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  1. moose

    defroster blower (550 system)

    I'm guessing this is the one you are looking for, this is from my 54. The main bushings are almost seized, it barely turns. I bought one on ebay for $30. Mopar part number 1604359. Unfortunately for you it does not come with the squirrel cage or extra plate so I need to keep this one. Maybe this can help you in your search!
  2. moose

    Splitting exhaust manifold

  3. moose


    What RPM do you want it to idle at? The one in my A idled under 500. In my 54 is a cam reground by Crower ,and it idles nicely around the same range.
  4. moose


    This was an Edgy grind. The 400jr, --274 duration and .405 lift. I loved the sound and performance.
  5. moose

    Looking for an industrial manifold.

    I've never made one like that for the short blocks, but it wouldn't be a problem. Let me know if/when you want me to.
  6. moose

    New Tachometer

    Thanks! I also have been shifting this car by ear for the past 28 years. It's just finally good to see what I've known for quite a while, this particular engine(with all it's mods) revs fast and high.
  7. moose

    New Tachometer

    Old SW. Cable drive. This is the one that I ran in my A sedan for a few years, but I knew to keep it when I sold that car.
  8. moose

    New Tachometer

    Got the chance and put this in my 54 yesterday. I'm having trouble putting the video on here, but if you go find me on Instagram(@manifoldsbymoose) you can see it in action.
  9. moose

    Front Coil Springs

    Here's my 54 Belvedere. 25 years or so ago, I cut 1-1/2 coils out of the front springs. Since then they have sagged more, and I have gotten tired of bottoming out. I placed an order through Eaton for stock height replacements, thinking I would drive it as a tail dragger for a while, then possibly in the future maybe go with dropped uprights. Well, Eaton messed up. I could barely get the springs in there, and now there is no movement of the suspension. I've already called and talked to them. They said they had the wrong one on file. Wanted me to measure the bumper height? I told them the proper measurement is between the inside and outside of the A-arm, and should be 1/2". Currently the difference is 4-1/2" and the bumper is 17-1/2" from the ground! I really just wanted to vent about this, and my wife doesn't want to hear anything more about springs
  10. moose

    The Lowered Stance Picture and Build Thread

    I got the springs this morning, and got right to work. Pulled the old ones and compared to the new. Looked right. Has the right number of coils if you add the 1-1/2 that I cut off 25 years ago. Got them from Eaton Spring, ordered Stock height for an unmodified p25. But now it looks like a gasser, and it has no movement of the suspension! What did I do wrong?
  11. moose

    Look what I found!

    When's the party?
  12. moose

    The Lowered Stance Picture and Build Thread

    Three inch blocks and 1-1/2 coils out of the front. This picture was taken in the early 90's. In the last couple of years its been bottoming out a lot, so I just ordered new front springs for it. I'm gonna try the east coast tail dragger for a little while, then maybe go to dropped uprights. Keeping my options open.
  13. Moose:  Thanks for sending the two sets of transmission gaskets. They arrived in todays mail. I am send you $10 in the mail to help cover the postage and for the gaskets.


    If you plan on attending this years Hershey event I will be at the National desoto site in the Orange field row OAD site 7 and 8.


    Rich Hartung

    Cell 484-431-8157



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