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  1. I think I recognize that intake! Beautiful car, nice job!
  2. moose

    Fast Four

    Wow, 24" steel wheels! I thought all they made were 20", then I found a pair of 21"s. Do you know when they made the 24's? What was the original application?
  3. moose

    Fast Four

    That car is a beauty! I could use a spare wheel, what size is it? 20 or 21?
  4. moose

    Fast Four

    I don't know how common they may be, but I've only found pictures of them in '24 or '25. And no Mopar at that time. Chrysler bought Dodge Brothers in April of '28, I think. Thanks for the compliments!
  5. moose

    Fast Four

    Actually drove it out of the barn Saturday! Waiting on a re-cored radiator to get back then I'll be able to go further.
  6. moose

    Fast Four

    This one is completely stock. I bought it as a placeholder to be able to set everything up for the hot motor that's still at the machine shop. Turns out it was in good enough shape and I had enough stock parts to make some noise! All stock except electric fuel pump back by the tank. The closed car body is a 27 coupe that I came up with, the chassis is the same one in the earlier pictures. I have also changed over to steel disc wheels, 20" fronts and 21" rears. The radiator is on the way to a shop for a re-core.
  7. moose

    Fast Four

    Been a while on this one. Changed directions a couple of times, but it runs!
  8. Here's his manifold, still working on the linkage.
  9. I'm guessing this is the one you are looking for, this is from my 54. The main bushings are almost seized, it barely turns. I bought one on ebay for $30. Mopar part number 1604359. Unfortunately for you it does not come with the squirrel cage or extra plate so I need to keep this one. Maybe this can help you in your search!
  10. moose


    What RPM do you want it to idle at? The one in my A idled under 500. In my 54 is a cam reground by Crower ,and it idles nicely around the same range.
  11. moose


    This was an Edgy grind. The 400jr, --274 duration and .405 lift. I loved the sound and performance.
  12. I've never made one like that for the short blocks, but it wouldn't be a problem. Let me know if/when you want me to.
  13. moose

    New Tachometer

    Thanks! I also have been shifting this car by ear for the past 28 years. It's just finally good to see what I've known for quite a while, this particular engine(with all it's mods) revs fast and high.
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