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    north augusta south carolina
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    i raise hamsters.i love reading books.i also do lots of crafts.i also work on our 2001 ford focus and 2003 chevy silverado truck.
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    1948 plymouth p - 15 special deluxe four door sedan

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    i like working on cars and light trucks of any year
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  1. university of maryland new football coach?

  2. Virgin Run

    my avatar is of bessie the '48.before our work on her began.
  3. Virgin Run

    wow , we are have a 1948 plymouth special deluxe four door sedan.she is slowly coming together.we are both doing the work on the above car.she is called bessie the ' 48.
  4. Yes I'm A Girl..... Interior Post

    nice interior.
  5. Plymouth put on the back burner, temporarily

    wow , this car was made around my birth.i was born in october.i am an auto mechanic.my dad ' s family owned a garage.now it is my cousin ' s garage and that is.where it ends...
  6. She's Finished!

    nice ride.me and my husband are working on a 1948 Plymouth special deluxe four door sedan.we call her Bessie.i am really impressed with your ride.we also own a 2003 chevy Silverado extended cab and 2001 ford focus.i am a trained auto mechanic.my husband is a back yard auto mechanic.we enjoy working on cars and trucks.we have been working on our cars for a long time.i would love to go back to school to continue my first love of being an auto mechanic.my dad ' s family owned a family garage that now belongs to my cousin and there it ends...
  7. ncca men ' s basketball.

  8. the caring members of this website.

  9. our plymouth is coming together - thank u to one and all.

  10. getting those ten inch front brake drums

  11. hi everyone , i forgot to let you all know.how big the front drums were on our car.they are ten inch drums.
  12. hi everyone , we are having trouble finding front brake drums for a 1948 plymouth p - 15 special deluxe four door sedan.if anybody can help us.we would like that a lot.any parts places on line even would be welcome.
  13. 1948 plymouth special deluxe

    this is our project car.