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  1. st63

    Well it happened! I'm done.

    Sorry to hear it Don, I'd hate to think that we won't see you cruising around anymore in that beautiful old Plymouth! If it makes you feel any better, one of the shift linkage rods on my '50 literally cracked in two the other day...suddenly had no first or reverse! Sigh....back to work on it....kinda comes with the territory, but when you've got it fixed, there's no better feeling. Hang in there!
  2. Stock yes....but I was going to have it rebuilt with, among other work, a new "Hi-rise" intake and new 4 bl carb from "Hot Heads" in NC.... good for another 20 or so horses. Again, that's a "some day" project...I'm enjoying driving it as is for now. Heres' an interesting link to a build on one of those early Desoto 276's...they got about 250 hp out of it....though I don't want to imagine the cost! https://www.classiccarrestorationclub.com/article/new-life-old-hemi/
  3. Definitely not compared to newer V-8s....but at about 180 horses (with a new intake and 4bl carb) it's basically double the flathead 6!
  4. Drive my '50 P-20 sedan at least twice a week...even though the flathead 6 is a bit tired, it still runs well enough to drive regularly. With the overdrive R-10 (from a '52) it keeps up with modern traffic just fine. Very tempted to swap in a '53 Desoto Hemi that I found, but am procrastinating...I'd rather drive it as is than relegate it to a "work in progress"!
  5. st63

    Custom wheel work

    Luckily, Wheelsmith is local, so I was able to stray on top of things in person....I've had the re-worked rims on my car for several months now and they ride great!
  6. st63

    51 Plymouth, Mustang II Kit, Custom Stub?

    As far as OD transmissions to pair with the SBC, the 200-4r or 700-r4 are the most compact....smaller than the Chrysler A518 or similar units. I want to stay with a Mopar engine (a 318) for my '50 P-20, but found that using a Mopar OD trans would require making floorpan modifications. I found that I could avoid that by adapting the 200 or 700 GM units. Adaptors are readily available (though you won't need one with your SBC). They're essentially the NON computer controlled version of the modern GM 4l60E, which is an excellent OD transmission. Art Carr in Huntington Beach has a lot of experience with these trannys. http://cpttransmission.com
  7. st63

    51 Plymouth, Mustang II Kit, Custom Stub?

    Curious if anyone has ever used the Art Morrison IFS setup? Spendy for sure....but their engineering seems top notch, and components can be welded in rather than replacing the entire front clip.( though they do also offer an entire front clip set-up) http://www.artmorrison.com/2006cat/48.pdf
  8. I'd like to piggyback onto this thread, as I'm interested in doing something similar to my '50 P-20....putting in a mid 50's Red Ram, and wondering if the '52 3 speed with R10 I have will hold up to the increased HP and torque. Been looking up any and all info I can find for the trannies used for the early hemis, but can't find much info in the tech archives here or elsewhere.
  9. st63

    New to the group

    A 270 Hemi would have the ultimate "cool factor", but not cheap. On the other hand, having access to a free core is a huge plus. The best advice I think would come from member "Wayfarer on this forum. He runs this business: http://www.qualityengineeredcomponents.com/
  10. st63

    Meadowbrook Power Steering

    Out of curiosity, what size tires are you running? My '50 Plymouth had modern 215 size radials on it when I bought it, and it was a real workout to steer....when I switched to narrower 7.10R15's, it was like night and day! These old steering boxes were designed for, and work best with, narrower tires.
  11. What year Cherokee rear axle did you use to get that 3:55 ratio?
  12. I had Michelin 215/75R15's on stock 15x4 1/2" rims on my '50 P20. They were put on by the previous owner. They were ok with fender clearance, but they were pushing the limit of the stock rim width...had premature sidewall cracking, and they made it really difficult to steer at slow speeds. 235's would be far too wide I think. Like Andydodge says, 195 would be about as wide as I'd go on stock rims.
  13. st63

    Creative dash boards

    Nothing fancy...the original un-restored dash of my '41 P-12. 38k original miles, with very minimal wear to the upholstery, steering wheel etc.
  14. st63

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    Thanks! Always looking at good tire options.
  15. st63

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    Love original cars! Out of curiosity, are you running radials on it? If so, what size?

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