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  1. Like Martybose said " Langdon Carter-Webers, which worked perfectly right out of the box" on my 230. runs great!
  2. Todd Build Thread

    Have you priced a Cummins ReCon engine?
  3. lonejacklarry The filter head is marked for flow. MWPauly09 Anyone selling filters should be able to cross the Fram # to what ever they sell. The 4AN hose and fittings are from Summit racing. Thanks
  4. I am using a by-pass spin on oil filter on my 230 and did not loose any oil pressure were a full flow set up would. parts used were a Wix by pass filter head 24755 ( e bay) an a Fram PB50 by pass filter.
  5. Edgy

    This is my Edgy motor, head, intake, side covers, and cam(260 with 410) with Langton's carter webers carbs. Purrs like a kitten.
  6. Edgy

    Montana Dodge Boys will be the distributor for Edgy http://www.montanadodgeboys.com/index.html
  7. M230 ?

    Purchased a 59 M230 power wagon motor and was wondering if this was the right motor mount and water pump for that application. Just curious as I bought it for parts.
  8. History of the Dodge Dually

    You will have to add dodge-dually-history if you don't copy and paste it. sorry about that
  9. History of the Dodge Dually

    Check this web site https://gearheads.org/dodge-dually-history/ Sorry the writer can't tell the difference between a cheby and aDodge.
  10. Seatbelts

    Push Button Release Lap Seat Belts Our biggest seller. Tough plastic exterior with metal interior. Classic seat belt design with push-button release centered in the buckle. This is an aftermarket seat belt. 60 Inch Code: 1201-60 $15.95 View Now 74 Inch Code: 1201-74 $16.95 View Now 90 Inch Code: 1201-90 $17.95
  11. Seatbelts

    I have them in my 37 Dodge coupe and return one set for a longer set with NO problem. I would recommend them .
  12. Pretty Dodge Brothers Coupe

    Let me guess it has a Sh-- Box Chepy in it. Not Cool
  13. Knee day

    After all the therapy and you are up and running you will wonder why you waited so long as I did. This was the best thing I ever did. I have to take a different approach to things I do know but the pain I endured is completely gone. Isn't modern medicine GREAT. You will be happy you finally did this. Buy the way I had both of mine done at once.
  14. Front Disc Brake Conversion

    I have Rustyhope on my 37 Dodge and could not be happier with his product!
  15. Let's see your other rides

    My first car 37 Dodge Biz coupe and a 2000 Dodge Dakota Sport with 29000 miles(has never seen a snow flake) and my 76 Ford F250 with a 5.9 Cummins engine