953 Truck

    Welcome! Although I am not on here much right now, I have a 53 that I have chopped and put on a first Gen Dakota frame.
  13. Well, the deal fell thru on selling my truck to a Canadian gentleman, seems the title doesn't match the vin and I cut the vin out of the Dakota frame when I shortened it. I took it to the state patrol and the only thing I can do is to finish it up, have it reinspected and get a 3 year registration... or find someone with a clapped out 53 that has a title and a tag. Either way, If I have to finish it to get a title, I may as well keep it and figure some other way to pay off my wifes medical bills. I will have to finish this slowly as health has become an issue, but as it progresses, I will keep you guys updated.
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    still here and still have my 53.

    Kevin. Wife has finished up chemo and radiation in March, just had a full body scan a few weeks ago and has now been declared a survivor, no sign of any more cancer. Had her mammogram today, that will a breath holder till we get that answer, but should be ok. I ended up with a 2 foot long blood clot in my leg, but we got that cleared up. Sciatica is killing me, but I built Cher a vintage trailer during her therapy to give her more incentive to get well. Seems to have worked. Now she wants the truck done to tow it with.... LOL
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    two tone trucks

    wife is deciding on color schemes on her pilothouse I am building for her. If you have a two tone pilothouse, could you post a picture please? thanks, Bud
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    vin plate question

    I seem to remember years ago there was someone who had blank repro vin plates for sale. If I am remembering right, is that person still around and are the plates still available?
  17. buds truck

    vin plate question

  18. sold the 53 to a very nice gentleman in Canada today. Left a hefty deposit and will get the rest to me by the end of next week. Huge mixed emotions about this, but I just cant physically finish it anymore. At least She will have a good life as a Canuk Truck.....
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    Sold the truck today

    I am going to give him this forum and hope he joins. He promises updates, but you know how that goes....
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    how do I post to classifieds?

    thanks, got it posted.
  21. I have been trying to figure out how to post to classifieds and have come up emptyhanded. Can anyone kinda walk me thru it? Gotta sell my 53. Cancer is expensive stuff.
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    When you have a friend.....

    TIm. You will never know how much I appreciate this. I'm no hero, I just adore my wife and am doing what I can to help her thru this journey. We still plan on coming down to the BBQ if she is done with Radiation by then. We so want to go. Cher talks about it all the time because we had such an outstanding time last time we were able to attend. I am proud to call you my friend. Thanks again. Bud. SEAHAWKS!!!!!
  23. buds truck

    8th Annual Clements Tailgate BBQ......

    Tim, Cher and I expect to be there. We are planning on celebrating the end to Chemo and Radiation with a month long trip and your bbq is top of the list. We have been wanting to come back since we attended our first a couple of years ago. Its still too early to tell whether our truck will be ready for this one since we had a couple of "setbacks", but we are really trying to make this happen.
  24. My Son (a great bodyman) is taking over the bodywork on my 53 while I take care of my wife while she is having Chemo for Breast Cancer. He has the left fender finished and just got the rust repair done on the right. The Hood, rear fenders and bedsides are next, then front panel, rear gate, doors and then finish the cab.