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  1. Shock absorbers

    I've seen where the shock mounting bolts break after using those after awhile....that might have been just because of age or the springs on the shock were just too stiff and added too much stress.
  2. I Can’t Help Falling In love...1951 Dodge

    If it checks out to be as nice as advertised and you have garage space....I say go for it. If it you get there and its not as nice as it appears....at least you won't have any regrets about passing on it.
  3. Hi from England

    That is absolutely stunning. Good job!
  4. Hi from England

    Welcome! I live in Oklahoma, but I'm in Aylesbury a couple of times a year......every other year my British friends come tour Oklahoma with me. Please send pics! You will love the fluid drive....just don't forget the emergency brake. Ever.
  5. Old mopar's. What do I need to know?

    Imperial! Yes! Hmmmm......I think Plymouth was usually the entry level.....I'll go check Wikipedia and advise.
  6. Old mopar's. What do I need to know?

    Old Mopars are awesome and I think you would enjoy it. Chrysler made DeSoto, Dodge and Plymouth...all great cars (I think I'm leaving one brand out, but it escapes me now). This forum has never failed me on any question I have had over the years. Thanks to the "interweb" I've never had issues finding parts either. Keep an eye out for rust, but thats true of all old cars. I personally find Mopar superior in many ways to Ford and Chevy.
  7. Me and the Meadowbrook

    These old Dodge's have fantastic heaters and I find i get most of my fun long trips in during the winter providing the roads are dry (which in OK they usually are). Way more fun than driving in the summer heat no matter how much wind you have blowing around. The Meadowbrook stays mostly parked in the garage late July thru the middle of Sept. Keep your adventures coming!
  8. http://www.llclassicauto.com/Mopar-parts-page.html Someplace like this might be able to help you....or someone here may have one laying around. Good luck
  9. May Add Dodge Royal to my Collection

    Agreed! $13 to ship my front brake hardware kit for my Meadowbrook! However its better than driving to the East Coast to pick it up.
  10. May Add Dodge Royal to my Collection

    Absolutely! Shipping kind of negates any savings though. Holler next time your in Oklahoma and I'll hook u up.
  11. May Add Dodge Royal to my Collection

    My company makes duct tape, masking and painters tape so I'm good to go there! Thank you all for your advice and I'll give it a go. Some will definitely have to be rechromed, but I think I can save the bumpers, grille, etc........and only have a few pieces to rechrome. Ur right Plymouthy.....I'm sure that why the chrome was the last thing that wasn't redone. I'm super appreciative of the fantastic chrome on my Meadowbrook now....I hadn't realized what a gift that was having it in such excellent shape. Won't take that for granted anymore.
  12. A neighbor is selling a beautiful red and white 1955 Dodge Royal with the Red Ram V8. Thought of adding it to my garage along with my Meadowbrook. I've been over all of it and found no rust (thank you dry Oklahoma weather), but I'm concerned that all the exterior chrome is turning gray and pitting. Paint looks great (its an old repaint I'm sure) but what causes this with the chrome? I'm assuming its scary expensive to send that all out to be replated? Other than the chrome the car is great, runs, drives fine.....excellent interior. With the bad chrome its definitely a "20 foot car" though. Looks best from 20 feet away. Thanks!
  13. Radiator question

    How hot is it running? Is there a thermostat in place?
  14. 39 radio substitution

    If you google "antique auto radio repair" there is a guy in El Paso I think that I bet could tell u exactly. Plus as I recall he has a large collection of radios for sale.
  15. Good point ULU. I have a newer set of Coker bias (the car originally had generic radials when I bought it) and the car definitely doesn't drive any worse...just different. I'm wondering if the new bias are perhaps built differently than the old hard bias I grew up with? Its certainly easier to steer with the bias at low speeds and only wanders if I'm on a patch of asphalt that has grooves worn into it....but even then its not scary or anything. It just drives as it probably did when new (which I kind of like). Also to the cleaning topic above I bought an orange/lanolin spray from Coker that works really well. (Its not that i'm 100% sold on the Coker brand...its just all I have experience with...plus they look exactly like the factory tire...which is cool)