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  1. I used rubber strips similar to the thickness of an old inner tube in between any of the lips where two pieces contact each other. It won't hold moisture, and probably quieted down some of the noises that would have been made.
  2. 1 ton to 1/2 ton front end swap

    I have seen a 1 ton IH pickup at shows that is running tubed radials on the 6 lug Budd locking ring rims. I also think Mark is doing the same thing. I spoke to the guy w the IH, he said it rides and drives much nicer and that he hasn't had any problems in the 3 yrs he's had the tires on the rims. When I was driving tractor trailer in the late 70's, they put radials on the locking ring Dayton wheels w/o incident and they made quite a difference in the ride and traction in snow. I have been told by a local truck tire guy that the narrow locking ring on our 1 tons may not be wide enough to properly support the bead of a tubed radial and advised me against going that route, so I bought a complete set of 7:00-16 bias ply tires. That's just two different opinions, but I'm running duals on my rear, and I know even with the dual offet rims sidewall clearance between the tires would be an issue w radials. Hence my decision to stay bia ply. Short answer to your question, there is a 17.5 drop center that will fit your lug pattern, but I don't know if it will clear the rear drums.
  3. Need transmission info

    Make a template of the 4 bolt holes in the bell housing where the transmission mounts. A 3 speed will have almost equidistant horizontal spacing while the 4 speed will be wider (I think in the bottom). Each requires its own specific bell housing or a redrilling/tapping of the mounting holes.
  4. Gear Oil Recommendation

    Traveler 85-140 from Tractor Supply. Been using it for many many years.
  5. drive shaft universals

    I bought one on ebay for my 1 ton several years ago. If there is a driveshaft shop in your area you may want to check with them. They can order parts by dimension instead of just by application.
  6. Steering Wheel Interchange

    You should check the opening dimensions in the splined area. The wheels from the larger trucks (2 tons and up) will not fit on the shaft of the smaller trucks. I had a real nice wheel with a horn ring that I wanted to put on my 2.5 ton. The dimension of the outside of the wheel was the same as the original 3 spoke (center button) style, but it wouldn't fit on the shaft.
  7. Rubber

    An old mudflap cut up may also work?!?
  8. I need parts washer thoughts?

    We had a heated water based unit in our shop a few years back. Used a detergent similar to DAWN dish detergent. Worked great-no emisions, no fire hazard, no permitted waste required. The unit was drained and replenished about every other month. Can't remember who provided the service. Worked as well as the Safety-Kleen unit that it replaced.
  9. Aftermarket hubcaps like those that you describe were often supplied by outfits like JC Whitney.
  10. New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    Pretty sure its a stand for an electric of vacuum fan to help the defroster. The ball is the pivot mount that the fan motor would pivot on. My '36 plymouth has one.
  11. It's a 49 w a 52 nose on it that a previous owner put on it. I left it that way, and I registered it as a 52 since only an expert would know the difference. The 2.5 ton B2JA that I'm selling is a true 49er. Mike
  12. This is what I did w mine. I had one good solid whisker, and only part of a parking lamp housing. Easily reversible if I ever find the parts I'm looking for. The wipers arent' normally parksed that way. I had just cleaned the windshield.
  13. B2b transmission

    No resistance on the clutch? Check the keyway in the pivot shaft on the adjustment collar. The collar may be rotating on the shaft w/o actually moving the shaft. Someone may have had it apart in the past and forgot to put the keyway back in.
  14. Play in steering 54 dodge truck

    Also make sure that the mounting bolts are the box are tight, and that your shackle bushings are not worn out. It depends on where the wear in the box is. If it hasn't been run dry, and a previous owner hasn't cranked down on the adjusting screw to the point of causing binding, you may be able to adjust the bearing end play, and then the sector shaft play. Mike
  15. Stock 5 speeds?

    Granny and Great Granny in my 49 2.5 ton. I'd love to be able to find a 5 spd o/d transmission that would bolt in. I think these are identified with 5th ( the o/d position) and 4th positions being reversed. 5th(o/d) would be up towards the dash. I know some school buses of the 60's used these.