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  1. 57 Dodge 100 Re-Do

    I have a friend in Penn. looking for a flatty and transmission, if you are looking to sell he might be interested!
  2. Felix Navy Dad

    Is mian linn tú a Nollag Merry- We wish you a merry Christmas in Gaelic!
  3. Haha, my family knows I'm a Mopar addict My Grandad gave me the badge, it's an ID for a worker at the Dodge Brothers factory, with the number still intact and me brother gave me the MoPar sign- they're the best!
  4. Desoto hub cap wall art-

    My very talented cousin showed up with this for my Christmas present the other day! He found the hub cap in his shop and cut the plaque with his plasma cutter. Coolest wall hanging I have!
  5. New Facebook group dedicated to Old Mopars!

    Thank you, we're trying to keep some cool stuff going on there!
  6. Anyone with a '42-'54 Mopar is welcome! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1538690633121968/
  7. Top Speed In Your Flattie

    I've had Lady Grey up to 85 once with plenty of room to stop. Even with dual exhaust and no extra insulation she rides comfy at 65 for as long as you want!
  8. Lady Great turned over 11,000 miles since the PO rebuilt the engine. I have put three thousand of those miles on her myself. It may not seem like much, but I'm quite proud. She earned a good wash!
  9. Cleaning out a corner of the shop in my Grandad's barn and found a pile of clutches he got at an auction quite a while ago. Found a Packard, several Chevys and there, at the bottom, was a Mopar! I'm gonna clean it up some and stand it up on my bench. It's also for sale in the classifieds if anyone is interested. Just thought it was neat!
  10. SHIFTER KNOB - Lets see your Shifter Knob

    Haha, I bet my pocket knife would qualify me for criminal status, regardless of limb-numbers.
  11. Help! Weird electrical problem-

    Just throwing out that I ran all my lights-wiring to the rear along the frame and it worked great for me!
  12. SHIFTER KNOB - Lets see your Shifter Knob

    No, I checked on that- fully legal and, I think, very helpful!
  13. SHIFTER KNOB - Lets see your Shifter Knob

    My shifter knob is over to the right and my steering knob is to the left :-)

    My head was badly warped, so they took about eighty thousands out of it. The po overbored it .040 and I'm running electronic ignition. I believe someone on here said that meant I was at a little above 8-1?
  15. Had my first hard start today

    I use ethanol free gas as well, seems to run a little better. I have been driving Lady Grey to work and back almost every day this summer and it has been a vicious one here in Arkansas. And I run a clear fuel filter about a foot from the carb too, and it has never seemed to get too hot.