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  1. jrhoads

    body mounts

    It aint rocket science. You will get it Casper.
  2. jrhoads

    ***The ol' rear engine mount problem***

    I believe that the new mounts corrected (for me) the common problem of the clutch pedal not fully returning to full released position.
  3. jrhoads

    ***The ol' rear engine mount problem***

    I did exactly the same thing
  4. jrhoads

    How to get rid of mouse urine smell?

    http://www.scoe10x.com/reviews?gclid=CMOxiPX4r8wCFQEdaQods58HYA It works.
  5. jrhoads

    Anyone ever see these HubCaps?

    I have a set myself on the 49. Actually, they look quite nice and seem to be good quality. Apparently I got a good deal. I paid 60 bucks for a set on E-bay
  6. Well there you go... learn something new everyday if you are paying attention I guess I just have done it old school and not looked outside the box. I still think doing it old school (welding) is the more trusted approach when it comes to floor pans and structural components. My opinion. Yours may vary...
  7. I think you know the answer here? Seriously... there is no easy way that is "quality" I could offer some ideas better than proposed, but it still just wouldn't be right...
  8. jrhoads

    Hogs Hair Carpet Piping/Edging

    To make sure its done right! And if its not, they hold the bag not you.
  9. jrhoads

    Rear Main Seals

    I agree with Lloyd, someone probably swapped it. I guess it depends on who you talk too. I have had some say the flanged don't seal as well as the rope. I really cant say. I kind of wished I did know the answer to that, but like I said, the book said rope, so that is what went back in the old girl.
  10. jrhoads

    Rear Main Seals

    Plymouthy is right on this. And I just did this little venture on my 49 special deluxe. The bottom seal is fairly easy, The top one? a real pain in the rear. I mean real pain... I wondered if I would ever get the three screws back in but finally got it. If yours is a 49, standard replacement is rope. I believe they make a flanged style replacement, but I wont swear on it. I replaced it with what the book said replace it with. I figure it made it 60 + years on that rope seal. The only reason I replaced it is because I had the tranny and flywheel out. But I go back to what I said, Plymouthy is correct and usually always is! BTW if you want to replace the top one, the flywheel must be removed.
  11. jrhoads

    service manual 1953 cranbrook in PDF

    Plymouth is right. E-books are at minimum aggravating to parse through. However the plus side is they do allow you to print a page (once you find it) I like a good hard copy myself. I have not seen any PDF versions. Good luck!
  12. jrhoads

    Any home brewers among the group?

    Yes sir. Been doing it for 15+ years.... ask away
  13. jrhoads

    slightly off topic

    I found a great site for old car, gas and interesting commercials and movies. Check it out. http://www.tvraaca.org/oldmovies.htm#movie
  14. jrhoads

    Outer rockers

    Didn't some of us determine that the ply doc simply resells Kemps products? http://www.exploring.../kemp/rods.html
  15. jrhoads

    Outer rockers

    Im not raining on his parade. I simply mentioned the floor pans (not rockers) as far as I am concerned are not up to par. Maybe the rockers are? I dont know. I never bought the rockers. I made the floor pans "After" I ordered C2C's and saw how much modification they would need. I figured... shoot why should I pay for these when I can make better ones myself. and I did. And I had never made a floor pan ever before. The positive side of it all is that they do accept returns so all I was out was shipping. But no I do not agree with you that the cheap one would be all but great. Actually, they were all but great I guess, cause they sure were not great. Hey look, simply my opinion... if it doesn't agree with yours, no sweat. However, I did pay premium dollar for the Ply Doc's floor pan and it was worth every penny. If all his stuff is as good as that (who knows) then it is probably worth the cost as I did not have to do anything but bolt it down.Now, go getcha another cup of coffee!

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