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  1. bones44

    Happy Holidays

  2. bones44

    6vdc fan motor to 12vdc

    For the heater motor Speedway Motors has a 12V to 6V motor reducer. part #m91064103. I have one in my 37 Dodge and seems to work fine.
  3. bones44

    master cylinder upgrade to dual

    Using a wildwood M/C on my 37 Dodge, kit comes with remote reservoirs. Wilwood Disc Brakes 260.docx
  4. bones44

    Oil Filter Kit?

    I am using a by-pass spin on oil filter on my 230 and did not loose any oil pressure were a full flow set up would. parts used were a Wix by pass filter head 24755 ( e bay) an a Fram PB50 by pass filter.
  5. bones44

    every wonder where all the good old cars are?

    Great clip Casper Thanks for posting!
  6. bones44

    Old gas station mockup

    desoto 1939 thanks for posting, I remember a lot of the items reminds me how old I am and loving ever minute of it. Who cares about serial numbers when your in a hurry.
  7. bones44

    Car show 1922 Dodge

  8. bones44

    Car show 1922 Dodge

  9. bones44

    Car show 1922 Dodge

    Went to a car show with the 37 Dodge coupe and saw a 1922 Dodge entered in the antique class but he had arrive to late as most of the ballets were in. Great car!
  10. bones44

    Need to lower my fan.

    Is this what you are looking for? If so send me a PM.
  11. As Adam stated " Langdon's Stovebolt has the Carter/Weber 32's originally used on the 1.6 and 1.8L Escorts. Work great in duals, I still think 3 is too much" That being said that is a fantastic looking manifold. I have them on my 37 Dodge D5 and have worked flawlessly since installed.
  12. I used a Paul Curtis T5 adaptor kit in my 37 dodge. Paul Curtis19319 CandlelightRoseville, MI 48066586-296-2488pjplymouth@netscape.n
  13. bones44

    Engine swapping

    This is the bell housing on a D5 and is different than the later 38's and up. should be no problem . but as Adam H said check and recheck.
  14. bones44

    Engine swapping

    On my 37 d5, flywheel housing bolted to a 56 Ply block with 50 dodge flywheel and using the 37 starter works fine (no machining)
  15. Like Martybose said " Langdon Carter-Webers, which worked perfectly right out of the box" on my 230. runs great!

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