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  1. New to the group

    A 270 Hemi would have the ultimate "cool factor", but not cheap. On the other hand, having access to a free core is a huge plus. The best advice I think would come from member "Wayfarer on this forum. He runs this business: http://www.qualityengineeredcomponents.com/
  2. Meadowbrook Power Steering

    Out of curiosity, what size tires are you running? My '50 Plymouth had modern 215 size radials on it when I bought it, and it was a real workout to steer....when I switched to narrower 7.10R15's, it was like night and day! These old steering boxes were designed for, and work best with, narrower tires.
  3. What year Cherokee rear axle did you use to get that 3:55 ratio?
  4. I had Michelin 215/75R15's on stock 15x4 1/2" rims on my '50 P20. They were put on by the previous owner. They were ok with fender clearance, but they were pushing the limit of the stock rim width...had premature sidewall cracking, and they made it really difficult to steer at slow speeds. 235's would be far too wide I think. Like Andydodge says, 195 would be about as wide as I'd go on stock rims.
  5. Creative dash boards

    Nothing fancy...the original un-restored dash of my '41 P-12. 38k original miles, with very minimal wear to the upholstery, steering wheel etc.
  6. Me and the Meadowbrook

    Thanks! Always looking at good tire options.
  7. Me and the Meadowbrook

    Love original cars! Out of curiosity, are you running radials on it? If so, what size?
  8. Used to have this done to my bias truck tires at a small (but old school) tire shop when decent quality heavy duty bias truck tires became harder and harder to find. The machinery was pretty ancient though, so I guess some of the old truck tires always needed it!
  9. Yes, the ones I purchased are the American Classic Bias Look Radial...in my case, the 7.10R15. I was hesitant to try Coker tires again...I've had bad luck with them in the past in terms of being out of round straight from the factory, but I decided to give these a chance. So far, so good. My tire shop had no problem getting them mounted and balanced properly, and they ride very nicely. I still like the Yokohama tires on my truck, but these seem better suited to my sedan. By they way, I ordered mine through Summit Racing, and got free shipping. They're expensive enough without the added shipping costs.
  10. what is the name of this part ?

    In my parts manual for my P-20, it's referenced as a "Spring Clip". Sorry, don't have an image handy.
  11. I've used the RY-215's on various old trucks over the years...primarily late 40's through early 50's International Harvesters...and never had a problem. I ran them on rural highways routinely. A couple of caveats though are that those trucks were heavier 3/4 to 1 ton models and were limited by their gear ratios to a top speed of about 55-60 mph. Also, the tires were stock Yokohama and had not been modified by Diamondback to add whitewalls. When replacing the worn (and much too wide) radials installed on my '50 Plymouth P-20 by a previous owner, I considered using the RY-215, but ultimately decided against it. While the contact area is right, they have an awfully stiff sidewalI that is better suited to the heavier trucks they were designed for. I bit the bullet and gave the Coker Bias look radials a try, even though I haven't had the best luck with Coker in the past. After running them for several months now, I have to say I'm really happy with them. They balanced up beautifully, and the car handles much better than it did with the traditional wider (215 series) radials it used to have. I have the 7.10R15, which have the correct diameter and contact patch, and mounted them on 15 x 5 rims...my stock rims that I had re-shelled from 4 1/2 to 5 inch width. I run them at 32 PSI. Like you James, I drive my car regularly in city traffic and on the highways (in Los Angeles) and need more than just "looks" in a tire.
  12. Ignition coil replace question

    Thanks for the tip...I'll look into Pertronix.
  13. Ignition coil replace question

    I'm looking at replacing my coil also, but how do you tell whether or not it has an epoxy core vs. an oil filled core? Some of the ones I've seen on the Summit Racing site indicate oil filled cores, but I haven't seen any indicating epoxy.
  14. Autolite IAT Distributors

    I had the exact same problem with a new condenser screw included with a new condenser...luckily I still had the original. I've learned the hard way to keep everything.
  15. Autolite IAT Distributors

    Definitely a "hit or miss" with those....best luck I've had (other than NOS) are with Standard Motor Products. Most of it still made in the USA...for now anyway.