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  1. I bought a Budge Lite off Amazon.....I used it as a dust cover for in my garage, but u can get outside quality too and it fits great. Its for the long bed, standard cab up to 228 inches.
  2. Yes, they are on a splined hub like they are nowadays. Its the arms and linkages below the dash that determine the resting position I believe.
  3. The vacuum wipers on my '50 B2B pickup rest just like yours....the blades on mine seem a little longer. The vacuum wipers on my '50 Meadowbrook lay flat away from the divider.
  4. I might be able to take a pic of the one on my Meadowbrook and have my sister print it and do her photoshop thing onto a label. I'll advise how (if) that works out. She has printed onto some clear label stock for other projects....of course, that cannister will get a little warm, but prob not too much. I'll advise how much of a big mess I make of it.
  5. Oh yeah! For sure! As a matter of fact I'll order them right now. The air cleaner has a label, so I just need the oil canister and breather cap, right? My Meadowbrook still has good original labels, so I'll order just like those?
  6. Never had a green vehicle until these two! Its a fluke these came along almost matching. Tractor is a 1953 International Super H that was my Grandfathers. Still comes in handy on the farm. I do find I like that old Dodge dark green though now.
  7. These trucks are all great! Here are my 50 Meadowbrook and 50 Pilothouse truck. I love them both. Never a Dodge guy until I found that Meadowbrook years ago and I've been hooked ever since.
  8. I certainly will advise. I believe the brakes are all new-ish and the fluid looks clean so I'm hoping just an adjustment, bad return spring or something simple,. Generally never works out that way though!
  9. Excellent! Thanks! I'll advise what I find when I get in there next weekend.
  10. I'll tear into this wheel this coming weekend, but wanted to ask some advice first. The first couple of times I hit the brake after the truck has set all night the driver's side tire wants to lock up. After a couple of stops it works perfectly. I have all my books and will use them to hopefully find the issue, but wondered if anyone knew of a common issue that might cause that? Thanks!
  11. I used Coker and love them, but I've seen other members swear by the other companies out there too. Be sure to follow the directions for whitewall care, as normal cleaners can yellow and ruin them.
  12. I'm looking forward to hearing how Worden's success with double clutching goes! I can go up all 4 gears not an issue......downshifting though I've been less successful. Fortunately its geared so low there is hardly a need to downshift.
  13. I've noticed in this literature that the wiper blades turn off in the downward (flat) position, while the ones on my 1950 are vertical when they are off. Did some googling last night and I found pics of other trucks....some up and others down. I wonder if someone replaced my vacuum motor at some point and just put some gear on upside down (or backwards) or whatever? I'm assuming down is the proper resting position?
  14. Man! Awesome! Mine is a 50, but shares tons in common with yours. You will love that truck as much as I do mine. It will also really make u appreciate your Meadowbrook...as I didn't realize how smooth and easy shifting my Meadowbrook was until I drove it after a couple of hours driving in the truck!
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