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  1. I was hoping to get there at opening and run around until noon, but there saying 80 degrees at 8 am
  2. Yea he wanted mine too. any how due to the heat and my health problems ( breathing) Iā€™m not going
  3. I met Sparky at the Norwich ny car show. From what I understand he loved old mopars, he had a 50 and regretted selling it.
  4. Iā€™m going as a spectator Saturday
  5. It takes right off from a standing start, but then the tall gears hold it back. Probably be much better as a standard.
  6. My 51 Cambridge has a slant . 3 angle valve job , r.v. cam , edelbrock intake with Holley 390, headers out to duel exhaust. Along with a lock up converter.
  7. I knew that. Just posting the facts from the Slant 6 board.
  8. Was a slant with full race cam etc against a 707 hp hellcat Challenger. Both owned by the same guy had his brother driving the other car. They swapped drivers and beat it again. šŸ˜› šŸ˜›
  9. Not sure if there trico , but I bought 10 inches on amazon
  10. I parked and came in handicapped gate 2 about 8:15 am. So I'm guessing about 8:30.
  11. Just going through my photos the Dodge next to the Desoto had a Cadillac engine. Any how here are mine.
  12. Think you saved me a lot of resizing time. Got all I did plus some. I 'll go through my 650 photos and look.
  13. Nice meeting you today, was a great show
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