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  1. New Route For '41?

    Thanks ALL for your replies so far! The car is 99% original and I have spent the last two+ years getting it road worthy. I limit myself to local shows simply because it's not safe to drive it on the highways in Southern CA. Not that the car isn't safe, it's the other drivers that scare the crap outta me! I would like to take it to shows further away, and that may be what makes my decision. I personally do not mind "restomod" cars, and have liked many that I have seen. I have kept the car as original as possible simply because that's what I thought my Gramps and U-T wanted. And I do like the attention it gets. I have not put a lot of thought into what drive-line I would put into it if I do decide to go "restomod", but I do know that it will be a MoPar setup. Thinking about it as I read/write here I think either a 225 /6 or an LA 318 v8 with an automatic transmission, Scarbird disc brake setup, and a decent rearend and 12 volt electric system sounds like a good way to go.
  2. New Route For '41?

    Hey All, I spent last week & weekend in Florida attending my Gramps funeral. He was 98 1/2 years old when he passed and lived an AWESOME life. Seven children, sixteen grandchildren, twenty-four great grandchildren and four great-great grand children. He slid into home base totally wore out and smokin' :-) He was a huge influence on me and will be sorely missed... While attending I got to spend considerable time with my Uncle Tom [U-T], another great man who has had a strong influence on me. A lot of our conversations were about Gramps, the numerous old cars he had owned, and about the '41 that I have inherited that once belonged to both Gramps and U-T. I have to say that I sat there shocked, mouth agape, during the conversation...U-T informed me that my plan to keep the car as close to original is not what he, or Gramps, would have done. He then went on to advise me to leave the exterior/interior as close to original as possible, but to upgrade the drive-line/suspension/brakes/electrical to make the car safer, more reliable, easier to maintain. Now, before anyone cries "foul", and any bashing starts, I am not certain I will change my mind. But I would like to hear from those who have "upgraded" their cars. Here's the info I am looking for: Engine? Trans? Rear-end? Brakes? Tires? Radiator? Problems/hiccups during upgrades? Things to stay away from. Thanks in advance for any info given. Feel free to PM me if you prefer.
  3. Holy Crap That Was Fun!

    Thanks for the trip down "Memory Lane"! I raced CBR900RRs when they were the "ticket" back in the 90s. I have done nothing since that comes close to that "rush"...
  4. Old and newer

    Nice old Cougar! I drove a gold/gold '79 XR7 my junior and senior years in h.s. It was a great car!
  5. Hi Mattimuss - I am in the process of redoing the interior to my 48' Plymouth 2 door Special Delux Club Coupe. I took it to a shop in 07' to restore and the guy went out of business and they threw away my door panels. Do you know of a local 48' Plymouth like mine that I can go see  to take some photos of the interior door panels and rear side interior panels?

    Thank you.


    1. mattimuss


      Hey Sal,

      Sorry, no I don't know of anyone local with a '48.  Are the '48's different from the '41?

    2. Sal's 48

      Sal's 48

      Hi Mattimuss, Thanks. Not sure how much different the 41' is to a 48'.

    3. mattimuss


      You are welcome to take some measurements and then take a look at the ones in my '41 to see if they are the same/close.

      Here is my contact info:

      email:   mattimuss65@gmail.com

      cell: 619-517-2522

  6. Trouble Getting Out of Threads

    I'm having the same problem. I'm using updated Firefox and I cleared the cache this morning.
  7. Turk-i-fied Plymouth

    A friend sent me this picture which I thought was purty cool. Not sure if it has been posted before...
  8. Old Car Ad

    I know this is from a Chevrolet dealer [head hung low] , but I like the Plymouth ads [smiling]...
  9. Happy Veterans Day OT

    A huge "Thank You" to all who served! USAF 1984-1995
  10. WPC Historical museum will soon be History

    Well, scratch that one off my bucket-list!
  11. What is your job? OT

    Yes, we use it. You?
  12. New Feature Community Calendar

    Very cool! I just added an ALL MOPAR show, with flyer.
  13. 46th Annual Chrysler 300 Club Show

    MOPAR ONLY CAR SHOW - Hosted by the San Diego Chapter of the Chrysler 300 Club - Held at Seaport Village, San Diego - 10am to 2pm - $15 pre-reg, $20 day-of-show - Registration form attached.
  14. Welcome to the updated P15-D24.com SIte!

    I have spent a few days roaming around the new layout and have to give it two thumbs up! While it will take some time to find things, learn new terminology and navigation, I think it's an improvement. Thanks for all that you do to support our hobby...or as my wife calls it, my addiction! I have to say that the blue background is easier on my eyes
  15. wiring harness

    Hey now, watch those "Red Necker" labels! Some of us actually know how to properly use tools!