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  1. mmcdowel

    New to the forum, Here's my dilemma

    Took my Meadowbrook out of storage in exactly that same condition and it did exactly the same thing. I replaced the fuel pump and the coil (back then I didn't know about this site to ask any questions) and it was fixed. Still don't know which of them was the culprit, but I'm not taking them back off to figure it out. Amazing info and tech help out there on this site, plus people to encourage you when you need it. Sometimes old cars can be frustrating, but worth it.
  2. mmcdowel

    Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    I try to drive my 50 Meadowbrook about once a week....all original and just turned over 80,000. Its particularly fun in the fall and winter....our winters are dry and mild in Oklahoma so I get in lots more miles than I do during the hot months. What is it in that interior that makes it smell so darn good (to me at least)? Fortunately it had been kept inside so my work on it has all been maintenance (fuel pump, carb, brakes, hoses, water pump). She likes to go 50, so thats what we do on our trips out.
  3. mmcdowel

    New 1936 Chrysler

    Always one of my dream cars....they styling was so far (too far maybe?) ahead of its time.
  4. mmcdowel

    I'm Hearing Something New...A Bearing Howling?

    Wise move! I'll defer to others on this post that know more than I so I don't lead you astray. Had a similar situation in a 1970 Olds 98 and it was the inner bearing. Had it rebuilt at the shop so not sure what all was involved. Smart to get it corrected early! I'm totally enjoying your posts of your adventures. Hot as heck here now, so old Daisy is in the garage under the car cover waiting for Fall.
  5. mmcdowel

    I'm Hearing Something New...A Bearing Howling?

    If you gently swerve the car from side to side does it start and stop or is it constant?
  6. mmcdowel

    Meadowbrook Partial Rebuild

    I've never had any issues with NAPA. Roberts Auto parts and Bernbaums were excellent too.
  7. mmcdowel

    13oz coffee can vs Carter B&B

    Does it ever backfire or just stumble and then pick back up? Any other symptoms?
  8. mmcdowel

    Cowl Vent Gasket

  9. mmcdowel

    influence of high octane...?

    Yes! There is something about the shape of the tank fill line that the pumps don't kick off in time (I'm guessing here). I've learned to listen for a bit of a gurgling sound and cut the pump off then. Took some practice.
  10. mmcdowel

    influence of high octane...?

    My Meadowbrook likes the low octane with no ethanol. Makes us both happy!
  11. mmcdowel


    I would definitely replace the water pump....it will save you lots of grief later. Oddly enough when my water pump went out I noticed antifreeze around the 3rd plug...the pump was misting at higher engine speeds and it appears it blew it back in that area....the front two plugs maybe were just close enough to the fan to evaporate the antifreeze. Not sure, but anyway that was my first clue. Also, look on the underside of your hood...there may be a strip of oily wet antifreeze up there.
  12. mmcdowel

    1949 New Yorker...Worth Parting Out?

    I've seen much worse cars restored! Of course, the bottom of the car not being rusted out I think is more important that whats up on top. Doesn't Hemmings have a classifiedparts listing?
  13. mmcdowel

    shining up the plymouth for back to the 50s

    Awesome! What did you use on it?
  14. mmcdowel

    shining up the plymouth for back to the 50s

    Looks great! I'm pretty sure my Meadowbrook has the original paint and I've found it responds best to the good old fashioned Turtle Wax. None of the color comes off on the applicator so I don't think the compound in there is doing any damage...just taking off crud stuck to the paint.
  15. mmcdowel

    1949 Plymouth Super Deluxe 4dr Sedan Parts

    Perhaps just offer it for sale as is? I'm sure you could get more for it than u could at the crusher? Someone will prob buy the whole thing just for parts.

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