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    31 year old car and motorcycle enthusiast. I favor old time styling
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  1. '36 Glasstruck

    36 dodge smoking white and bad

    Hi everyone. Just to update the thread. I'm in the proccess of saving up for the brake job. I believe I will replace everything and buy all new. I'm not sure if there is a local place that can refurbish the brake shoes. I will definitely look into the copperized lines. I'm a little weary of setting the brakes as I've read that it's very tricky. If I can, I will try to buy an Ammco brake tool off ebay. I plan to keep the truck stock regarding brakes, 6v wiring, charging system, ignition ect. I mean why not? The truck is complete. Might as well work with what is there. It did the job then. I have a lot of work ahead of me. I have not touched the charging system nor do I have any knowledge of it. I will also buy a repro shop manual for the truck off ebay. Also ammeter gauge doesn't seem to be working. Lots sheathing missing of on the wiring etc etc. I will try to get the truck driveable and go from there. I really appreciate all the help and am very glad I joined this great forum.
  2. '36 Glasstruck

    36 dodge smoking white and bad

    Hi Brent B3B I am in the Eugene area of Oregon.
  3. '36 Glasstruck

    36 dodge smoking white and bad

    Merle and Jeff you both make excellent points. I am jumping the gun on this. You are right, when I was trying to unstick the motor I was dumping so much stuff in that oil was even leaking out of the exaust pipe. There is probably a lot that needs to be burned out requiring more than an hour of idle running. Unfortunately the truck is not driveable due to the brakes. The brake pedal is stuck and one drum was seized as well. Im afraid a whole new brake system is in order. Perhaps I should start another thread on the brakes. Any pointers on massaging a brake system back to life?
  4. '36 Glasstruck

    36 dodge smoking white and bad

    Im going to run the truck again tomorrow for a while and see what happens. After running it again I will check the compression once it cools back down. I am not noticing any water in the oil or drop in coolant level. I do not have any anti-freeze in it right now. Just straight water. In theory the headgasket should be good, as I understand it was a fine runner when parked. Im wondering if I busted a piston ring when I freed the engine or have a stuck valve or bad valve seals due to deterioration? Im not sure. But it does run really nice which is also kind of odd if it has some semi-serious internal problems. I was wondering if anyone with a similar experience could shed some light? Someone who got a motor running that sat for a long period of time?
  5. '36 Glasstruck

    36 dodge smoking white and bad

    I ran the truck again tonight. Made sure the oil was full first. It seemed to smoke a little less at idle but really smokes when I rev it. It smokes out the tail pipe and the lower breather tube. Not the oil fill tube though. There is no blow-by coming out the top oil fill tube whatsoever. The smoke I would say is white with a very faint blue tint. I ran it for about 25 minutes also running a bottle of Mystery oil through the carb before I shut it down. I'll let it sit overnight and see how it goes tomorrow. I hope the smoking can tame down because I'm really amazed at how good it runs. Even the initial start up was only a few revolutions and a little choking and it took right off. No odd engine noises to be heard. It really purrs.
  6. '36 Glasstruck

    36 dodge smoking white and bad

    Thanks Reg. I will do. I am going to run it again today after work. I figured about a half hour to get it up to temperature and see if it gets better. Either way I will do the Marvel Mystery oil trick before I shut it down. Thank you all again for the help!
  7. '36 Glasstruck

    36 dodge smoking white and bad

    Here are some more pictures of the truck. Sorry about the so-so lighting. I also have the hood which is in nice shape. The truck is 100% complete minus the spare wheel. My plans with the truck are to keep it original and get it into daily-driver shape. I plan to scotchbrite the body smooth, put a lot of turtle wax on it and drive it as is. I also threw around the idea of giving it a slight rake suspension-wise for a more commanding stance. But thats another thread and another day.
  8. '36 Glasstruck

    36 dodge smoking white and bad

    Thanks for the replies! To unstick the engine I poured engine oil, some diesel fuel, a can of seafoam and a bottle of mystery oil over the course of about a month. I would go out every couple days and rock the truck back and forth in second gear. Eventually I got some movement and then more ect. until it turned easily. After the motor was free I drained the oil pan and added new oil. I did check the compression before I tried starting it. I got about 95psi on every cylinder but #2 and #5 where I only got about 60psi. This was a dry test. I then put oil in each cylinder (which if I understand is kind of cheating) and with the oil test I was getting 120psi in most cylinders. I'll try and get some more pictures up soon. Edit: Yes the fuel tank is very varnished inside. I used an external fuel tank to run the engine.
  9. Hello I'm new to the forum so this is also my intoduction. I'm Patrick. I'm the third owner of a 1936 dodge LC pickup. I bought the truck last September. The truck had been sitting since 1974. 20 years inside and 20 years outside. The truck is in "running when parked" condition so that was a real plus for me. I understand it was a daily driver that was simply parked when the owner bought a bigger truck. When I bought it the motor was stuck. I got it unstuck a year ago and got it running yesterday. I put fresh oil in it, disassembled and cleaned the carb, filed the points and checked the gap, put new plugs in it, fresh gas, new battery and with a little work it fired up yesterday. Im very pleased and excited to get it running however after running it for about 15 minutes it continues to smoke white smoke very badly. Its not the white dissipating kind. It fills up the whole neighborhood. The motor seems to purr really well but Im unsure what is causing the smoke and which direction to go from here. Any help would be more than greatly appreciated. Here is a picture of the truck.

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