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  1. HellYeah

    Splitting exhaust manifold

    This is how its done on an old manifold I bought a few years back. Probably done in the 1950s..
  2. HellYeah

    Bad Carb Rebuilding Experience

    As a emergency repair I installed a Weber 32/36 on my -47 Dodge. The carb I had in my garage, have used it on a Volvo 240 B230 engine before. The reason for the swap: the old Stromberg carb on the Dodge is just worn out. With the weber the car starts easy, idles ok but got high fuel consumption and the car des not pull very good. I guess it comes down to the jets. The question: Does anybody here have experience with what jet sizes works good with a single 32/36 on the 230 cui?
  3. HellYeah

    Fuel economy of flat six

    About the Olds and 4 brl: Oldsmobile introduced their first 4 brl carb on the 303 cui in 1952. It was stock in the Super 88 and I belive also in the 98.
  4. I´m about to install a alloy "hi-comp" head on my 230". I got the old type head gasket, but I think there might be a modern type (Felpro?) available? Anyone know where to buy this one? Thanks.
  5. HellYeah

    season's Greetings from Belgium!

    And a very merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year to you all from my garage in Norway!!! :-)
  6. HellYeah

    D24 stock rims

    Thank´s for your answers. And thank you Shel for the specific information!
  7. HellYeah

    D24 stock rims

    Hi there. My 1947 D24 3-w coupe got 15" rims. I was under the impression that this was the original rims for this car. But I´m told that Dodge only supplied 16" rims for the D24 and no 15" option. What is correct?
  8. HellYeah

    Alternative Carb for Chrysler 6 Cylinder Flathead

    I´m running a Weber 32/36 on my -47 Dodge right now. But the reason is that I happen to have one on the shelf in my garage, and my old carb was failing. Built an adaptor for the Weber and installed. The car run more smooth, but are lacking power when going up steep hills. This might be cause my Weber is tuned for a 140 hp Volvo 2,3 liter engine. Also I learned when connecting a vacuum gauge to the vakuum port on the Weber I got no vakuum when idling. The reason is that the vakuum port is over the throttle plate on my Weber. Made a vakuum port under the carb in my adapter, and measure good vakuum when idling .
  9. HellYeah

    Found My Carb

    Got a vintage Tattersfield dual intake including a pair Carter BB carbs with adjustable main jets. Probably from around 1950 I guess.
  10. HellYeah

    Installing alu head and new camshaft

    Thank´s for posting all that information folks! Great help! :-)
  11. HellYeah

    Installing alu head and new camshaft

    I will order a set of new lifters then. The head manufacturer closed in 1952 so no more information there I´m afraid.... Edmunds will probably be the closest to my head (Tattersfield). If 65 #ft worked in your engine it will probably work fine on mine as well. I guess the sequence pattern will be the same as the stock head...
  12. I´m about to test a new camshaft and a aluminium head on my -47 230 cui engine. But I´m not sure what torque to use bolting down the alu head. I´m told I can use the same torque as on the stock cast iron head. I know from other engines that the torque for alu heads usually are lower than for cast iron heads... Also I do not have new valve lifters available right now. Can I install a new cam using the "old" lifters, or will this ruin the new camshaft?
  13. HellYeah

    New Andy Bernbaum

    I bought a camshaft using their online shop a few weeks ago. The cam was shipped the same day, and I received shipping info including the tracking no. on e-mail. Worked just fine.
  14. I need to replace the floor carpet in my D24 3-window coupe. Any tip for a good vendor?
  15. HellYeah

    Camshaft for the 230 cui

    Answer from VPW: "Our performance cam has an increased duration but we do not alter the lift and it works well with the dual intake carburetors. The cam spec information is provided with the cam and we otherwise do not provide that information." Answer from VPW compare to the 260 dur / 410 lift: "Our duration is a little less but close and the lift is less. So many of the old engine heads have been milled several times and so you need to be careful with valve lift."

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