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  1. 37silverstreak

    ignition switch question

    Hey guys, Just curious, when did Plymouth start incorporating the starter circuit into the ignition switch? I'm guessing that my early '49 Plymouth P15 ( i prefer referring to her as a '48) has had its ignition switch replaced at some point before I bought it as the switch has 4 terminals on it instead of 3. It has the spring loaded second right position that allows you to crank the starter from the key instead of a button and also has a left key turn position that allows you to run the accessories without turning on the ignition. I'm going to keep this switch in the car as it was what was in the car when I bought it and it seems to function fine, but it did cause me some headaches trying to figure out the wiring as the P15 diagram shows a 3 terminal switch. Thanks!
  2. 37silverstreak

    30 amp circuit breaker

    MY late '48 Plymouth has a 30 amp circuit breaker mounted under the dash and yet I can't seem to find it in any wiring diagram for the P15. I see one on the P17-18 model diagram though. So was wondering if anyone here has an answer? By the look of the old harness it was there originally, but unfortunately the old harness is so faded I can't tell what goes where and my new reproduction harness doesn't seem to have any provision for it. If anyone can tell me what that circuit breaker is used for I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance! Kevin
  3. 37silverstreak

    Oil Pan Installation

    According to my service manual, they tell you NOT to trim the ends of the gaskets. They are supposed to protrude 1/8 to 1/4 inch so they can compress when the pan bolts are tightened.
  4. 37silverstreak

    Replacement Gas Tanks

    I got the OEM looking tank. It's almost identical to the original and it fit right in.
  5. 37silverstreak

    Oil Pans Types

    Pic #1 is almost identical to the oil pan in my '48 Plymouth except mine doesn't have the "V" pattern in the baffle. The engine is a 1950 Plymouth P20 218.
  6. 37silverstreak

    P 15 Interior- What to do?

    I don't know of anyone who makes an interior kit for the P15 Plymouths, not one that would be authentic anyway. Doing it yourself is certainly possible, Repro headliners are easily available and not difficult to install. Door panels and other trim panels are pretty easy to make as well. The hard part are the seats, especially if you don't have any of the old upholstery to take apart and use for patterns. you might want to try doing the parts I mentioned yourself and send the seats out to a shop for best results. Finding some good pictures of original upholstery helps a lot too. I've done a few interiors on my cars over the years and I actually enjoy doing it!
  7. 37silverstreak

    Replacement Gas Tanks

    Check out Ebay, there are quite a few there. Thats where I bought mine last year and I was very happy with it.
  8. If you have the same starter drive that is in my '48 Plymouth it will not disengage from the flywheel just by cutting the power to the starter motor. It will stay engaged until the engine starts and the action of the flywheel overunning the drive at a certain RPM will cause it to snap back into its home position. I recently had my starter out to clean and rebuild it and my drive was in the extended position as well. I just reinstalled it as is and figure it will reset once I get the engine running.
  9. 37silverstreak

    Reverse linkage on 48 P15 Special Deluxe

    If you go on to YouTube and look up "Chrysler Master Tech- 1949, volume 2-6 Transmission Fundamentals" I watched it and found it very helpful. Doe a good job of showing the linkages.
  10. 37silverstreak

    what is a good grade of oil to use?

    I drained the 30 year old oil from my engine today and pulled the pan. Good news, no signs of water/antifreeze in the oil and very little sludge in the pan! So, I want to clean up the oil pan and pickup screen. I've got a new set of pan gaskets on order from NAPA and would like to get her closed up yet this week before it gets to cold to work in an unheated machine shed. Just wondering what you guys are using for oil- i.e. brand and weight etc.? This engine has not been rebuilt. Thanks!
  11. 37silverstreak

    P15 oil pan question

  12. 37silverstreak

    P15 oil pan question

    Are the baffles in the oil pan removable or are they spot welded in place? I pulled the pan today and there is a small amount of sludge build up. i would like to remove as much of it as possible but the baffles are making it difficult to reach some spots. Thanks! Kevin
  13. 37silverstreak

    Pilot bushing insight needed please!

    I'm a little confused here. Were the original bushings made of a different material? I just watched a 1949 Chrysler "Master Tech" filmstrip on You Tube dealing with the clutch and they mention using no more than a 1/4 teaspoon full of grease in the pilot bushing? My new bushing appears to be an oilite, so I just want to be clear and do the right thing! Thanks to everyone who chimed in! Kevin
  14. 37silverstreak

    Pilot bushing insight needed please!

    Hi everyone, I bit the bullet today and started pulling the clutch from my '48 Plymouth. So far everything is going smoothly, maybe too much so, I'm waiting for something to happen! I made a platform for my floor jack for the transmission to rest on and it worked great, the tranny came out easily. I pulled the clutch fork and throwout bearing, the bearing is completely seized, but I have a complete NOS assembly to replace it with. All the pressure plate bolts are loose so I'm hoping to have the clutch disk and pressure plate out tomorrow. My questions are with the pilot bushing. Do you normally need to replace the pilot bushing? I have a new one that came with my throwout assembly but I don't have any special tools to remove the old one. If I do install a new bushing, do I have to ream it out to make it fit properly? Again I don't have any of the tools they mention in the shop manual. If anyone has replaced one and has any tips on going about it I would greatly appreciate hearing them, Thanks! Kevin
  15. 37silverstreak

    Clutch disc aligning arbor

    Anybody know where I can find a clutch disc aligning arbor that will work on the '48 Plymouth?

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