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  1. MBFowler

    Water pump status

    I've gotten mine through NAPA, and I think there are a long and short version. Either will bolt up and fit behind the radiator (the long one is a tight fit) but if you're converting to that style from the shorter version, you'll need a pulley with enough offset to line up with the crank and generator pulleys to keep the belt aligned. Mike
  2. MBFowler

    WD21 Differential Question

    I think you're right that it is the thrust pad. What does your pinion look like? I would think it would have to be pretty chewed up to leave those grooves, but I don't understand how it could make contact with the carrier unless the yoke nut was loose. I'd be interested to see what you find.
  3. MBFowler

    Manifold Stud Replacement

    On my slant 6 I used brass nuts and the high temp antiseize when I did the rebuild. Never know when its gonna have to come apart again. I think I did the same thing when I did the valve job in the 230 in my 49 1 ton.
  4. MBFowler

    Master cylinder replacement

    Check RockAuto and Partsgeek. I think they both have them for the larger trucks.
  5. MBFowler

    Differential pinion seal replacement

    I think I would put a staked mark on the face of the pintion nut and the pinion threads to return the nut to the existing tightness and not change the pinion bearing preload. That was advised on another post on this forum years ago. Mike
  6. MBFowler

    50 Pilothouse One Ton Brake Issue

    My 49 1 ton does the same thing. I've got new shoes, cyls, seals, and lines on it, and had the drum cut. I've had the hub off several times to see what is going on. There is nothing leaking and nothing visibly wrong that I can see.. It would lock up the left front in the first stop after it sits in the garage a few days. So now when I back it out of the garage I drag the brake for a wheel rotation or 2 and its fine. I'm anxious to see what you find.
  7. I use an ignition ballast resistor on the heater motors for my 1 ton, and 36 Plymouth. Been using them for years (although not every day drivers) w/o an issue. Those motors are tough-I pulled one out of my parts truck that had been sitting in the woods w/o windshields in it for at least 25 yrs.. The motor looked shot, but when I hooked it up to a batt it ran fine, and quiet. I oiled it, and put it on the shelf in case I ever need it.
  8. MBFowler

    Chrysler industrial engines

    I can get one tomorrow. I've got enough parts to restore it. It did run, but had low oil pressure. I've got another good flatty and a trans to put in it. Just haven't gotten around to it yet.
  9. MBFowler

    Chrysler industrial engines

    I've got a 230 Chrysler Industrial in a Worthington Golf Chief tractor. I needed an exhaust manifold years ago for my 1 ton, so I "borrowed" the one off the industiral. The intake has a built in plenum under the carb. Not sure what the purpose is.
  10. MBFowler

    Me and the B-1-D

    For the wiper parking positions, on the vacuum setup you can switch the parked positions by swapping the actuating arm's positions on the pivot arm on the vacuum motor. I just did this on one of mine. I think you might run into problems switching in an electric setup on a B1 or B2. The transmissions are in different positions, and the actuating arms are different, but I could be wrong on this.
  11. MBFowler

    B3B interior

    I have the original door cards from my B1D that I put in my B2JA. There is the hump, but no embossing. I made new headliners, door cards and kick panels for both trucks using 1/4" luan sheets and vinly material that my wife picked up for me a t the fabric store. The one ton is black inside, and the 2.5 ton I did in brown. I had to make my own patterns. I did 1 piece for the headliner for each, and since the 1 ton is the std cab w/o the corner windows I did a single sheet across the back which was easier than the big truck w the windows. The rear window gaskets have a flap that helps hold the panels in place and gives them a nice finished look. They aren't perfect, but I'm satisfied. The panels along w the dynamat really quieted things down in both cabs.
  12. MBFowler

    51 B-3 2 ton brake cylinders

    There is a return spring that goes back to an eye of a cotter key poking through the passenger side floor toe pan. Check the tension on that spring it may need to be replaced. Other possible problem areas could be the ball pivots on the bottom of the gas pedal, and the ball mount on the rod that comes through the firewall to the pedal. Clean and lube them as well and look for an obstruction or something rubbing where the rod goes through the firewall to make sure it isn't rubbing on something. My 2 ton does the same thing because it doesn't get driven that much so the spring ritual is to lube the pivots.
  13. MBFowler

    51 B-3 2 ton brake cylinders

    I would think the p/n's that I provided in an earlier post would be correct then. I wasn't sure if your's was a H or J series. Mine is a JA (2 speed rear) but I would imagine everything else in the axle housing except for maybe the axle shafts themselves would be the same. FYI-my overhauled brakes with the original vacuum booster are WAY more brakes than are needed for the truck's current mission. They're much more effective than those on my B2D 1 ton. Mike
  14. MBFowler

    column shifter problem

    On these vehicles w a 3 on the tree I'm pretty sure there is a cable mechanism that separates the 1-R and the 2-3 shift positions with only 1 actual rod going to the transmission. If what DJ19491950 suggested won't work you may have to look at adjusting the throw of the cable. I could be wrong because I no longer have that setup in a truck.
  15. I've got new 7.00-16's on my one ton that I bought 2-3 yrs ago. As with any of the bias plys-they flatspot when sitting for any period of time, and round back out after a short drive.

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