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    Zen Master, I breathe vintage mopar!

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    Hudson Valley of NY
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    antique vehicles and farm equipment
    5 string banjo, acoustic guitar
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    1936 Plymouth P4,48K miles,1949 Dodge 1 ton rack body
    1949 Dodge 2.5ton rack body, 1943 John Deere LI, 1952 John Deere AO

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    ATCA Director-have a 52 1 ton, 36 Plym, and 78 D100 ton along with a couple of JD
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    IT Professional-past tractor trailer driver/music teacher


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    Hudson Valley of NY state
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    antique vehicles, music, grandkids

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  1. MBFowler


    Dave72DT I was just thinking the same thing.
  2. MBFowler

    Mustang gas tank question

    I wouldn't remove the rearmost cross member. It's behind the rear shackles for support, and it does offer some protection to the tank.
  3. Hi Al. Not sure if this will be of any help, but maybe they've got an old guy there that can get you steered in the right direction. Good luck. http://www.nationaldrivetrain.com/partinfo.php?partid=NDT:MEASUREKIT&choice=
  4. Gotta get on the soap box. Went to one car show w my 1 ton got parked in the back in the weeds-haven't been back since. I go to a fair amount of cruises, and am always accepted. Don't do car shows anymore. I don't care about trophies or awards-that's not why I'm in this. Truck shows are a whole lot more inviting. These things worked for a living and bear battle scars. Some are restored to nicer than new-mine will never be. I don't look as good as I did 40 yrs ago either. It's all about fun, camaraderie, and shooting the breeze. They can take the trophies and stick 'em. I've been to shows where there were more trophies than vehicles, and everyone got one (hmmm why does that seem familiar today)? Another pet peeve is charging the exhibitors upwards of $30 for the exhibitors, and spectators get in free???? How about no trophies, reasonable registration fees, and charging the folks that are coming to enjoy the show? Off soapbox now.
  5. MBFowler

    Upholstry choices?

    I made the interiors for both my 49 1ton and 49 2.5 ton. The seat covers were in decent usable shape in both. For the 1 ton I made my own door, overhead and rear panels using 1/4" luan as a backing board covered with black leatherette that my wife purchased for me in a fabric store. For the 2.5 ton, I used the existing door panels (it was an ex firetruck) but used the patterns I made for the 1 ton for the headliner, and rear & side panels. Is it perfect? Hell no, but both truck have held up extremely well over the several years since I did them. I learned something during the process too. Mike
  6. Yea, I'd lap them, but prior to doing that check for the stem to guide fit too.
  7. MBFowler

    Cylinder Corrosion

    Great way to look at it Jocko! Good luck with the continuing process.
  8. MBFowler

    1 ton to 1/2 ton front end swap

    That's not a drop center front axle. If you were able to have mounts fabbed up that fit your front spring centers, the front end would be 8-10" higher than it is now. The six lug Ford rims that you reference were 17.5" if I remember correctly. Not much luck finding tires to fit them. There is nothing wrong with locking ring rims providing they're in good shape, clean, and mounted by someone that knows how to handle them.
  9. MBFowler

    headliner door panel templates

    Let me check my shop tomorrow. I think I have the templates that I used when I replaced my door panels.
  10. MBFowler

    Clutch Parts Recommendations

    Got the clutch for my 2.5 ton from Carolina Clutch. Very pleased
  11. MBFowler

    Master brake repair

    If you added a washer between the cup and piston, you may be preventing the piston from returning to its full rest position. I'd also check lube the pedal where the shaft goes through it, and make sure the return spring is present and hooked up properly.
  12. MBFowler

    1 ton tires

    Looking good. Nice job
  13. MBFowler

    MBFowler Fleet

    Mopar Collection
  14. MBFowler

    1949 B1B Steering

    I'll second what 48Dodger said. Wish they did have the drag link w rebuildable end-would be a lot cheaper than that NOS drag link I bought a few years ago.
  15. MBFowler

    1949 B1B Steering

    Also check to make sure that the steering box bolts that attach the box to the cast bracket, and the cast bracket to frame are all present, accounted, for and tight. Another thing to look at is the condition of the rear shackles bushings on the front springs , and the mounting brackets riveted to the frame. The steering not returning to center is likely due to a caster problem. Mike

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