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  1. If you do decide that you have to replace the seal, you'll need to disconnect the driveshaft from the rear, and remove the drive pinion (large nut in the center of the pinion). Since the tightness of this nut determines the pinion bearings preload, I'd put a mark on one of the edges of the castleated nut, and one on the pinion threads to line it back up as an approximation of how tight the nut needs to be. If you take the drive pinion to a reputable auto parts supplier (NAPA or other) or a machine shop they should be able to order the correct sized speedi sleeve that you need-if you actually need one. Sometimes these old sleeves really fight back when you go to remove them so patience is a good tool to use. I lost mine!
  2. I'd be leaving NY state right after the New Year's Holiday if I was driving this out to the barbecue. She cruises at 45!
  3. MBFowler

    Split Ring Tire Question

    35-40 in my 1 ton (all new tires and tubes) , 40-45 in the 2.5 ton on the front (near new) and 35 in the rears.
  4. I think that the T-5 conversion involves drilling and tapping the bell housing for the mounting bolts, machining the opening to accommodate the front of the transmission, a different clutch disk, and finding a rear with parking brakes as you lose the rear mounted brake found on the original transmission. I think the O/d may make the process worthwhile as far as roadability.
  5. MBFowler

    Split Ring Tire Question

    The rims in your photo look like split rims that someone has cobbled together. I wouldn't use them, and I'd be careful on 9" wide tires on a 6.75 locking ring rim.
  6. Taking the tree to my local volunteer FD for our Christmas party
  7. MBFowler

    Carter carburetor rebuild issues

    Vet Doc-if you're talking about the pump jet at the top of the carb behind the steel plug, I had the same issue on one of mine. Mine was plugged solid and gave up trying to remove it while it was still salvageable. I ended up using a piece of guitar string to clean out the opening which is still working well. I'd also suggest soaking the pump plunger in oil overnight, and then gengly prying the bottom edge away from the plunger body. If these have been sitting on the shelf for an extended time, they don't open up properly. Good luck!
  8. MBFowler

    Wheel cylinder kit

    Take the rubber cups to a local NAPA dealer and they will match them up for you-they also have the kits. The only parts unavailable for the rebuild are the aluminum pistons.
  9. MBFowler

    Repairing pilothouse fenders

    I did what the others did-drill, cut out, weld in repair panel and use turned down carriage bolt. I then seam sealed the plate behind the fender, and around the bolt heads. It'll last longer than the original setup and keeps the original look.
  10. MBFowler

    Vacuum Wiper home position

    I have 2 49 trucks. The old firetruck had them parked next to the divider strip, and the other had them parked on the lower edge of the windshield. If you've had the wiper wiper transmission arms disconnected from the rocking arm on the motor, they will fit on either the top or bottom positions. The position that you mount the actuatiing arms determines where your wipers will park. Both of my trucks now have the wipers parked in the center. If you remove the speaker cover it a lot easier on your body to see what you are doing behind the dash.
  11. MBFowler

    coil need to be grounded?

    I had the same problem w an accel pump I just did, and I used the same method to "convince" the plunger it was time to get into shape.. After getting the plunger to actually push fuel, I found that the jet at the top of the carb was badly plugged. In order to access it you need to remover the round steel plug at the top of the carb opening. A fine banjo string was needed to get it opened. Never saw one plugged as badly as this one was.
  12. MBFowler

    Transmission question

    Both the original 3 & 4 speeds have a 1:1 ratio in the highest gear. You can't just swap in a 4 speed w/o swapping the bell housing-the bolt patterns are different.
  13. MBFowler

    Rear axle and wheels

    A friend of mine used the rear axle from a Jeep Cherokee. If you're working on a half ton, the Cherokee's rims will bolt up to your hubs and vice versa.
  14. MBFowler

    Hound dog hauler

    You may want to dress up the contacts of the points, and check to see if that flexible wire that goes from the points to the dist housing (and then eventually up to trigger the coild ) isn't shorting out.
  15. MBFowler

    Hand Crank a 218

    I've cranked many tractors successfully, but I am one who can personally speak about breaking a wrist cranking an engine. Do not wrap your thumb around the crank handle. Lift up on the crank handle on a ccompression stroke only, and do not chase it if it tries to start (keep cranking in a full circle). If it doesn't start on the first couple of tries-walk away from it or hit the starter. I've been through a bunch of really tough gut surgeries, but this wrist injury was the most painful thing I have experienced. I did this over 30 yrs ago, and I can now tell you when it is going to rain with more accuracy than the weatherman. That's my 2 cents.

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