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  1. Radiator question

    How hot is it running? Is there a thermostat in place?
  2. 39 radio substitution

    If you google "antique auto radio repair" there is a guy in El Paso I think that I bet could tell u exactly. Plus as I recall he has a large collection of radios for sale.
  3. Good point ULU. I have a newer set of Coker bias (the car originally had generic radials when I bought it) and the car definitely doesn't drive any worse...just different. I'm wondering if the new bias are perhaps built differently than the old hard bias I grew up with? Its certainly easier to steer with the bias at low speeds and only wanders if I'm on a patch of asphalt that has grooves worn into it....but even then its not scary or anything. It just drives as it probably did when new (which I kind of like). Also to the cleaning topic above I bought an orange/lanolin spray from Coker that works really well. (Its not that i'm 100% sold on the Coker brand...its just all I have experience with...plus they look exactly like the factory tire...which is cool)
  4. I used the Testors red model paint on my 50 Meadowbrook and the match was....to my eye anyway....absolutely perfect. Been on several years and looks fine. I did put a coat of synthetic car wax over it.
  5. Me and the Meadowbrook

    I'm envious of the nice cool weather you get to enjoy your road trips (cool compared to Oklahoma/Texas anyway). I took my Meadowbrook to the gas station Sat morning and it was like driving a convection oven. However, we see very little if any snow/ice in the winter so I get my road trips done then.
  6. New Fuel Tank - built in backflow valve?

    I'll bet you are right there. That would make sense. Thanks! Also, in reference to the fuel tank supplier....he said it was "ClassicCarAutoParts.com". Very happy with the tank he got.
  7. New Fuel Tank - built in backflow valve?

    A friend of mine bought a new tank like mine for his Dodge. He said it was perfect. I'll ask him who he used.
  8. New Fuel Tank - built in backflow valve?

    I found it at a farm sale....still new in the box. Ancient box though.....I'm guessing manufactured in the 50s or 60s? Its exactly like my old one....only minus the big dent my old one has always had.
  9. I replaced the fuel tank in my 1950 Meadowbrook with a NOS tank and seem to have resolved a secondary issue (which is awesome...I'm not complaining but trying to figure out why). It has always taken a minute or so to start after sitting a couple of days in the garage. I figured the fuel was either draining back to the tank or evaporating out of the carb. Noticed after the tank replacement it starts right up even after a week. Thinking back I was shocked how quickly it started right after we replaced the tank....I figured it would take a bit of cranking to get the fuel from the tank to the carb.....but started right up after about 10 seconds. Is there a backflow valve built into the tank perhaps?
  10. Me and the Meadowbrook

    I'm getting a big kick out of your adventures in the Meadowbrook. I enjoy mine very much too and am using you as an example to get it out more than I do. Interesting too that mine likes around 48 mph ......it will go 55 no prob, but when you aren't looking she will slow back down to 48.
  11. Gas Tank to Fill Tube Connector

    Done! Got it all taken care of. Happy to have a working gas gauge now too. Thanks!
  12. 47 Plymouth Radiatior Fan Leak

    I used the one that came with mine with a little gasket adhesive front and back. Worked fine. Be sure that mating surface on the engine is clean and free of debris.
  13. Gas Tank to Fill Tube Connector

    Much appreciated! Thats exactly what I will do. I thought that might be the case, but wanted to hear from you all experts first!
  14. I'm replacing the gas tank on my 1950 Meadowbrook with a NOS unit.....and need a replacement for the connector between the tank and fill tube. Not exactly sure what its called? I tried the search engine to no avail......I'm pretty deep into the Dayquil this morning so that might have something to do with it. Thought of a piece of radiator hose, but I doubt that would hold up to gas fumes. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  15. 47 Plymouth Radiatior Fan Leak

    Mine was for a 1950 Meadowbrook but its the exact same engine I believe. They had the part number in their book at NAPA. Should have it for yours too.