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  1. Clements BBQ raffle.

    I bid $110
  2. I've tried to message jcnida52 member asking if he was still offering his templates for the headliner, door panels, etc but there's been no response. Does anyone have these templates that they might be willing to share?
  3. Lower bed side panel parts

    thanks to 59bisquick he has offered up the parts!
  4. Lower bed side panel parts

    Guys thanks for the discussion but back to my question does anyone know where I might be able to get the lower pieces for my short side panels? Or does anyone have or would consider making templates that I could use to fab some, thx
  5. Lower bed side panel parts

    this is what mine look like at the moment
  6. Lower bed side panel parts

    Yep that's what I have just missing lower pieces. Thanks for confirming I wasn't going nuts!
  7. Lower bed side panel parts

    Hmm interesting, my bed sides are not as tall and they're flat no contour lines.
  8. Lower bed side panel parts

    No I'm talking about the pieces that attach to the bottom of the side panels. These pieces provide access to suspension grease inserts and for movement of the rear spring hangers.
  9. Hi folks I'm looking for the pieces that attach to the bottom of the bed sides . Anyone have any ideas? Thx
  10. B3B interior

    I would be very interested in the headliner pattern. I'm planning on starting interior cab work this winter.
  11. 51' Bully

    51' B3B named it Bully
  12. Division bar rubber

    No help on they're site. I'm guessing that thick side gets glued to the bar and the thin side is what the vent glass contacts when closed.
  13. Anyone have a picture of the proper installation of the division bar rubber on a 51' b3b? Got mine from Steele but not sure exactly how it should be placed. Thx