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  1. Tommy

    25 " engine in a 41 plymouth 4dr

    I have the big block in my '41. It was installed by the PO. It fits in pretty easy, but may require you to notch the front crossmember for clearance. Mine was installed without notching, but I sure wish they had. If you ever plan on installing accessories that require a second fan belt, such as A/C, you must notch it. Plan on moving your radiator forward to clear the fan. In fact, plan on having a new radiator as the old one likely will not fit in the new location.
  2. Tom

    Love to see some pics of yours. I have 41 D 19 .



    1. Tommy


      Pics in my profile, I think.
      Thanks for your interest.

  3. Tommy

    Carburetors need replacement

    Correct. I am assuming the bowls are distorted from repeatedly being overtightened over the years. The carb body itself may also be warped.
  4. I have just about given up on my Holley 1920s I have installed on my 251. Can't get them to stop leaking. I also have no faith that I can find other Holley 1920s that won't have the same issue. I hope i can find something to replace them that won't require the complete re-enginnering of the fuel delivery/ throttle linkage I currently have installed. Suggestions?
  5. I'm curious about the compatibility of the mid-50's power steering assemblies with earlier models. Has anyone attempted to use 50's components on, say, a 1940's Plymouth?
  6. Tommy

    fuel pressure regulator

    When I pulled the leaky Holley 1920's for my P12 I noticed that the PO had used gobs of sealant around the float bowl gaskets. The car is equipped with a 6V electric fuel pump mounted in the rear near the tank. What it doesn't have is a fuel pressure regulator. I'm not sure what pressure the pump is putting out, but I am sure it is more than necessary by a considerable amount. I have decided to install a FPR with a gauge. I hate to cut up the purdy hard fuel lines to install it, but I hate fuel leaking on the exhaust manifold a lot more. I am guesstimating that around 6 psi would be about right? TIA
  7. Tommy

    Nicson intake manifold

    Pulled my leaky Holley 1920s off my 41 P12 yesterday. I got a better look at the intake. It is marked Nicson Engineering. I have never heard of them. This is for the 25" motor. I also have attached a pic of the Champion radiator installed in the 41. Really made a difference.
  8. Tommy

    Turkey Run in Daytona, FL

    Anybody going today?
  9. Tommy

    ANSWERED stuck clutch

    Tried the starter bump method. On th 4th or 5th try, I got a big "THUMP". Stuck no more! Works like a champ. Thanks to all who replied. You guys rock!
  10. Tommy

    ANSWERED stuck clutch

    Rocking it didn't work. My try the bump start next. Already pulled the coil wire. :-)
  11. Tommy

    ANSWERED stuck clutch

    Thanks for the idea. I'll give it a try tomorrow after church.
  12. Tommy

    ANSWERED stuck clutch

    My 41 coupe has been sitting for a couple of months while I sorted out the radiator issues. Got that resolved today. Now the clutch is stuck from sitting. Pedal moves fine, linkage seems OK and I can move the clutch fork with a pry bar, so i don't think that is the problem- I think the disc is stuck. Ideas and suggestions welcome.
  13. Tommy

    Best carbs to run on an edgy intake?

    I'm running Holley 1904's from the early 60's Ford Falcon on my 251. Starts and runs flawlessly. I had thought about switching to a pair of progressive two barrels to gain a bit more go, but the thing runs so great I changed my mind.
  14. The front sheet metal on the 41 tapers more rapidly than on the later model. It would require cutting not just the flange but the body metal, too.
  15. Since the motor was replaced with a later model 25" block, the stock radiator won't fit. The new radiator will have to mounted on the front side of the original bracket and tuck up under the front sheet metal.

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